HUGE Harry Potter Haul | Primark, Noble Collection, Black Milk Clothing and MORE!

HUGE Harry Potter Haul | Primark, Noble Collection, Black Milk Clothing and MORE!

♪ Deck the halls with tons of stuff ♪ ♪ Fa la la la la, it’s not Christmas ♪ (upbeat instrumental music) – [Harry Potter] I’m Harry, Harry Potter. – Hey guys, Tessa here and I’m BACK with another *emphasis on ‘another’* Harry Potter haul. But first, I wanna talk
to you guys about Audible. A big thanks to my friends at Audible for sponsoring this video. *Get dat coin sis* I. Love. Audio books. At this point in my life
I do not have the time to sit down and read a book. *Sad Ravenclaw :(* I just don’t have the time. And that breaks my Ravenclaw heart.3 Who am I, Hedwig? *mood* So Audible has helped me SO much. Because there are so many
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not finished a chapter yet, I will literally sit in
my car until it is done. *Ravenclaw problems* Anytime, anywhere,
Audible is there for me. Always. *We love Joe Moses* And if you haven’t signed
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as low as $6.95 a month. Go to Or text ‘tessanetting’ to 500 500. That’s Or text ‘tessanetting’ to 500 500 to get started with Audible. What are you waiting for? Okay, back to the haul. That’s right you guys,
I spent more of my money on Harry Potter stuff. *honestly not shocked* I can’t be stopped. I can’t do it, I can’t control myself. I actually really need to work on this. *girl what’s your bank account status omg* It’s like Harry Potter’s
vault in Gringott’s but instead of gold, it’s just filled with Potter merch, that’s me. That’s the vault that I’m gonna
leave my children. (laughs) *honestly your children will be lucky* Okay, so I got this stuff from all over. So I’m gonna put links
in the description box so make sure you check that out if you wanna know where it’s from. The first thing is the
most beautiful thing and I bought it for myself
on my birthday in London. *HAPPEE BIRTHDAE* Look at this. Sorry, ignore the cat hair. *AWW LUNA!* It is the Ravenclaw diadem
from Noble Collection. *Dang she’s quality* I always wanted this for so long. I love the box that it comes in too. It has Ravenclaw in the
back here, it’s so prETTY. So stunning. *me but also not me* Oh my gosh, it’s so beautiful. I’m drooling. *oh my gosh tessa stoppp* How do you wear this properly? I don’t know how to wear a crown. Is it bad that like, if I get
married I wanna wear this? *do it* (groans) I love it. I feel like a Ravenclaw princess. *mOVE OVER HELENA* I crown you Queen Ravenclaw. *tessa calm down* It really is the best
horcrux though ’cause Harry is just running around the
castle looking for a crown. Are you saying hi? *LUNA YAYAYAY* What do you want? You’re the best, you’re
the cutest little thing. *@white_luna_cat* I love you. Why are you meowing? She just wants attention. *She’s Charlie Puth* Alright, the next thing I got
was also from Noble Collection and it is a little Niffler. (laughs) Guys, I love Nifflers. *Don’t we all?* I freaking love Nifflers. And now there’s baby Nifflers? *well…* Are you kidding me? Give me all the Nifflers. *mood* Here’s the little Niffler. He’s really cute. Look at his cute little face. and he has this little coin. *he earned that coin* I love him very much,
yes you’re a good boy. What a good boy! *calm down tessa* The best boy. *TESSA* Oh my gosh, Niffler would love this crown. *MAKE HIM WEAR IT SKSKSK* Niffler, are you gonna
try to take this diadem? (groans) What should we name him? *Gilderoy* Okay guys, name this
Niffler in the comments. ♪ Little baby Niffler
hopping through the forest ♪ ♪ Stealing all the diadems
right off of my head ♪ You want the D? *tessa there are children stoppp* (laughs) Dem. *What?* Speaking of Fantastic Beasts,
Crimes of Grindelwald, I got this. I got this little Pop from Hot Topic. And it’s a young Dumbledore
Pop, Dumble Damn, Jude Law, a Dumble Daddy. *honestly thoo* Look. At. Him. He’s got his little Dumbledore wand, his little Dumbledore outfit. Hey hey hey, Newts not a good
follower of order, he he he. That’s such a good Jude Law impression. *Wait that WASN’T him?!?!* Jude Law was one of my favorite parts of Crimes of Grindelwald *Wasn’t he everybody’s* so I knew that I had to get his Pop. I feel like I need to
get a Grindelwald Pop just so that he can stare at him. *do ittt* Would you like that? *#MirrorOfErised* ♪ You are so Dumbledore to me ♪ ♪ Jude Law is Dumbledore to me ♪ Okay, the next thing is this
necklace that I’m wearing. This is from the Platform
