How to Use Fancy Crimp Bead Cord Ends

How to Use Fancy Crimp Bead Cord Ends

Go to for all of your beading supply needs! Hi. This is Megan with
Today I’m going to show you how to use these silver plated fancy crimp bead cord ends.
They come in sterling silver as well. This one has a two millimeter opening to
insert your cord into. What you want to do is make sure that
you’re using the smallest size that will fit the cord you’re
using. So that you don’t have a lot of extra room in there. So this is a necklace that I just
finished and I need to attach something on the ends of the cord so that I can attach my clasp. So these are really easy to attach. If you have a hard time getting your cord into the hole? Sometimes when you twist it as you put it in you’ll get all the loose fibers in there. So you’re going to go ahead and put it in until you see it come out the
little hole and then pull it back a little so you
don’t see it hanging out when you’re finished. The only tool you need to crimp this is a pair of chain nose pliers. You want to make sure that your pliers are
narrow enough just to fit onto the middle band on the crimp bead because that’s the part where you’re going to push in.
You don’t want to push on the outside band. You also want to make sure that when
you’re crimping it, you crimp it with the loop laid flat out and not this
way. There’s little x’s on the sides here to let you know don’t
do it that way. You wan to use the side that has the little dots. When you’re doing that when you’re
crimping it just be aware that it can slide forward and kind of shoot
across the room if you don’t hold onto it which we learned the hard way. So when you grabbed this with your
pliers you want to get them relatively far accross crimp down pretty hard on the one side and flip it over and go from the other
side and crimp down from that side. You will see the middle gets flattened out and the ends stays pretty
round. Just give it a tug. Make sure
that it’s pretty secure. Then you’re going to do it on the other side. These do come in sets of one hook and one loop that you can hook together and have that
be your clasp otherwise if you want to use a different clasp you can get the kind that just has a
loop on both ends. So again you’re just going to go all the way up so you can see it coming out. Then pull if back out until it’s just inside the edge, hang onto it and crimp down in the middle. Just a note for safety since these sometimes do kind of fly
out if you feel more comfortable you can
wear safety goggles or some kind of
protective eyewear. Don’t point it out at anybody When you get both sides crimped down then you have your finished cord and the ends are already to attach
to a clasp Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

6 thoughts on “How to Use Fancy Crimp Bead Cord Ends

  1. they look pretty bad after being squished, can glue be used instead with these caps? is it possible it won't look as bad if using leather cord? might not squish as much?

  2. For the life of me I cannot get it to crimp – it just won't budge!! I'm using chain nose pliers that are narrow enough, holding the crimp end correctly and squeezing as hard as I can – nothing. 🙁

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