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me recently I did a fall front porch makeover and with that tutorial
I had a Rae Dunn inspired pillow that I put a couple of pom-poms on I loved the
pom-poms and I got really good feedback now in
that tutorial I kind of had a rush through the how-to part of making these
cute decorative pom-poms so I’m going to show you just how easy it is to make a
pom pom using this pom pom maker tool so this pom pom maker comes in a package
with three others so a total of four for $7.99 it’s a great deal I’ll put the
link for it below and this is gonna make our job it’s so much easier so I also
picked up some yarn at Michaels it’s really soft in a navy blue which is
going to match my blanket you’re going to start out by swinging out the two
arms on one half of the device then you’re going to take your yarn and begin
wrapping your yarn around those arms starting close to the hinge it’s gonna
feel a little Wiggly while you’re securing those two arms together with
your first row of yarn I like to make sure that this first row is very close
together so I will do with several wraps and then I’ll just simply push it back
towards the hinge and you will have one good solid row
now you’re gonna go back and forth evenly about five to six times depending
on the thickness of your yarn and your personal preference on how dense of a
pom-pom you want in the end I wrapped it five times for my pillow
and I wanted it to be a little more dense for my blanket so I wrapped it six
times the ultimate goal is to almost fill in the arch with yarn when you have
done this then snip off the yarn and push that side into the device then all
you’re going to do is repeat this exact same process on the other side all right
so we are done wrapping the other side and so we’re can also slide that right
into the device and then go ahead and snip off your excess I’m going to go
ahead and cut off a longer piece you’ll see why we need this in a second and
this is where it gets fun so I have these scissors that are spring-loaded
and they’ve got short tips and I use them all the time I’m not sure what they
do but I’m going to put a link for these scissors as well as the pom-pom maker
pack in the description box below so you won’t need to look too hard for them but
these are so much fun I’ve used them for upholstery projects and they’re perfect
for this pom-pom maker however you can use some other scissors if you’d like
but this they’re so sharp and they’re pointy and they work perfect for this
project what you’re gonna do is you can see that the halfway mark here is where
the joint is and while you do this you want to make sure you kind of put a
little pressure on the pom-pom maker and that is because it kind of wants to pop
apart especially when it’s this full and then you’re going to cut it right down
the center here making sure that you keep everything together and this you
can see that your pom-pom is starting to form and this is where these pointy
scissors kind of come in handy because you can kind of get in these little
nooks and crannies with them and so then we just do this all the way around and
once you get it started you can kind of feel the groove of the center and it
helps you with a cutting process so we’ve got it cut all the way around and
now we’re going to take that long piece of yarn and we’re going to wrap it right
around the center and then kind of pull it through and then we are
gonna make two knots at minimum but preferably three and now we get to see
the results so then we pull that open and then we pull the other side open and
then you pop the device off and it comes completely apart and then you have a
pom-pom now it’s inevitable to have a couple of them sticking out it’s just
the way it works out so then you just take your scissors and trim perfect how
easy was that now I’m going to show you how to attach it to a blanket so you
think is that really boho-chic look that is in style right now so for our
blanket I’m just using two fabric pieces that I already had it’s a plush soft
fabric that’s really cozy and it matches my decor but you can skip this step if
you’d like to you can start with a premade blanket some of you have
expressed some angst or nervousness about sewing let me know in the comment
section below if you’d like me to do some simple basic sewing tutorials I
learned to sew when I was 8 years old you can do it you’ve got this all you
need is a little instruction so let me know if that is of interest to you down
in the comment section below so now we’re going to just sew it together and now for the exciting part we are
going to decide where we’re going to put our pom poms I want to put five pom poms
on this edge we know we’re gonna put one on each edge and so then we’re going to
just go ahead and the find center by folding it in half and there’s our
Center and then we are going to take a pin and mark it and then what we’re
going to do is take the corner and fold it to the center and find new Center and
this is where we’ll put a pom pom and then we’re going to do it on the other
side same thing edge find the center take a pin and mark it and then you can
see we’ll have one two three four five evenly spaced out pom poms next we’re
gonna take one of our pom poms and we’re going to take one of the threads we’re
gonna take a little piece of tape I’m using blue painters tape scotch tape
would probably work better but this was close and handy and I figured it’d get the
job done we’ll put that in the center kind of wrap the tape around it and then
I’ll just take some scissors and kind of make a point and then you’re going to
want to take a needle if it has a wide mouth and then slide your thread onto
the needle and that tape just makes that process a whole lot easier and then you
want to clip off that tape so then we’re going to take the corner we’ll just
start in the corner and we’re going to thread that through with our needle all
the way through and then take the needle off then you’re going to take the other
thread and we are just going to tie three knots so one two and three and
that should be on there really good but we can’t leave these tails so we’re just
going to take some scissors and trim it to blend in with the pom pom it’s genius
and you can’t tell so that’s how easy it is to get them attached to your blanket
again a premade blanket or a homemade blanket doesn’t
matter just try to make the pom-poms coordinate or match depending on your
preference so we’re gonna just do that all the way down boom how adorable is
that that is so cute this is a really easy beginner project
that anyone can do especially with the help of that pom-pom maker it makes all
the difference so I have warned you are going to become addicted to making
pom-poms and putting them on everything because they are so cute so my pom-pom blanket is done and I am
really happy with the results it was super easy to do extremely affordable
and just had so much fun and personality to our throw blanket I just can picture
myself cozying up to this on a cold day which does happen occasionally here in
Florida we do turn on the heat and now and then… a cup of hot cocoa and a good
book I hope that you found value in this episode if you did I’d really appreciate
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Monday September 30th 2 p.m. for the girls can use power tools challenge it’s
going to be a good one I’ve got Jessica from measure and mix co-hosting with me
it’s gonna be a lot of fun thanks for watching