Nine and Three Quarters shop in London. Look at that. Isn’t it so pretty and nice? It doesn’t spin or turn, *lame* but because it doesn’t spin or turn, it hangs really nicely on your neck and it’s not that heavy. And it’s super easy to wear. It’s really pretty and simple and I loved it like the
instant that I saw it. *me with Harry Potter* If you ever find yourself in
London or if you live in London and you haven’t gone
here yet for some reason, go to the Platform Nine
and Three Quarters shop at King’s Cross Station. *NOW* It’s incredible. *The Incredibles Theme Song starts playing* It made my heart so happy. And also, I was wearing
this specific time turner, this specific necklace
when I met J.K. Rowling. *luCKY* But that story is for another video. Okay, the next thing that I
got is this Ravenclaw blanket that I use as a scarf. I got this also in London
’cause I was freezing. (laughs) *honestly me too* I got it at Primark. The best store ever. *trUUU* It’s a really nice blanket. It’s supposed to be like a little throw. Very very nice. So I was kinda just like
wearing it like this, *you look ridiculous* which looks kind of ridiculous *yep*
but it was really warm. Oh look, I can have the Ravenclaw part out and then you can be like look
at this nice, comfy Ravenclaw. I’m so comfy right now. *oh lord* I’m gonna like fall asleep right here. I think you can wear this as a scarf, even if it’s supposed to be a blanket. One person’s blanket is
another person’s scarf. *so wise* Ravenclaw poncho. *Marc Jacobs is SHOOK* I am the Lorax, buy my sneed. *TESSA CALM DOWN* So many options. You have a scarf, you have a shawl poncho, you have a blanket, all
of that in this one item. I kinda wanna keep this on, even though I just look
like a blanket with a head. *#Snuggie* I’m like Jenna Marbles. I’m a Ravenclaw blanket. And if I close my eyes you can’t see me. The next thing I got at Primark,
is these Honeydukes shoes. Aren’t they the most adorable freaking shoes you’ve ever seen? Look at those beans on these shoes. *Look at dem beans* Shoe beans. Look at those shoe beans. Sounds like I’m saying
Shoobey, rocket power! So Brizzy actually gave me
these shoes for my birthday. And she surprised me and it was so nice. And I love them. They’re like a perfect little
Harry Potter accessory. I wonder what flavor beans these are. *omg tessa* There’s vomit, there’s booger. (laughs) There’s a bean for everyone. *STOP* One more thing I got at Primark, following on this bean train,
I got bean socks. (laughs) *oh my lord* Step right up. Get your bean socks. It’s all looking like a bean and then it says Honeydukes on the side. How cute, how comfy, how bean-like. *what?* These are honestly though,
the comfiest socks. I bring these whenever I’m flying so whenever I’m on a
plane, I am wearing these. I get on the plane, I sit in
my seat, I take off my shoes, and I put on my bean socks. *oh my gosh tessa* Okay the next thing is this amazing thing *you’ve said that for everything* that I was gifted. It looks amazing and I
haven’t opened it yet. I’ve been waiting. I got it from Insight Editions from the films of Harry Potter, The Wand Collection Collector’s Edition. *oOoOoOo fancyy* (gasps) Whoa. Okay, look at this on the front. ♪ Da da da da da da! ♪ This looks so gorgeous too. Such Ravenclaw aesthetic. First here is a model of the Elder Wand. So this is my Noble Collection Elder Wand, and this is the Elder
Wand that was in this box. And you can already see
like the differences here. How this one is like
definitely more detailed. *drag ’em* Oh how cool is this? Says from the films of Harry Potter. So there are five wand positions here. First wand position, stand
in ballet second position. Oh my gosh, this is choreography. *wand choreography ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* I should just bring my
wand to ballet class. *tessa…* Stand in ballet second position,
feet apart, back straight with your knees bent like a plie. (laughs) Then we have these two
books that were in here. The Art of Wand Work and we
have The Wand Collection. This is The Wand Collection book. Oh, it talks about Olivander
and the wand selection, look at little Harry. Oh my gosh, fetus Harry getting his wand. Rocking that flannel. *Werk Daniel* It has the wand and then
it has the character. And then this second book
is The Art of Wand Work. And it has of these
cool wands on the back. Here are like some blueprints of wands. So this is when they were trying to like, figure out which wands were
gonna go to which characters and they were like blueprinting them out. That’s awesome. Oh here it is again,
the five wand positions. So if you’re really into
wands, check out Harry Potter The Wand Collection Collector’s Edition. Okay so the last couple of
things that I want to show you are all from Black Milk Clothing. Black Milk is honestly my
