How To Style a Top Knot on a Pixie

What’s up guys? It’s Whippy Cake with a brand
new hair tutorial for you. This particular little pixie topknot has been requested on
Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, so I thought I would whip together a super quick video
to show you just how simple and easy this look is. Usually, when I do a topknot on my hair it’s
because my hair is dirty and I’m just trying to go another day or so before I have to wash
it. To kind of break up the hair, I will brush my hair before I even start so that way it’s
pulling some of that natural oil through my ends and it’s also kind of concealing any
flat spots or bed heads. Next, I’m going to take my fingers right about the tips of my
eyebrows and section my hair up from there and that way you know your ponytail is really
symmetrical so from here, I just use my fingertips to pull my hair back into a pony tail and
I try not to even use a brush because I don’t want it to look perfect. Voila. Before I twist or tie up my topknot, I’m actually
going to do a little spritz of spray wash along my bangs just so that I can kind of
pull down any of my baby hairs and fly aways. I am using my favorite of course, which is
Style Sexy Hair Play Dirty spray wax. From here, I just twist my hair, so it looks like
a little bit of an ice cream cone, but not too tightly. You can see I still have volume
right there. Then, I start to wrap that twist around in like one little loop. Just like
that. You can see I have this little tip of my hair right here. I keep that in my fingertips
so that when I use my ponytail, I can make sure that tip is right inside the ponytail
loop. I like to use these little clear translucent rubber bands just because they’re not noticeable,
but they’re strong enough to hold my little topknot. Then I just use my fingers to touch
and smooth out any of my hair. There you have it, ridiculously simple, superfast, pretty
much anybody could do it. The thing I love about this hairstyle is it
doesn’t matter if you have short pixie hair, medium length, or long hair you could totally
pull off this look and it’s so easy, but it makes you look delight. If you know somebody
who will appreciate this hairstyle, please share this with them because everybody needs
a little top knot in their life. Don’t forget to subscribe, allows you to see new Whippy
Cake videos weekly and I will see you later. Thank you. Bye.

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