How To Spin Yarn With a Drop Spindle

How To Spin Yarn With a Drop Spindle

Hi, this is Jody, and I’m here at alpaca direct here to talk to you today about spinning and Before we get started on spinning. Let me tell you a little bit of background of what actually goes into roving this is alpaca roving and The word roving basically all it means is that it’s already processed fiber So this is off of alpaca it has been processed into this nice long band This has been this is a merino Tussah silk which is also silk from silkworms and merino from wall And it’s been washed and carded and all carding does that puts the fibers There’s a little bit of like dog combs And you brush them back and forth and they cause all the fibers to go in the same direction so you get this nice smooth texture this is corn dale, and it’s obviously died a beautiful turquoise it also comes in a natural color and Again, it’s been washed and carted ready for you to spin now What spinning is is it’s taking this fiber? Which has really no strength. It just kind of falls apart You wouldn’t want to wear this And what it does is it causes? these fibers the fibers have a Scale on them and very like a like a fish scale and these little fish scales we’ll interlace they hook with each other once you twist it around and This kind of the same concept for felting as well and well another video I’ll show you a little bit about felting and all you’re doing is you’re Spinning these and you’re hooking them together to give the fiber strength So yeah, that’s not gonna fall apart Whereas over here? It’s gonna come right undone and so what I’m going to show you today is a drop spindle And this is what I teach all my students on I’m an art teacher at a local middle school and I start them off with on drop spindles before I’d ever even think about them on a spinning wheel and what a drop spindle does Is again it puts spin? Twists into this roving, and this is a spindle from cascade and it’s called Mount Cookson, and they named them after mountains in the area. This is a beautiful birch and sherry It’s about an ounce to a one-in-three 18 ounce. You really want a very lightweight Spindle you don’t want a heavy boat anchor because the word drop spindle Can I emphasize the word drop it’s gonna drop to the ground especially when you’re first starting out? So what I’ve done is I started off and I made what’s called a leader chord and you could even take already done fiber can already take a little and tight on the end and Then literally what you’re gonna. Do is you’re gonna hook it around. Here’s a little joint a little notch here and a little pin here and what you do is you’re going to twist and Roll that enter the spindle down in here from the your knee up to your thigh, okay, and that’s gonna put the twist in this direction and Then what you’re going to do is you’re gonna open up, which is called the Sheep gate It’s a little triangular area here, and you open up and you let this spin or they twist travel up Let me show you again. I’m gonna Wind it on the cop. This is called the cop in here And then here we go I went up and notice how I’m pulling down. This is called drafting out and The spin is literally traveling up the fiber Do you see it traveling up and I always keep notice again? I want you to see really carefully this little triangle right here Always keep that triangle open and I use my thumb in the back to gauge that Because if this spin gets up into here. That’s it you’re gonna really destroy your gauge of your fiber you want to keep it all consistent, and then you’re gonna wind it up and Then when you’re all done And you filled your cut what you can do is go back in and fly it if you want or you can have a single strand this would be just a single strand what I do from here is I roll it off into and Knitting knotty and then I was set the twist in the nice hot water not to aggravate it Just gently set it in and then I’m ready to dick. I fight like for example when I spun this turquoise corn Dale I Did go back and I plied it and all plying is and you can see it’s already starting to kind of come onto itself Would be going the other direction? From the hip to the knee, and you’re just spinning the opposite direction to get that nice supply And we could talk about that and another time Here’s what you can do with it. Here is a knitted little It’s like almost a table runner to me now this corn Dale is a little coarser than the merino the corn tails around a 20 26 to a 27 range and again, we talked about microns. I’m talking about the fineness of the fiber the larger the number the Coarser the fiber the smaller number the finer the fiber, so you can see the merino tussah Which again is a merino? Which is wool and so blend is around Oh a 21 to a 23 Whereas your baby alpaca is in those 20s this with a low 20s 22 23 in there? So you’re going to have much finer fibers here is what the merino Tesla looks like spun up I did it in about a fingering weight, and then here’s the garnet. This is I’m sorry this is garnet This is cranberry in the merino testa, and this is what I spent up in a worsted weight This is four ounces of fiber Which I’ve been put in two balls for you This is four ounces as well so when you order a four ounce little bag This is how much fiber you get and what I think for me. That’s around 500 yards the way I spin for fingering and then maybe a little less for this so this could be a very simple shot of scarf as Well as maybe maybe eight ounces of this would make a great pair of socks, so enjoy your fiber

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  1. been knitting for years and the thought of spinning has always intimidated me. this vid makes it look so easy that i am gonna go did out my spindle and try again. Thank you for this.

  2. Woah, I'm sure this makes sense to some people but I still have no idea how to even begin spinning. Does anyone have a link to a better introductory video?

  3. @melsundquist look up The Art of Megan…..I find her videos to be much more helpful and she isn't trying to sell anything.

  4. Not a very good quality video at all. I tried magnifying the screen to see better but still couldn't make out anything. I like to spin more of a thicker/bulky weight yarn, all your talking about is thin or fingering weight. If you had a better video for viewing and made one on how to spin a heavier or thicker style yarn I'd definitely watch it

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