How to Tie a Necktie: Double Windsor Knot | The Distilled Man

How to Tie a Necktie: Double Windsor Knot | The Distilled Man

Hey! I’m Kyle Ingham from The Distilled Man. Up next I’m gonna show you how to tie the big papa of all tie knots, the Double Windsor. Now compared to regular a tie knot, the 4-in-hand knot, that you might be familiar with, the Double Windsor, also known as the Full Windsor, is a larger, more triangular shaped and more symmetrical knot. And it really is big, really has a lot of presence. And in my opinion it’s, I sort of think of it as kind of a presidential knot. You a lot of times see dignitaries and presidents with these huge Double Windsor knots. And you can see in this picture of Bill Clinton
and Barack Obama, that Bill Clinton is sporting what appears to be a Double
Windsor. Very large, very stately. And Barack unfortunately in this picture is
actually, appears to be wearing what is probably either a Half Windsor or
maybe even a 4-in-Hand knot. You can really see the difference
between his knot and President Clinton’s knot I just think the Double Windsor is
just more stately, more regal, it’s just got presence. It says, “I’m here and I’m a world leader.” Now, unfortunately you can’t always rock a Double Windsor. Because one, it does have
a little bit to do with your proportions. If you’re a bigger guy, big neck, big head, it’s gonna look pretty
good. On the other hand, if you’re a smaller guy and you’re wearing a huge Double Windsor knot, it might look a little bit funny. Now the other thing to consider is the
width of your collar. Now you probably noticed that certain
collars can be really narrow. Certain collars can kind of be spread collars, where they’re really really far out. In fact those are becoming a lot more popular
these days. The Double Windsor knot is going to work
a lot better in a much wider collar. Because like I said it is a larger more
triangular, more spread out knot. But it’s really not a hard knot to tie if you
kind of figure out the steps. And that’s what I’ll show you right now. Alright, so the first thing you do is put
the tie over your neck. With the decorated or outside side facing out. And you need a lot of tie to tie this knot, because it really does loop around quite a bit. So, you’re gonna actually have the little
end be pretty far up. I have a pretty long torso, I’m a tall guy, so I actually put it just below my pocket. If you have a pocket or right about your
chest level. Because you really do need a lot of fabric to tie this tie. Next, you’re going to put the long end
over the short end and just keep that pinched together. Now, you’re going to take the tie and the
long end and put it around back and over the top. Ok. Next, you’re going to wrap that around the back, over to your right side. The inside of the tie, should be on the underside of the tie, should be facing out at this point. Next, you’re going to wrap that around
the front. And loop it back over. That’s the part that’s a little different than a regular 4-in-hand tie knot that you might be used to. So at this point we’re not done yet, but you can see, we’ve kind of got the insides, the guts, of what the
Windsor looks like. And then, the final step is we’re going to wrap it around I’m going to put my fingers underneath
here, so it’s a little easier for me to grab the tie. When I put it out from the back and into
the loop. Go up here. And go down through the loop. Again, don’t worry it doesn’t look
pretty yet, because we can futz with it. So, I’m gonna tighten the bottom. And then if the tie’s not sort of
triangular enough you can kind of tug on the edges. Mine is already pretty
triangular. And then I’m going to tighten it up by pulling on the short one. Adjust it. Get a nice little dimple in there. And there you have it, the Double Windsor. All right well I hope you enjoyed the
video. To see more videos like this you can subscribe to The Distilled Man YouTube Channel. And if you haven’t already gotten to copy you can click on screen or in the link below and get a free copy of my 42 page ebook. Thanks again for watching and until next time.

21 thoughts on “How to Tie a Necktie: Double Windsor Knot | The Distilled Man

  1.   Thanks!  My only quibble is that I don't like 'dimples.'  It's not a dimple, it's a crease!  
      Nice tie and shirt, by the way.

  2. ".. also known as the full Windsor" – No, it's not! Another one that thinks they are the same. What you're showing here is the full Windsor, not the double!

  3. Great video! I got it first time haha. I like how you explained when to wear it and what body structure should wear it. THANKS!!

  4. Thank you so much because already I saw more video that how to tie a tie. But I can't understand. Now I see this video and easily understand it.

  5. Good explanation when you finally get to it. Don't insult us by showing us slick Willy and Barry. I'll let you off this time.

  6. Very nice presentation kind sir, you're lightest touch commands obedience. I shall wear my double Windsor with pride this weekend.

  7. One thing about the double windsor is you might need a longer tie. Standard ties are 58" long. You might need a 63 or even a 70 to allow the blade to hit properly just even with your belt line.

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