I buy $430 of “PLUS SIZE” K-Style Clothes! (big boob girls)

hey it’s May sorry about the lighting situation honestly it’s my fault now I’m going to use this ugly yellow lighting you can’t use natural lighting like in normally news so recently on Twitter a success especially wanted to see a K style plus-size try on all one of you guys tagged me into one of the Instagram posting and I saw the brand called it J style and I had to shop here because this is actually catered towards heavier thicker with to see girls it’s a sensitive topic for a lot of girls whatever in Asia you go you’ll find that a lot of the sizes there are cater towards smaller girls for example if you buy a medium hair it’s considered a large to an extra-large bear for example like yes style a lot of their things do for me except the bust area is this call the bus I don’t know not cultured back sorry the issue kind of comes and goes I hope that this video by showing you guys this try on haul for plus-size girls can’t encourage you guys to just not care be confident in your skin just try to be healthy and drink more water can do the laundry okay anyways I went ahead on this website and follow a bunch of clothing I think I spent over four hundred thirty seven dollars and 87 cents USD shipping it’s kind of average for overseas I guess so I already opened this and I was a little bit concerned that I got my sizes wrong we are all homegirls here it’s like a sleepover so this is the ever let I linked smog throat blouse and ivory and I got it in the size J to which I should have got it in j1 but this is quite big on me so this shirt is more of a peekaboo shirt you can wear under like sweaters dresses or whatever and it has the frill on the neck and the sleeves nut cuffs whatever these leaves are collagen so my armpits and here you still have quite a bit of cloth going here if I were to cinch this to my waist it’s quite big but I guess it’s supposed to be like that it’s not supposed to be tight so the reason why I bought this blouse was because of this dress the motto who is gorgeous by the way she peered at this blouse with this one-piece dress no it’s too big a little bit too big I can already tell especially for the bus it’s kind of cute to me I say so I’m just gonna slip this on from the bottom and it’s quite cute though why didn’t I get I got this in like J 3 which was my mistake I should have again gotten it in j1 I came to wear it unless I tailor it this is called the Evolet regime for a busty or one piece this is how I would prefer I just oh my god little bit my chest looks and this is all the extra fabric it’s like way too much fabric dark pitch this should be like here but instead is all the way out here that’s my fault I mean they have the measurements I didn’t think you’ll be this big if this was fitted like this and this was a little bit more inward they could be really very maybe I could tie it but yeah on the bottom it has like cute little frills like this it’s asymmetrical I have a ruffle going diagonally and then at the bottom ruffles as well and underneath you do have this black piece for protection make sure you measure yourself well enough I could have definitely went for a chain one for both of these pieces what’s this I think I bought them all in the wrong sizes I’m so mad right now absolutely this is such a pretty pretty color it kind of looks like lingerie if you’re not careful okay so the model wears this dress with a black under top so I do recommend a black one because the white one is that blend well I feel like I mean not bad this would be so much Tudor if it was a little bit smaller and cinched it does make me look like I’m wearing pajamas yep my mistake I got this in chain two and this is the moss Ben the lower bust your long one-piece we will figure it out but super cute I love the style it gives I don’t own anything like this I very much in my head the next piece is this Poland Czech Buster white piece I got so excited by all of these one piece wrong justice I was like oh my gosh money that my boobs because the biggest done with dresses for me a lot of it don’t fit my boobs I wouldn’t want to wear it that kind of style especially like the shirt underneath with the dress on top but I can’t because the boobs no oh my god thing this is an actual feel what this isn’t J – this is so cute oh you can cinch it don’t worry I another being you but then there are these two strings so you can cinch it right oh my gosh you can’t oh still too big on me if friends the boobs are very nice right hearing until you reach this it’s a total pocket yes I mean I guess like a pendant like I love how it frames the boobs like nicely here the link yeah if I just like pin this part okay basically my body it’s just not suited for anything sim [Music] so I got a new skirt this is the other let’s bathe in wool check lobster and this was about thirty three dollars and sixty six I got this in Jake three I should have gotten it in one really so this is the excess of the skirt it would have been so cute feel like that a symmetrical oh my god this is a little bit too excess for me there’s a a symmetrical cuts right here like the way the bottle wore it Alice like girls so late I could do that too no you can’t they checkered gray with a little bit of detail with