How to make rolags with a dog brush // Spinning art yarn on a budget

Hey friends! So I want to show you I’ve
been getting a ton of questions on how I made these. I have almost no spinning
supplies or proper supplies for spinning yarn so I actually made all of these rolags with
a dog brush and I have already started spinning some yarn with a drill
gun and a mixer a hand mixer. I want to show you how first time I made these with a dog brush and it’s not gonna be perfect yarn – that’s not what I’m
going for – I’m going for an art yarn because these are made with all of my
scraps so you can see a bunch of different textures and different fibers. I’ve got wool, I’ve got acrylic, I’ve got metallics in
here and some gold. So it’s a bunch of different fibers and I’m really excited
to show you guys how to make these with a dog brush. Alright so I’ve got my pet
brush I’m gonna grab some different scraps that I have. I’ve got
some wool here, I’ll grab some metallic and some blue. Okay so this is where things can get a
little ghetto (haha!) I have been using a pen and a crochet hook to roll off my rolags.
So I start with the pen underneath just going to lift this off a little bit and I’m going to pinch the two together and start tugging just stretch out the
fibers All right there you go take this out… and there you have it! Stay tuned to see how you can make THIS yarn with these household appliances

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