  1. Love! I think I'm going to be as obsessed with pompoms as I was with monogramming everything when I first got a cricut! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Very cute! I love pom poms, I could become obsessed with them. I see them on baskets all the time! I admire people who sew, but I am sewing machine challenged!🌺🌺🌺

  3. I would love to see a "how to" on fitting different sized people and sewing pajama pants. I want to make a pair for each of the family members for Christmas.

  4. I love the Pom Poms! I need a device like that for the Pom poms! I really love the blankets to so pretty and cozy! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  5. OMGGGGGG I'm SOOOOO about to order this!!!! I've been making some just wrapping the yarn around my hand but mine look more "homemade" {and not the good kind lol}…. 😁 Kinda reminds me of the ones we made in elementary school to tie onto our roller skates or something. Hehe. {it POSSIBLY could be the cheap yarn I used {it was all I had}. I've actually been online today looking at different yarns, trying to figure out the differences in them all. Other than the colors and then the OBVIOUS ONES, I don't have a clue what to buy in order for them to not look something the kids made in "craft class at Vacation Bible School". πŸ˜‚ What was the kind that you used? I loved the way yours turned out. They looked very perfectly round and full…. PLUSSS, I LOVED that color! We are HUGE "DALLAS COWBOYS" fans and I've got several blankets that i can TOTALLY picture them with pompoms on them. Lol. {I'm somewhat of a blanket and/or throw "hoarder"} AND….. EVERYTHING looks better with either pompoms, fringe or tassels on it!!! Lol I wonder if they make those little gadgets for fringe and tassels??? 😱 πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  6. πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I would watch your sewing tutorials! But I watch all your videos, soo… 🀣 No, but I’ve really been wanting to pick up a sewing machine for years and expand my DIY horizons! Beginner instructions would definitely be of help 😊

  7. Lol, pompom making is wonderfully relaxing, it should be available as therapy, I made pompom garlands for two of my friends for Christmas last year, and they liked these more than their actual presents, lol

  8. I’m not going to lie, I am afraid of sewing. My mum and dad bought me a sewing machine before they passed away but honestly I don’t even know where to begin. So it sits in my closet. It’s too much work just to thread the darn thing. I would love some beginner tutorials!!

  9. Really cute throw with the pompoms you made. The pompom maker is a nifty little tool to have. I'll have to check into it. Great job πŸ‘ Have a wonderful day. Hugs from the southeast coast of FloridaπŸŒ΄πŸ˜ŽπŸ’™πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄

  10. Well OK, now I know what the first project will be with the pompom maker! Also, sewing tutorials would be a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing. That shade of blue is stunning!

  11. I loved this tutorial! You can never have too many Pom poms! The blanket turned out beautifully. It looks awesome on your couch! Great job girl!πŸ’•

  12. I love all your dupes but I would really love to see Mackenzie-Child’s dupes, her things are so beautiful especially with all the check stuff going on, if anyone can do it it would be you! Thanks again for all your great stuff!

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