that blue color going through the grid this is such a sophisticated I don’t have hope for anything else because I have a feeling I know all the wrong sizes I thought God on my comfort zone and by a leopard skirt this is the a-sun leopard sheep skin skirt and I got a MJ – let’s pray that this will help it will fit this was $34.50 the quality of these skirts and dresses and shirts they’re really sturdy and I still like you know that you can wear it for a long term yes last someone made a mistake again it’s a little bit too big but it’s not as bad you see how it isn’t fall off too bad because I’m sure if I have my skirts down too low if they go down to my knees I’m holding a good inch and a half or so they make a pendant or something only two more pieces and then I do have some accessories that I want to share too as well in this home at home this one might fit me this was for 28 dollars and 73 cents not too big of a fan with a stretchy right here it’s not the best look but it is very comfortable to a lot of us and bigger girls so close I could wear this comfortably it’s like falling it’s not sure if I like this as much as I saw online I think if this was pinched it looks super cute given it is supposed to be a little bit more ohm stretchy to fit your body putting the skirt on I don’t know if I like the style of it as much as I find it oh my god I don’t really own anything like a wool skirt so I do like that tried but I don’t know if I to rock this but you can style this for the wintertime it’s like perfect looks like stockings or something so the last skirt I have is expected wool skirt and this is in j2 and this was $39 its existence again it does have a stretchy material here for me personally I don’t like the stretchy like but um just for reference for other girls if you do like that a lot of their skirts do run with the stretch just because you know it’s just more cocoa but especially when you’re always sitting in sitting standing you already know that struggle where it’s like you always have their judgement so this is how I wouldn’t prefer the skirt but again that is me kind of hold it without the pony it’s not too bad it is not flatter my body but this i’m very heavy on top as you can tell I have like broader shoulders this so when I don’t Finch in my waist it makes me look very I not proportioned it’s not bad I mean this is the closest skirt I feel like that fits better you know I’m not sad about the brand and we’re sad that I just picked the wrong sizes it’s an amazing website to shop off of or skirts perfect girls for curvier in a little bit thicker so I do appreciate that it is so new and it’s so important to us girls to have these choices before I even end off the video I want to show you a few accessories I did get and I got this bag I don’t own any clear bags can I go back to my t-shirt yes I thought this was super cute online I love this because it comes with a little pouch but you can also put in your bag you could definitely wear this bag alone like this but the type of person where I don’t like people seeing what’s in my bag I like how this style came with a pouch so this is a pink pouch with gold detailing it’s just a very nice dirty pouch and then you just carry it like this is it so freaking cute so one thing you probably don’t know about me is that I have a huge addiction to suck at second love sucks they actually change your outfit so drastically without you trying I got these two socks this is how the crush socks look like you can dress your outfit up or down what sucks like this it’s so easy a lot of people don’t socks are so I got new Botox house seven of these in all these colors I am a fan of thin socks not think suck and these are so cute they’re almost like stockings in a way do you know what sometimes your thing is sweaty you let you really wear too thick of a sock I don’t like that feeling they’re gonna be so cute if you wear them with like one-piece dresses that like go down to your shin and you wear little socks like this with like white tennis shoes oh my god it’s a like it’s a look like literally I cross socks just the other day when I was Christmas shopping aren’t these so freaking cute I got them at lunch – yeah I tend to gravitate towards yellow orange and red I don’t know why yeah those weren’t part of the whole I just want to show you on the website this shop has a section of plus nice my bad I totally like forgot about that and there are regular sized clothes as well however you want a quotation regular I’m gonna link all the products down below and no I’m not sponsored or if I affiliated with them which I wish I was because I plan to do more shopping on there with actual sizes that fit me if you guys do want another try on a plus size hole like this maybe I’ll get J ones and maybe I’ll just get normal-sized clothes so I can compare how it fits on my body if you guys want that concept then make sure to like this video and with that being said I hope that was helpful you know always love your body regardless big or small medium short or tall long cord not long I don’t know when I’m gonna upload next maybe next year I don’t know I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas Merry Christmas you guys [Music] [Music]

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