Oo who is she girl? I don’t know, I don’t really know.
Like you can’t tell me anything in this wig.
The color… *song plays*
(all you ladies pop your pussy like this) What wig sis? What wig? This is obviously a wig.
This is the first wig I’ve ever gotten I’m obsessed, it makes me feel like that…bitch.
It’s a little itchy. This video I’m so fucking excited. I’m going to be unboxing 2 brand new wigs.
A pink and a blue and I ordered it from the same place and guess where I ordered all my wigs?
Guess where I got em bitch. From fucking Amazon!
I’m sorry what, like are you kidding me?
Guess how much this wig was like guess, guess.
I’ll wait… *crickets* How much? 35 dollars.
Like wig snatched like I would, I would snatch it off but like I don’t want too.
I’m going to try them on how they are now, so it’s probably going to look like…a lot.
I’m not really like a curly…a curly gal. Let’s see what’s in the box! Why is this so hard? Give me my wigs bitch. I love opening stuff!
Oh I also forgot, I got these wig stands.
I got it in pink and black. I got 2 but now I have 3 wigs so I guess I’m just going to have to buy more! Okay. Bye! I blame my friend Rachel for getting me
into this wig thing it’s sickening but like honey, this quality and Amazon
Prime free shipping? Okay. Strawberry, shortcake… goddess. Wig cap, need dat.
Instructions, no. This one like I said is curly I’m probably gonna straighten it. Wait until you see the color of this wig like just wait. Biiiitch. It really is itchy though. Wig cap.
Let’s open them and then I’m going to try them on how they are right now because when I first got this wig it was shiny as fuck.
Blonde wigs are very hard to look “real” and I don’t think it looks fake.
I wore this wig out like the first day I got it, somebody deadass said I looked like Ariana Grande
and I was like…nobody could tell me should after that like
that went to my fucking head and I am never taking this wig off.
Okay it’s a little wild right now.
Where’s the net? This color…like you’re kidding me. Also a lace front.
This one I’m a little nervous about because it doesn’t doesn’t have roots. Bitch.
I just want to see what they kind of look like on my skin tone…so…I’m going to take this off. Fuck. Always attaching to my fucking hair.
Shit is so funny. So she’s off and like I just want to show you how long it is, this is 22 inches.
I was going to cut it but…I can’t. Okay so I just cut this lace and you see how
party city-ish this looks. Take these little clips in the back and you kind of just hook them together…you kind of just KAY Like hooked onto my pony, pull this back. Lace like a where? I mean I put on the same top, I’m just
not going to say anything. I plucked the hair-line, I cut the…*gets text*
My friend Lirijana cut my blue wig.
It’s a little staticy. I wasn’t feeling it long just because it’s so blue and I feel like it’s so obvious,
not like I’m going to wear it out anyways. But you know…*gets text* excuse you.
She’s straightened so I’m going to try these on *sings*
(let’s see what they look like!)
Okay I hate that. This right here… Is the reason why…I can’t stop buying wigs.
This lace is honestly insane, my forehead starts like up here…and now she can be down here.
Are you gagging? Because I’m throwing up. I’m living but also dead.
Like tell me what bitch you want me to be, tell me what bitch you want me to be for the day.
What bitch do you want today? See other people who? Okay I’m losing my fucking mind.
This is the final look for the blue I’m obsessed with how the cut came out the long
straight just like wasn’t working. How do I make fake baby hairs, when I don’t even have any of my own? I still kind of don’t know how I feel about it, I feel very I’m going
to put on leather and come…okay never mind.
Comment below what wig you like better, if this one is a no or a go because I can’t fucking tell. This wasn’t suppose my first video it was supposed to be a makeup tutorial but than I looked
at myself and I was like you…ew. So if you like it, like it. If you don’t like it, don’t like it.
Like this… who told you to be there?
Like I’m trying to play it off like I filmed this in the same day and like you…you not letting me.
Subscribe, like, do whatever you gotta do. Talk shit, actually watch, or whatever the
fuck you want to do to it. I have some fun video ideas coming up, my first vlog is coming with somebody very special.
That’s all I got… Bye! I’m about to be a whole new bitch like every day.
This is a problem.

75 thoughts on “I BOUGHT $35 LACE FRONT WIGS FROM AMAZON (K’ryssma)

  1. All 3 are ill! That blue says "I'm a bad a*$ beotch aaaaand you you know I'm out of your league boy, but daaamn!" Lol The pink is just adorbs and the blonde is just life.

  2. Okay you remind me of Margo from the Magicians on netflix… but I really love your personality you are so funny. Please make more wig videos into infinity! Love you, the hair, the complete package. Get it. Girl.

  3. If you don't put closed captioning on your videos, deaf people and people who watch shit at work can not watch your videos….. its not hard

  4. The 2 hooks go into some things, that look like the part of pants where the belt goes into, at the back of the wig

  5. I've been wanting to get the blonde for a couple of years now. All the good reviews I'm seeing of it on YouTube helped me make up my mind. I'm most definitely going to buy that wig.

  6. I love the blue one!But I myself feel like I would wear it straight and long on me,would you still recommend getting it?Been looking for a wig on amazon to buy

  7. Maybe it’s because I’m English but you do my fucking head in. I only managed to watch this by turning down the volume. Wigs looks beautiful though, so well done for styling them 👍🏼

  8. Bitchhhhh, it’s a GO, all the shit u do is a GO. You even look good picking ur nose, not a lot of people can pull that off .

  9. You hook the clips to the little elastic at the back of the wig, not clip them together. I just realized that a few days ago bc I used to do the same thing 😂😂

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