How to repurpose jeans with ith machine embroidery LACE designs!!

Has this ever happened to you you get a hole in your favorite jeans, how do you fix it? How can you make them look good my answer lace lace fixes everything So here’s the problem my daughter came to me with a little hole in their jeans And it’s kind of in an awkward spot and kind of you know difficult to fix and go around sure I could have sewn it together and called it a day, but I am more for doing Fantastic things so lace laces the thing we need a plan We need to figure out how I can use lace to cover up this hole and keep everything secure while making the jeans look amazing If you are new to the channel and want to improve your embroidery skills get started now by clicking subscribe Make sure you subscribe Like the video and share the videos so we can keep doing more videos the more you participate the more I can do So I decided to use Angela Wolf’s a touch of lace collection. These are gorgeous designs Absolutely gorgeous designs and look how pretty they are and I thought yeah, I can do it So I used one of the built-in ones and then I created my own so I could strategically Place the lace where I wanted to now taking it to the Machine I used fabric that I got from the dollar store that I thought looked good and looks good It’s just not really good for lace. I find that out later on when I’m trying to cut everything out so if you have tulle or if you have Organza, that’s what you need to use and some water soluble stabilizer Make sure you wind a bobbin that matches your top thread I’m using this gorgeous purple thread. It makes everything look better Stitch it out now this is the built-in one that I picked that I absolutely Love look at how gorgeous the stitches are and how well it stitches out Now remember this is time-consuming lace takes a long time to stitch out It is worth worth every minute of it though. Look how beautiful that is I just absolutely love it. So take your time and stitch out now once you take it off the machine now This is where I got into a little bit of trouble It turns out that the fabric stuff is weird. I don’t know what it is I make do with it and work with what I’ve got But it turns out to be a little too difficult to cut out and because you want to get you know Relatively close to the design and this stuff just would not cut if use tool or some nice organza I think the cutting would work quite a bit easier and come apart quite a bit easier Kind of like tearing it a little bit but this stuff just would not give any I was like wow so I took my time and Tried to figure out the best way to cut it. I tried tearing it a little bit Now this stuff won’t even cut it won’t do anything. So take your time when you’re cutting it out It should be a whole lot easier than what I’m doing I figured out by trial and error I started doing like one one piece and then the second piece I’m pretty sure you only need one piece if you have some really good stuff. Yeah, it took me a long time So let’s cut out. Well enough. I’m quite happy with that That is the fabric that I got that I was just trying to test out It’s really got a lot of give in it which doesn’t help any it’s almost stretchy so it doesn’t help any so I Figured out for this that cutting all three layers out at the same time was the best now if you have a little bit of the Fabric the purple fabric, you know leftover. It doesn’t look bad It doesn’t really show and I wanted to leave the purple inside The design where it shows so it’ll be like a purple kind of sheer purple Now you can use any color and it would completely change how the design looks on the jeans You could even use a color that matches the jeans so I did some a couple of extra flowers I wasn’t sure a hundred percent If I was gonna need them or not, it just depends on how the strategic placement goes so I get the jeans out and Remember where the is now the way I designed it I wanted it to cover just that part because I don’t really want to close the whole Pocket so I make sure that that is right in the middle of where I want So just pin it down you got to make sure it looks good Jeans when you’re doing lace on jeans you got to make sure it suits the person that you’re making them for so it’s got to sit the right way on them and This is the built in one and it turned out it’s amazing I love it. And I just played around with placement which way I was gonna do it. I like that way. I like the big Paisley swirlies and I’m just pinning it and I’m being really careful not to pin through both Layers because you don’t want to sell the jeans shut either then you won’t be able to wear them So I’m just pinning it down just to hold it and I’m figuring out if I need my extra bits I thought on the pocket would be really cute But of course you have to be careful how you sew that one. So you don’t close the pocket same with the back pocket just Through one you can either you know, use the sewing machine or you can do some of these by hand It might be just as easy to do it by hand. And this looks great I’m really happy and so I take it to the machine now Make sure you use the same matching thread that you use to design and you can do you know a little zig zag stitch Around you could do just a running stitch around to make sure Everything holds down or you can sit there in front of the TV and do it by hand and then you’ll have an absolutely perfect look I am NOT the greatest at sewing but I managed to do this and what I did where the little hole is is that I did some zig zag stitches in different directions that Will hold the hole closed and I made sure to be really careful The the pocket is closed in the corner But I went over it quite a few times to make sure it gave it strength and to fix the hole in the jeans But it’s amazing now even with my crappy Fabric stuff in between it still looks great You can kind of see the stitches but remember were way up close You don’t really notice them at all and everything is held down solidly and looks Amazing. Sam was really really happy with her. Redone jeans So fix your jeans Repurpose your jeans don’t get rid of them add some lace and you will love them again I love how this turned out. It’s amazing. So add lace make them amazing for shirt Don’t toss them out fix them lace goes with everything You could also as I suggest it before use tulle organza to match the jeans So if you love lace if you want more videos on lace comment down below Thanks everyone for watching

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