I Swapped Clothes With My Boyfriend For A Week

[ guitar and drum instrumental ] Hello friends, and welcome to another video. This week, I’m gonna be dressing out of my boyfriend’s closet. You may not recognize him with his facial hair, but this is Tyler. [Tyler] This is… I am the same person.
[Saf] I like it. Yeah, I look like a knuckle. So I’ve done a decent amount of style challenges before, like wearing things for a week but I’ve never tested out men’s clothing,
let alone Tyler’s clothing. There’s a lot of – a lot of good clothing in there,
very stylish, GQ… I’ve read it. Actually I don’t know if I have read it. [ laughs ] Now, Tyler and I have pretty different styles. I feel like Tyler has a pretty sporty look. You know… t-shirts, jeans, a lot of gym shorts.
Yeah, right there, right? Sit down! [Safiya] But I do know he also has a lot of quarter zips and polos in there. [Tyler] The vestiges from preppier days, yes. So, this week, I’m gonna try and wear some outfits that you normally wear, and then also some outfits that might actually work for me. Maybe to you know show you some of the possibilities of things that you could wear. Because Tyler’s very economical with his clothing. – Thank you. He wears the same thing for days on end. – As it should be worn. And I know that he definitely has enough clothing to wear a different outfit every day of the week. – I like wearing the same thing, you know? I like until it like starts to turn colors a little bit. He doesn’t smell as bad as you would think. – I smell like sh*t.
[ laughs ] Alright, I guess we’re starting now, so I’m gonna go raid my boyfriend’s closet. Let’s do it. So for my first outfit I had to go with some gym shorts. Most of Tyler’s gym shorts are red, but you know these are the ones that are clean so, I picked these. Now for this outfit I picked his blue quarter zip long-sleeve top, these navy blue and white gym shorts and these black running shoes, and some snazzy socks. I feel like this is classic Tyler just wearing gym shorts anywhere at all times, most of the days. I went with like a blue theme [Tyler] Did you get that out of my laundry basket? [Safiya] Well, I hung it up to me like it was coming out of the closet, but yes I did get this out of the laundry basket. You don’t have a lot of clean clothes.
[Tyler] No, not right now. I don’t think I stood out in any way I feel like I just looked like I was maybe going to the gym later. [Tyler] Never skip a leg day, or in my case, never even have a leg day. [Safiya] Same. I was very comfortable and that is something that Tyler often cites, that he likes to be comfortable, so I get it. I almost feel like I’m just like wearing pajamas. [Tyler] That’s how I feel all the time. These shorts actually fit me pretty well. Uh, it turns out that they are 17 years old. Tyler notified me that these shorts are from his fourth grade little league team. [Tyler] Little league basketball. Little league basketball, excuse me. I’m impressed that they lasted this long. And I’m impressed that Tyler still fits into them. Now I know Tyler as a child. [Tyler] You’ve literally walked a mile in his shorts. Not quite a mile. A few yards for sure. This is definitely pretty different from my usual style but I think it represents Tyler’s style pretty well. And for the first day of this week it was pretty easy and breezy. I do look a little bit like Tyler but with shorter leg hair. Or I guess I wonder how much leg hair he had in fourth grade. [Tyler] Nah I was already sproutin’. For my day 2 outfit, I went with this kind of rugged, LA lumberjack look. It’s weird because like I’m not used to not having a bag, so I do feel like a little bit incomplete. But you know the pocket is fun and my hands are very warm. So in this outfit I wore this short-sleeved plaid shirt, this white undershirt with a little pocket, these grey skinny pants Which actually fit me pretty well, these timberland boots and my favorite Tyler flip up sunglasses I’ve been trying to steal these glasses from Tyler for a while. My favorite “Tyler going out” look is a top of his choice, skinny jeans or skinny pants and these timberland boots. I’m a big fan of Tyler in these timberland boots, and he rarely wears them. [wink-wink nudge-nudge] So I was just you know trying to bring them back out to just show him that they’re still here. I, also, I want to show you guys something that Tyler has never done. How long have you had these shoes Tyler? Since before I knew you. [Tyler] Four years. No! Don’t take it off, leave it on. [Saf] Okay fine, fine I’ll leave it on. [Tyler yelling] It’s cooler that way! I layered the tops which is not something that Tyler usually does but I feel like Tyler would either wear a button-down or just like a plain t-shirt with this. Is it a little James Dean? [Tyler] Yeah, I was gonna say James
