How To Tie A Tie – Oriental Knot – Most Simple & Smallest Knot

Welcome to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In this
video, I’m going to show you how to tie the oriental tie knot. The oriental is called that way because it’s
one of the most popular tie knots in Asia. Basically, the oriental is the easiest tie
knot that you can find and it is also the smallest tie knot. I recommend using the Oriental tie knot when
you have a tie that is very short or if you’re very tall because that way , you don’t use
a lot of tie material forming on the knot. It is also great if you are a fan of small
knots and let’s say you have the tie is rather thick and you want a smaller knot, the oriental
is the best way to achieve that. In terms of the length of the tie, historically,
ties in the 30s were very short, they would reach up to your waistline or belly button.
Today they are often tied longer but they should never extend past your waiistband because
you want to accentuate your face and you want people to look in your face not down your
body. Especially when you wear a jacket, it does not look good if your tie peaks out from
underneath the buttoning point so I always want to make sure that the tie is short enough
that you only see it on top, not at the bottom.Otherwise, it looks odd and not stylish at all. The oriental knot is great if you want to
wear collar pins, collar bars or collar clips because it is so small that something easily
fits underneath here. If you want to learn more about these accessories,
check out my collar pin video. If you want to buy these, click here. The oriental knot works best with a classic
collar or a medium spread collar. Right now, I’m wearing a medium spread collar so either
the tips could be further down to the middle to work but it does not work with a more spread
collar or like a cutaway collar in more extreme. Bear it in mind when you wear this know. Here’s how to tie the oriental knot. The wide
end is going to be much longer than the slim end. I usually have the slim end about a hand
above my waistband or my trousers but it’s different with everybody so you have to figure
it out. Okay, first the slim end goes on top of the wide end.Pinch it here and you bring
it over once, like so, pull it slightly tight. Now you take this end, goes through behind
the knot, pull it up, pull it nice and tight then you take this end and get it through
here. You hold your knot while you pull it through gently. Now your knot is a little
thick so what you do here to get a dimple, pinch on top and pull through. Always gently,
gently pull and then you bring it up until you like the look.Here you go, the oriental

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