How to Pronounce CLOTHES and CLOSE in British English

How to Pronounce CLOTHES and CLOSE in British English

Hi everyone and welcome back to Pronunciation
with Emma. This video’s gonna be super short and super quick because it’s commonly requested
is this word, and I’m gonna be talking about how to pronounce this one. I’m also gonna
give you a little trick to make life a little bit easier when pronouncing this word too. [Intro] Okay, so, this word, lets start with the first part [listen to Emma]. So we have that diphthong [listen to Emma]. Now the second syllable is where it gets a little big trickier, so we have [listen to Emma] and we have that combination of a “th” and a “z” put
together. So let’s start with that “th”. I put my tongue in between my teeth and I
blow air. Make sure as well that there’s vibration, it’s very similar to a “v”
sound, so if you have this in your language then it makes life a little bit easier. Then
you put your tongue in between your teeth but you keep that vibration and you keep the air
going. Then the last part [listen to Emma]. Very similar to a “s” sound but there’s
vibration [listen to Emma] So altogether it should sound like [listen to Emma]. But, if
you’re sat at home, or on the bus, or on the train, or walking in the street, wherever,
and you’re repeating after me, you’re probably still finding it a little bit tricky.
If not, GREAT, if so, keep watching. Okay, so, what I’m gonna tell you now is to remove
one of the sounds which is what native speakers do in rapid speech and we will say something
like [listen to Emma]. So I’m removing the “th” sound. It sounds exactly the same
as close, close, can you close the door please? I’m wearing clothes. It’s exactly the
same pronunciation. Don’t get confused with close though, close, which has a “s” at
the end. Now I’m gonna say the words, you can listen, and then repeat in your own time. [listen
and repeat] That’s the end of this video today, I hope you enjoyed it and you found
it beneficial. If you brought you any benefit at all and helped you improve your pronunciation then give it a like and comment down below
so I know that I’ve helped you. Don’t forget to also subscribe you and I will see
you next week [kiss]. See you soon! That’s the end of this video today, I hope you enjoyed
it, if you did, let me down (to disappoint)… let me down in the comments.

45 thoughts on “How to Pronounce CLOTHES and CLOSE in British English

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  2. Great video, Emma! I caught myself thinking "hm, that's what I must look like when I do the same explanation"🤣

  3. Brilliant! I have just forwarded this on to some of my students. And will probably forward it on again very soon! Hope you didn't get too let down by the comments ;p

  4. Thank you very much!
    I’m native Polish speaker and we don’t have TH sound and at the end of the word clothes we say dz instead of thz. It’s very hard to learn the th sound and “clothes” used in a sentence is a nightmare for almost every student who wants to properly pronounce it

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