How to tie shoes one-handed using my “Ian Knot” – Professor Shoelace

How to tie shoes one-handed using my “Ian Knot” – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s video is how to tie a one-handed shoelace knot. Now, there’s all sorts of one-handed techniques out there. My technique is based on my two-handed “Ian Knot” technique, which, when done with two hands, is normally the world’s fastest shoelace knot. When done with one hand, it’s somewhat slower but hopefully easier than some of the other one-handed techniques. Now we create a left-over-right starting knot. Pull the end through. And I’ll show you the knot how I normally tie it first, then I’ll show you some detail later. Create one loop. A second loop. Pull them through. And that’s the finished knot. Pretty cool, huh? Now, I’ll revert to two hands because I can show you a bit more detail that way. The right-hand loop is created by folding the loose end underneath. So you’ve got the loop with the loose end sitting below. The left-hand loop is created by simply putting it over the top. So we’ve got the loop with the loose end on top. And the two loops overlap each other a bit like a pretzel, so you’ve got one loop, second loop like so. Now the idea is that this loose end here has to be fed through that loop. And that loose end there has to be pulled through *that* loop. So if I was using two hands I’d be doing it like this. Okay? With one hand, what I do is, when I’ve put them on top of each other, I use my middle finger and push that away from myself. Then, with my thumb and index finger, I grab … that loose end and pull it towards myself. Now although I’m pulling and pushing in a straight line in line with the shoe, when it’s tight, that will still end up nice and straight across the shoe, and it will stay just as secure as any conventional shoelace knot. So that’s it! That’s how to use the “Ian Knot” technique to tie a one-handed shoelace knot. If you want more details on the “Ian Knot” technique, you can go to “Ian’s Shoelace Site”:

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  1. @Pinkypointercombo You've already found my "One Handed Ian Knot" video here. On my web site ("Ian's Shoelace Site") I also have a "One Handed Shoelace Knot", but I don't yet have a video.

  2. Thanks a million times! I have a birth trauma and my left hand doesn't work for such things like tying shoes and this is the first time ever I was able to tie shoes single handedly! You can't imagine how simple things like this can make someone happy! :). I'm 31 y.o. and I always relied on someone else to help me tie my shoes. Thanks!

  3. I injured my dominant hand this year, and was forced to not use it and keep it in a splint whilst the tendon healed. This video saved me a lot of reliance on friends, and let me keep more independence, so thank you!

    For those who are struggling, it really does work with most laces. Some laces I found too slippery to do the technique one handed- they would not hold their form sufficiently long to execute the knot one-handed. There is a bit of a trick to pulling the knots tight with one hand- I found it useful to hold the centre of the knot with one finger (or my thumb), whilst pushing out the loop with another finger (or the thumb), then alternating to the other loop, and back again. This allowed me to work the knot very tight actually! After about a week, I could tie both shoes in only about twice as long as it would take me with two hands, so all in all successful.

    Once again, thank you!

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