How to Make Turban Headband for Baby

How to Make Turban Headband for Baby

Hi guys, welcome to my channel! In this video, I want to share how I sew this cute headwrap or turban headband, so keep watching~ To make this headband, it’s better to use a knitted and stretchy fabric First, find the selvage or the edge of the fabric Grab a pair of scissors and cut with this direction Not here but this one I pre-cut my fabric with the size 6″ x (HC+1)” And you can see the selvage or the edge of the fabric here So it should be this direction Now grab a cotton fabric and the size is 10″ x 6″ Now fold the fabric in half and then half again fold down to form a triangle and cut it Same as the other side So when you open the fabric it will be like… this Now, to decide which one is the right side of the fabric, there will be more stretch on the long side so we just stretch a little bit and a knitted fabric will always curl toward the right side so this is the right side We fold it in half Then we sew this this one Now we grab the cotton fabric and fold it in half and start sewing here here and stop and leave an opening about 1″ and start sewing again until the end The opening is to let us turn the fabric inside out I’ll be back after I sew this one To sew a knitted fabric, you cannot use a regular stitch You’re supposed to use a zig-zag or knit stitch This is a knit stitch if you can see And I’ll show you This is the sewing pattern on my sewing machine This one is a knit stitch and if you don’t have this pattern on your sewing machine, you can just use a zig-zag stitch and If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can zig-zag by hand Now I have sew both fabric and we should cut this one Be careful not to cut through the tread Now turn both fabric inside out After you turn the fabric and fold it in half like this And then we sew this one Now I have sew the fabric with contrasting thread so you can see we cut the excess fabric Don’t worry, knitted fabric will not fray Now turn the fabric and take the cotton fabric and fold it in half Take the middle side Put it right in the middle (center) of the knitted fabric Like this Now we sew a little stitch here Just a little to secure both fabric in place Just here Now both fabric were stitched in place I used the contrasting thread here, so you can see Now the fun part is pinch, pinch knitted fabric Pinch it and pinch the cotton fabric too Now tie a knot, tie a tight knot Adjust a little bit And they’re finished! Have fun on your new headband Thanks for watching! Please like, share, and SUBSCRIBE!

49 thoughts on “How to Make Turban Headband for Baby

  1. I wish you gave out the your measurements just as an example for babies and adult I love your way of teaching

  2. Muy hermosa balaca gracias por compartir tus conocimientos por favor de las medidas en español muchas gracias un abrazo desde cali colombia

  3. Thank you for the tutorial.
    Do you close the opening on the cotton bow fabric that you left open to turn it inside out?

  4. hallo mb,,, saya subsciber baru,,
    gak bosen liat konten dsini,,
    keren,, cakep,, mudah dimengerti,,
    thankyou ya mba,, udah mau berbagi 💕❤️💕

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