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  1. Est vous francais? I love other people's accents. I'm just trying to figure out where your's is from. Thanks for this informational video!

  2. Fabric mixes are a catastrophy for the environment, because they cannot be recycled anymore at all. They need to be burned when discarded. Even if it is 97% natural fibre and 3% synthetic.

  3. Youtube finally recommended a useful video for once. Thank you Justine, will put your tips to work next time I go shopping for clothing.

  4. Hi Justine, How can you predict seams will twist? Is there any way one can see the fabric has been cut in all directions?

  5. I have bought many T-shirt that were not cut correctly from the fabric, but it never shows before after washing.
    Ho do I spot it before buying?

  6. I know this video is 2 years old now but YouTube just recommended it to me. I'd appreciate it if people can comment below with brands they've found to be high quality that aren't super expensive (or brands that they've found to be bad quality, that helps too so we know what to avoid!)

    In Canada, RW&Co tends to be very good quality, while their cheaper counterpart, Reitmans isn't good quality.

  7. The problem with cheap cotton clothes is not only that they are low-quality products, but also that a lot of manufacturers use child labour and they spend too much water and dangerous herbicides to grow cotton. When I buy clothes, I always pay attention to the country where the piece is made in, I prefer local designers (for a lot of reasons such as carbon footprint and national economy), and mostly I buy clothes made of wool, hemp, silk and linen, although I try not to buy new clothes if I don't really need them. Now I will also pay attention to the stitches, thank you.

  8. A better topic would be how to recognise clothes which production not involved child work and war support, also how not to spend tons of money for a piece of cotton.

  9. idk, it's like 5$ tshirt with bad quality vs 30$ with good quality. So basicaly you can wear 5$ for a season and then utilize it, and buy a new one for the next season.
    Where with 30$ you need to spend much more to update your style every season, or you'll have to wear same clothing for long, which is bad either.

    Sewing… same here – everything extra costs money. Do we need that? Is this money spending is really important?
    I would say no – not at all. Go better buy 5$ tshirt and get bank investmnet for 25$. Thank me in 20 years

  10. Thank you a lot for the videos!!!
    Buying clothes for my kids i noticed that t-shirts with Disney characters are always more expensive (which is obvious) but if the price is lower and close to any other graphic t-shirt the quality of a disney t-shirt is poorer, cotton + polyester 😕

  11. You are so creative to have come up with this; merci!
    With twisting and fading, how are you supposed to know prior to buying and washing? I am a victim. Lol.

  12. Then you drop the bomb viscose good (natural), rayon bad… When they are the same cellulose fabric (artificially made but natural source) with two different names. You lost credibility

  13. So if my 10€ shirt comes apart after just 5 years it's bad quality, right?

    Why am I even here?

    Should I buy a second shirt?

  14. the overall quality level of clothing production is almost entirely captured by fight for minimum profit. lowerand lowerand lower. everything and everywhere.

  15. It is do important to buy breathable clothes, I only buy merino wool jumpers and pure cotton shirts now , I just can’t stand non breathable fabrics. I would rather spend more and have a few good quality and comfortable clothes than the other way around

  16. @justine leconte officiel I am confused on why you think rayon is a synthetic fiber. it's made from cellulose? it also has better moisture absorption than cotton and is very breathable. I am not questioning your abilities and I'm sure you know more about fabric than I, but could you address why you still black list rayon?

  17. I have a question!! What is your knowlege/opinions on garnents that shrinks so easily?? What are your opinions on prewashing fabrics prior to construction in both the high fashion world as well as mass consumerism brands?

  18. This was great and informative and I’m glad I watched it. (Plus, i love the accent.) But it’s just going to make me even more indecisive than I already am.

  19. I'm still confused as to how my hooded shirt I bought about 3 years ago had the arms stretch about an extra 10cm after 2 washes. I still wear it, but I have to push the sleeves up past my elbow to make it stay the whole day haha.

