How to tie a slim beauty knot with Paul Worsteling

How to tie a slim beauty knot with Paul Worsteling

Paul Worsteling: One of the things that a
lot of people seem to struggle with is joining mono to braid, and now that they’re in this
braid era and a lot of people are using it for so many different forms of fishing, it
is crucial that you know how to do this. Now, there’s plenty of knots out there, but
one knot that I just love because it’s so simple to tie, I can get a lure back in the
water quickly, is the slim beauty. This knot, don’t bag it. I’ve actually caught world record fish on
this little baby, and it is so quick, means you don’t miss out on your fishing time. Paul Worsteling: Now, watch how this works. You simply get your mono, your leader, and
all you do is start by tying a double granny. One, two. You’ve created a nice little granny knot there. Now, you pull it up, but don’t pull it too
tight. You just want it to form that figure eight
pattern that it’s done there. Now, if you have a look, what I’ve actually
done is create a little boat, but you don’t want the boat sitting up this way, you want
the boat sitting like that because that is how a boat shape would actually float in the
water. Paul Worsteling: Once you’ve got it in the
right position, you grab your braid and you literally go up through one hole and then
back down through the other. You pull that braid through so you’ve got
enough to work with. Now, bit of lube, pull this nice and tight. Pull that up tight, so we’ve locked that over
our braid. Now, all about taking your time. The key to any good knot is to always be in
control, so you can actually take one hand off, have a look, and keep working. Once you’ve pulled that up tight, you just
hold the braid over your finger like that, make a bit of a loop, and then start working
the braid down the mono. Paul Worsteling: I like to go about six or
seven times, but it does depend on the thickness of the braid and the leader. So, I’m literally working away from a knot,
done that about six or seven times, and now you’ve got to go back the other direction. I can literally pinch that there, you’ll see
I’ve still got that beautiful loop, and I go back about three times towards that little
hole. Once I get down towards there, it is simply
a matter of poking it up through that, and a little lubrication, that should simply pull
up nice and tight. I now pull the braid away from the mono, and
you’ll see that’s coming up just beautifully. Locking off, I give that a nice tight pull. Paul Worsteling: That is a beautiful knot. It’s called the slim beauty because it’s slim. It goes through your guides really well and
allows fantastic casts, and of course, beauty because it’s an absolute beauty of a knot. Now, all you’ve got to do is cut these tags. Mono first, and go quite tight on that one,
then the braid. I can leave a little bit on the braid. It doesn’t hurt too much, but I’ll go pretty
close. That’s done too. There you have one of the best knots for joining
braid to mono. Paul Worsteling: As I said earlier, yes there
are knots that are a little bit stronger, but they take about 10 times longer to tie,
but at the end of the day, if your hook, lure, or bait ain’t in the water, you can’t catching

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  1. Ya no it’s not called the slim beauty because it’s slim and goes through the eyes easily. It was created in a Cuban restaurant and the waitress kept calling everybody by a nickname. Slim beauty was what she kept calling the guy that created it so that’s what they named it. But other than that spot on!!!!!

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