favorite place right now to get clothes. I spend way too much money
there, *what’s new?* but it’s always worth it and I get so many compliments whenever I wear any of their clothing because it’s so unique. It’s like high quality fandom clothes. They feel like so comfortable
when you’re wearing them and they’re just very flattering. So they have a new Harry Potter collection that they just launched. And I got a couple of
pieces from their collection so I wanted to show you those pieces ’cause I love them. Look at this shirt! The flying Ford Anglia. There’s Harry and Ron. It’s long and comfortable. It’s perfect to wear with leggings. I just love Chamber of
Secrets so I had to get it. Anyone who hates Chamber
of Secrets, you know what? I love it! *CALM DOWN* Enemies of the heir, BEWARE! The next thing that I got is this top. It’s like a Great Hall wifey top. And I really love this ’cause
it looks like Ravenclaw-esque. But it’s also the Great Hall
and I just love the Great Hall. *Don’t we all?* It’s so iconic. When you see the Great Hall,
like that’s Harry Potter. *?* Another thing I got
from Black Milk is this team Ravenclaw bomber jacket. It’s perfect if you are working out and you need just something light to cover up your workout clothes when you’re going from place to place. *I don’t work out OR leave my house soo…* And it has a little Hogwarts crest on it, I love the inside too. Look at the snitch, has huge
pockets if you need to put like your keys or your iPhone. *Not your Android henny* Look, it’s a little snitch pocket. So if you catch the snitch,
just put him in that pocket. *but your MOUTH thooooo* And then it has an R
down here for Ravenclaw. Here’s the back of the jacket. I love it. They have it in all houses, of course. All houses are represented. *Goodddd….* Rah rah, Ravenclaw. (growls) Another thing I got are these
owl post black short overalls. There’s little owls on them. I either wear them just as is, or sometimes I’ll wear
leggings underneath. This is a great Harry Potter piece. Like I am going to wear this a lot. Who doesn’t love Hedwig? *Voldemort* And when I say Hedwig, I mean Hedwig, but also Ezra Miller dressed as Hedwig. *YESSSSS* And finally, the last thing that I got which is insanely amazing, is this kimono. This gorgeous kimono. *KIMO-NO SHE DIDN’T* *sorry…* Look at how beautiful and
long and stunning it is. You can see there are like spells here, and different animals, so
there’s like Hufflepuff badger, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin. But it’s just like a really cool piece. Whenever I wear like these
types of kimonos that they have at Black Milk, I always get compliments. Always like, where did you get that? That looks amazing. Holy crap, what? So it’s a really cool statement
piece, it’s really magical. Usually their kimono pieces
sell out really fast. So I would follow them on
Instagram. They announce usually when
their stuff is going live so you can see it. And if you really want
a certain collection, then you’re like, you’re on it. That’s usually what I do. They have a ton of different fandoms. Obviously Harry Potter’s my favorite, *rEALLY?!* but they also have some
amazing Star Wars pieces, they just launched a
new Disney collection, so if you love Disney. I can’t say enough like
good things about them. I am totally in love with all
of their clothing and pieces. Ultimate Ravenclaw, here we are. Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw. This is me. *omg* We are so lucky because there’s so much Harry Potter merchandise,
like in the world right now and just more is coming. *YASS* I am living. I love all my Harry Potter stuff. It gives me so much joy. So whenever I’m wearing
something Harry Potter, just makes me so happy. I’m like this is me. *yayyyy* I’m just like expressing my
inner love on the outside. I feel like magic. Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. And again, a big thank you to Audible for sponsoring this video. Make sure you subscribe and
you hit that notification bell so you can geek with me every weekend. And if you don’t know, Brizzy Voices and I have a fandom based podcast called Fantastic Geeks
and Where to Find Them. *PLUG PLUG PLUG* We release new episodes every Friday and it’s available on
Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts. Links are in my description box, thumbs up if you like this video. And don’t let the muggles get you down. Stay cool, starfish, bye! – [DUMBLES] But you know,
happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers
to turn on the light. – [Harry Potter] Expecto Patronum!

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