Dean. You’re like a beatnik. [Saf] A greaser? I tied the shirt up to kind of give it a little bit more like shape and I think that made it feel a little bit more like my style rather than just something out of Tyler’s closet. I’m not sure that I would wear this again, but I would really like it if Tyler wore this again. Also, Tyler, please take the tag off of these. So on day three I went for this Star Wars themed sweatshirt look. I’m bringing out Tyler’s Darth Vader sweatshirt [Tyler] Oh yeah. which I actually bought him for Christmas two years ago. It’s a very nice sweater. It’s kind of like uh I don’t know what one would call this, but it’s almost like a little rug. I also went for these dark wash jeans and these black lace-up shoes whose laces are dying. I don’t know what you did to these shoe laces because they’re like beyond just like worn down they’re like – it looks like someone ate them. [Tyler] They’re mangled. Tyler does wear this sweatshirt very often during the wintertime, so I feel like this outfit is actually like a pretty put together date night outfit for Tyler. Like he’s taking Saf out in the fall or winter time. [Tyler] Oh, a date with you, yeah. It’s not like a – like a first date outfit. It would be like- No, I’m talking about when you wear it now. Pfft first date? I ended up choosing these jeans because Tyler’s other jeans that I wanted to wear were ripped pretty violently. I took these pants out of the laundry hamper. As I’ve quickly realized, we should have probably done more laundry before starting this week. In fact, I think every item in this outfit is somehow unwashed because we’re kind of scared of laundering this sweatshirt. Tyler’s worn this a fair few times and I don’t believe we’ve ever washed it because we’ve been so nervous about ruining the design. [Tyler] It’s kinda like a carpet. You need a vacuum. I would wear this again. I feel like we need to figure out how to wash this thing though now that we’ve been exposed. Now that we’ve exposed ourselves. [Tyler] No! So on day four, I went for some of Tyler’s remnants from his preppier days. So the only thing that’s missing, though, is a popped collar. Are you willing to go that far? Yeah, yeah, I think that’s distinctly worse. So for this outfit, I went with this blue short sleeved polo shirt, these dark wash jeans, this belt and these brown lacy loafers. [Tyler] I think you’re wearing more belts in one week than I’ve ever worn. I put all of your belts in like one specific part of your closet and for some reason you’ve never been able to find them but I know exactly where they are. [Tyler] They’ve been lost to me. Now, I definitely don’t see Tyler wearing this outfit all the time, but it was revealed to me that Tyler used to wear this outfit specifically at his old job. Other than that, I feel like you’d probably find this outfit digging through Tyler’s old Facebook photos. Not to be unfair, I did also own a few polos in the mid 2000’s and I did wear them. But I don’t still have them. [Tyler] They were in. This outfit kind of gave me like a 50’s vibe for some reason. Like almost like I could be like at a soda shop-ee. I think that what added to that vibe was also these shoes, which were a little big for me, so they kind of made my feet look like boats. But they were the right vibe for that kind of 50s look as well as the socks coming out of them. [Tyler] I feel like if we gave you a little cap you could definitely be delivering paper. I don’t think I would wear this outfit again but I did kind of enjoy the Rosie the Riveter retro vibes. So I feel like maybe I would consider a pair of cropped high-waisted pants and a tucked in shirt. And never comes out. [Tyler] Just like a no-name extra. So on day five, I went for a Tyler in Vegas look. [Tyler] I used to call this outfit the Tommy Timberlake. Half Tom Haverford, half Justin Timberlake. [singing] As long as I’ve got my suit and tie. Lemme show you a few things. So in this outfit, I chose a stripy button-down shirt, this also stripy dark vest, a skinny tie, these gray skinny pants from earlier this week and these brown lace-up shoes. [Tyler] This is like an outfit I would have worn standing in a line at a club. What’s your move, Ty? [Tyler] Oh this. This is my move. No. I feel like usually you’re like [Tyler] That’s how I dance. You’re gonna do me like that, you’re gonna throw me under the bus. Tyler doesn’t wear this type of style very often, but he does sometimes, when he’s prodded. [Tyler] I mean I could wear this at like New Year’s now, right? It’s like… Yeah, you don’t.