  20. Перекос трикотажного полотна – это совсем другая проблема. И вытекает она из-за перекрученнсти некачественной пряжи. Полотно пытаются стабилизировать, но со временем в результате стирок оно всё сильнее уходит в перекос, и вертикальные столбики там могут сохраняться

  21. This is why I shop second hand! Only durable pieces last that long and I can see the item in its real condition after a few washes and wears!

  22. I see the twisted seams a lot in Vince t-shirts which retail for up to $105. And you don’t even need to take them home to wash them. Those seams are twisted already in the store. Expensive doesn’t always mean good quality. One would think that a brand would make an effort if they are planing to charge that much money for a simple solid-colored t-shirt, but they don’t. They figure: Costs associated with creating the t-shirt and getting it into the store $5, pure profits for each shirt sold $100. They think people are suckers.

  23. I shop at H&M, have no idea of their clothing is bad or good, couldn't really care less because if it's gets the job done that's good enough for me. I think even H&M is expensive and they are proably the cheapest there is.

  24. I have found amazing clothes at thrift stores. Go to the stores in better areas and you can even find brand new clothes *with* the tags still on them. Wait until after Christmas or the beginning of Spring when everyone gets rid of all of their old stuff. It's even better if I can find something a little bigger then have it professionally tailored to fit me. I look like a million without spending a million!

  25. Does anyone know my struggle?? finding a cute piece like by forever21 or zara BUT ITS MADE OF POOR QUALITY ö_ö… ALWAYS when I vist normal clothing stores with good quality clothes its made for old women/grannys… I REALLY would like to pay 50-70€ for a cute dress made of good quality sometimes UO offers these (but i boycott UO because of their ANTI LGBTQ campaign) anyway… most of the time the clothes made of good quality are mostly made for older people or it costs like 300€ like realistaion par

  26. When checking out the stitching on a garment, be sure to actually check the exact garment you are buying. Do not assume that if you try it on and have to go up a size that the garment will be made the same. I used to do payroll in a piecework garment factory and it got to the point that they had to put locks on the stitch adjusters because the stitchers were changing the setting to less stitches per inch than specified in order to make the stitching go faster. Also, make sure to check all seams as many different machine operators will work on one garment. If you check a few garments and you find discrepancies in all of them, don't buy it. The shortcuts may be taking place in areas that are hard to see.

  27. Super vidéo, je connaissais déjà ces tips mais je regarde pour le plaisir ! J'aime bien ton petit "French accent" !

  28. Ohhhh myyyy God! I thought my clothes were "seam-twisting" from the washing machine! Now I know why some tops did that!!!!!!!😱

  29. I find a lot of slacks and coats with sewn up pockets that you have to rip open, and they do pop open fairly easily. I was told that is a sign of good quality. Is this true??!

    I’m only halfway through the video when typing this up, so I do apologize if you mentioned this!

  30. 1:34 another reason why t-shirts twist after a while is because the yarn used to make the fabric is not twisted tight enough.
    I learnt it in a fabric factory here in Italy (they make fabrics for Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo etc so I believe them!)

  31. Я в 14 лет, в 1985-ом году окончил курсы кройки и шитья – меня невозможно наебать уже с тех времён, да и годы тренировок в секонд-хендах 90-х научили безошибочно по фактуре или цвету выцеплять стоящий шмот из кучи одноразового говна. И мне даже не пришлось становиться дизайнером )

  32. I like when t-shirt twists cause then they're look better on body, i mean they adhere better, hope you know what i mean, sometimes trousers are sewed that way on legs specially

  33. Omg! Thank you so much for this video! As I got older I learned from my mistakes as well, but I have never seen such a pratical content as yours with so many tips!

  34. At least the failed garments came in handy for examples !! Thanks for video, very informative and educational for all that don't know what to look for when shopping. Most people look at the item as what they want and not how it is made.

  35. Your technical knowledge and comments about twisting, fiber attributes, quality and many more in this video are completely wrong and are made without any research or understanding. Stop pretending to know about textile and garment manufacturing.

  36. Hey! You pronounce iron as “eyee-on” the English language is a mess lol and I totally get where your coming from as I’m not an English speaker myself 🙂

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