How to master the Butcher’s Knot

hi guys and welcome back to the urban
butchery channel today I’ve got something very special for you and it’s a real
skill for life and it is the butcher’s knot so without further ado let’s roll
the intro move over to the butcher’s kitchen bottoms up
heads down let’s crack on welcome back to the urban butchery
kitchen I’m gonna be giving you step-by-step instructions on how to
master the butcher’s not I do understand that you guys probably don’t have a pork
leg or a pork shoulder to practice these knots on so what I’m gonna suggest now
is an alternative to use a rolling pin majority of kitchens in the land will have
a rolling pin so what I’ve done I’ve attached two pieces of blue tack onto
the bottom and this will leave a gap underneath for the string to pass
through so all we do then is turning over place it onto the block press down
and then we’re ready to go so we get our butcher’s twine we take the cut end let me slide that underneath the rolling
pin like so we then take the cut end in our right hand and place the other part of the string
across the palm of your left hand we then place this cut end of string on top
of the other one in my palm and then place the thumb over both pieces of
string we then take the cut end of string and we place that over the thumb
like so I’ll just turn that these two pieces of string here this piece of
string that you put over these go behind both of those so then we pull that over
and then we do exactly the same again so over again and then with pull this piece
of string underneath I’ll then to the top again
now you notice my thumb here that is covering a loop okay so with the cut end
of string I want to place this down through the loop like so here we go
then through and then pull that down and pull together okay
then we place this piece of string into your right hand or left hand and then I
want you to turn that right so it’s wrap around your hand then just place your
hand on the right pin and just slide the knot down so its a slip not really
okay if you used to do this on a joint of
pork or joints of lamb you would then be able to flick up down on this knot you
would hear to click and that will tell you that knot is set so that’s step one so
now we’re going to go on to step two which is the security not so we take the
palm of our hand and we hold the string in the right hand will keep it a nice
bit of tension and then we just catch this string just in that little
nick in your little finger and then just turn like so so all you creating is a
loop so the loop now keep your hand in the loop and with your finger and your
thumb it’s like a pincer movement you then pick up the cut piece of string
pull it through that loop and with your right hand you pull that together and that is your security not and then
that won’t move when it’s on the joints of meat so the next thing to do is to
tidy this up so we need to cut this off now what I would suggest if you’re in
the kitchen use scissors you don’t need to use a knife okay so we place the
scissors there and just snip off although I have it one butchers knot so
I’m going to show you that again so we get our string the cut end place
it underneath the rolling pin pull it over the top of the rolling pin remember
the other piece of string is just across your hand nice and relaxed then you
place that piece of string on top of the other and put your thumb on the top you
then take the cut piece drop it over your thumb and make sure that that
string goes behind these two pieces and then underneath and up so round once right twice I remember the loop you
actually going down through the loop I see a lot of people coming up this way
basically down through the loop and then down through the loop
I’ll pull together twists run your right hand hold the rolling pin and down we go like so okay so the next step the
security not saw across the palm of the hands and across your thumb catch the
string in that little nick in your little finger there keep this very still
just turn and create a loop pincer movement pick up your cut piece of
string pull it through the loop and secure take your scissors and cut so
that’s the tip I’ll show you this one more time I think you can see a pattern
happening here with these knots I’ll explain that in a moment
so cut the end of the string through pull over with your right hand across
the palm string on top of the other string they need thumb on top of off
pieces shrink over your thumb behind these two pieces bring it up over again
and then down through the loop which is the Pops together let go of that up it
around your hands make sure your strings that even distances apart move don’t
they would do the security knot remember catch the string just in that cross your
thumb and catch your string just in this handy little finger hold that tight turn
around pincer movement pick up your end of the string pull through the loop and
secure off take your scissors and cut okay so there you go that’s the butcher’s not
if you look at the way I’ve done these if you see that the butcher’s not are in
line now that’s very good practice when you start to tie your own joints if you
go into a butcher’s shop and you see that all the knots in line it shows that
the butcher’s taken a nice bit of care to present that meat to you for sale.
Welcome back guys I hope you enjoyed that video if you did then please press
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