[Tyler] No. Happy New Year from me and Frodo and Merry and Pippin. The whole crew! This was very different from my usual style. I feel a little like Charlie Chaplin. Almost like, um, I should have like a bowler hat. And it lands on my head. And I feel like this represents the peak of Tyler’s outfit planning. I will say this is quite like styled for you. This is the most styled I’ve ever been. I had a vision for this outfit. I was like “I’m gonna make that outfit exactly.” This did bring back some memories of a 2008 vest that I wore. I had vest days. But if there was a reason to wear it again, I would. So for my sixth outfit, I went with Tyler’s look from the 1987 video, also known as the villain from The Karate Kid. [Tyler] I think you’re pulling off the muscle tee. You look ready to like go out and dance and stuff. Yeah, if only you were a hip-hop dancer. No, not better if only I knew how to dance at all. So in this outfit, I’ve got a blue muscle t-shirt, these acid-washed jeans, a belt, a blue hoodie and these yellow converse. This outfit did in fact make me feel like a late 80’s early 90’s tomboy. I call this outfit “Mario Lopez in Saved By The Bell.” [Tyler] AC Slater? I don’t quite have the guns but I’ve got the arm hair. The interesting thing about this acid-washed look is that it was meant to be kind of androgynous. Like there were a lot of like couples matching in them and so I felt a lot like I did when I wore my other counterpart to this outfit. And I feel like overall, the outfit was fun and kind of made me feel mischievous and sprightly. I was, uh, hopping around, jumping on things. [Tyler] Was parkour even around in the eighties? I would definitely wear this again actually. It’s a little oversized. So it’s making me feel kind of like a little boy. [Tyler] Those are like construction pants aren’t they? No they’re dad jeans from Costco. [Tyler] Nice! I feel like in a slightly more modern day I would have had like a skateboard been like really annoying. [Tyler] You’d better buy that! I guess we’re buying this now. So for my last outfit, I went a bit rogue. I pulled together things from different parts of Tyler’s closet to make an outfit that he definitely has never worn before, but was more my style. So in this outfit, I chose one of Tyler’s white button-downs, a blue fish belt, these black flared pants from the 1977 video, and these brown pointy loafer shoes. This is the only belt that Tyler has that didn’t have any holes in it so I could make it as small as I wanted to. So we went with the fish. [Tyler] I used to wear that belt all the time so it’s got a few battle wounds on it. How old do you think it is? [Tyler] Uhhh…eighth grade. [Tyler] It’s one of my only belts though so I still I do I whip it out every once in a while. You have so many belts and they’re all the same spot dammit. [Tyler] They’re hard to find. I also like the shape of these pants because they do kind of like hug my thighs and then flare out at the bottom. [Tyler] You can keep those pants.
[Saf making nonsense noises] I don’t know when I’m gonna wear them. – Merry Christmas. Thank you. It’s hard to say exactly what vibe this gave me. I feel a little bit like Antonio Banderas like teaching people how to salsa. Olé. This is Catherine Zeta-Jones. I really enjoyed wearing this outfit and I’m glad that the John Travolta pants got another day out in the sun. I’m gonna start wearing them so back off buster. So that was my week of wearing outfits from Tyler’s closet. Overall, I’d say it was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. The easy part was that there were no like new items of clothing that I had no idea what to do with. But it was also kind of hard because our closets are so different. [Tyler] Yeah. Not just our senses of style, but like our building blocks of outfits are very different. Like I have like dresses and skirts and shirts and sweaters and crop tops and you mostly have tops and pants and a few gym shorts. So it’s kind of at some points like what can I do tomorrow that would be different from today? You want to mix it up, and you want to use my closet? It’s probably not a match made in heaven. I also learned some new things about your clothes that I’m not sure I wanted to know like how long you’ve had certain items. I thought that would develop some layer of endearment for you. You’re like “This guy is sustainable.” I would say overall my favorite outfits this week that I think I would wear again were outfits 2, 6 & 7. I really loved the timberlands outfit but I feel like I was mostly wearing them to remind you that they were in your closet, so you could wear them more. Yeah, I felt – I felt like the the push of encouragement very often you were like “You have white shirts that have buttons on them, too.” But besides that I was pretty comfortable this week. Everything was about the right size or like maybe slightly too big. Yeah. And I did find a couple of things that I want to snatch. So if they’re missing, they might be in my closet. Thank you guys so much for watching! If you like this video make sure to go check out the other video that we filmed this week which is Tyler dressing out of my closet for a week which is on his channel that will be linked in the description below. So make sure to sha-mash that link and check it out. If you liked that video make sure to sha-mash that LIKE button and if you want to see more videos like this, make sure to sha-mash that SUBSCRIBE button. And if you already sha-mashed that subscribe button, make sure to also sha-mash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications So you get a notification every time that I post. A big shout-out to Bianca for watching. Thanks for watching Bianca, and I will see you guys a-next time

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