How to Rig the Sterling Pocket Hauler – GME Supply

How to Rig the Sterling Pocket Hauler – GME Supply

Hey I’m Jim with GME Supply, and in this video
I’m going to show you how to rig up the Sterling Pocket Hauler for use. For an overview of the Pocket Hauler, or any
of our other products, visit us at GME Supply dot com. Ok, as you can see here, we have all of the
components of to the system. This is the way it shows up at your front door, all disassembled
like this, so let’s go ahead and get started. The first thing we’re going to do is take
our quicklink, and one of our double sheave pulleys and put those together. Then we’ll
take our terminated end of our 8mm rope, put it on there and go ahead and close this off.
We’re done with this point at this section here. Let’s go ahead and give ourselves some room
to work here, one thing you’re going to want to do is make sure you give yourself plenty
of room to work here so you’re not going to get bound up and in the way of what you’re
doing. So what we’re going to do, is we’re going
to start with the bottom side of the pulley. Make sure that these pulleys are facing the
opposite way of each other. So we’ll start rigging from the bottom. You go from one end
to the other, open up your pulley, and pull it through. And the really cool thing about
that is once you’re done you can go ahead and close it and you don’t have to worry about
it any more, so it’s pretty simple. So we did the yellow side on this one, we’ll
come down here to this pulley and open up the yellow side as well, and we’re done with
the bottom part. So now we’re going to switch and go up to the top and do the same thing.
Remember to leave yourself enough rope to work with. And close that up. Same thing here
on this red side. So now what we’ve done, is we’ve rigged up
the basic four-to-one system. As you can see where we start, and then we go back and fourth
four times, so there’s your basic four-to-one mechanical advantage. One thing we can do
now is take our triple-locking carabiners and close the pulleys off so we don’t have
to worry about them opening up and letting the rope out. Okay, so that part’s done. Now what what we have, is our system makes
it easy to pick things up, but what we don’t have is progress capture device. So if I were
to pull on this system and pick up a load, and then let it go, the load would fall to
the ground. So what we need to do is use this prusik, which acts like a fist. As you can see, I have fingers that wrap around
and grab onto the rope, and that’s basically what you’ll do with this. So one thing that
we’ll do is find where our anchor rope is. The one that has the eye that’s attached to
the pulley, and you’ll want to start on that rope. You’ll have the prusik grab the rope,
and you’ll do this a couple of times. And this is what we call a prusik wrap. So we’ve
wrapped it twice, with a heavier load you’ll want to go ahead and wrap it three times.
We’ve got enough prusik cord to do that and that’s going to give us a nice tight wrap. If you notice there I’ve got everything nice
and pretty. All of the ropes are lining up next to each other, try to keep them from
overlapping because this is going to give you the most binding surface that you can
get on that rope and give you the best grip. So then we’ll take that, slide it down to
her prusik minding pulley and hook it onto the carabiner. And that is basically all you
have to do to rig up this system. So whenever you pull on this and pick up your load, your
prusik will push down on the minding pulley, open itself up, and let the rope slide through.
Whenever you release your pull, the load is going to want to fall back down to the ground
and this is actually going to pull against that rope and against that pulley and it’s
going to grab onto the rope. And keep it from slipping. So that’s basically it right there. We’ve
got a four-to-one system, and if you wanted to flip it over and actually do it as a five-to-one
you could do that. You’d flip it over and add another carabiner here and another small
pulley and pull it the opposite direction and that gets you a five-to-one system. If you have any other questions about how
to rig up the Sterling Pocket Hauler system, please give us a call or visit us at GME Supply
dot com.

5 thoughts on “How to Rig the Sterling Pocket Hauler – GME Supply

  1. This is a 5:1. You have it as such. You chose to put the prusik on the left, so that’s your anchor. When you pull the haul end of the rope, your using it as a 5:1. Flip it around, you now have a 4:1 with a CD. Take rope out of the last sheave and you’ll have a 4:1 without a CD, and of course put the prusik back on the anchor end of the system.

  2. Would love to have one of these with a Portaledge for camping or motorcycle camping. You could hoist yourself up into the trees from a lay down position with no ropes hanging to the ground.

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