I Try A Weighted Blanket For 7 Days To Improve My Sleep

I Try A Weighted Blanket For 7 Days To Improve My Sleep

Rachel and I are going to see a scary movie tonight so I’m bringing my way to blanket hi everybody I’m Merle all my life I have had sleep issues I can remember when I was a kid I used to actually try to hypnotize my mother to falling asleep while she was reading me bedtime stories first of all because I thought I had that magical ability I am still waiting for my lighter from Hogwarts but I did I used to try to get her to fall asleep next to me because I didn’t want to sleep alone I’ve always had trouble actually falling asleep I’m laying there in bed it’s getting later and later and I’m doing the math in my head that like now I’m only gonna get 7 hours of sleep now I’m only gonna get 6 hours of sleep and then I don’t get any sleep this is no way to live I’ve started taking melatonin before I go to sleep and I know melatonin is notoriously non-habit-forming but I kind of feel like I’ve made a habit of it I’ve kind of avoided weighted blankets for a really long time for two reasons one because I don’t trust anything that’s marketed to me in this day and age 2 because they’re expensive but I think one thing that would really help me hopefully have more energy throughout the day be more productive is to get a better night’s sleep so I tried one out for a week ok I just got the way to break it holy shoot deep feels like I have a child the first night was kind of a disaster it felt like I was carrying a dead body it weighs 18 pounds but 18 pounds is a lot heavier than think it is receipe I am both aligned and embarrassed to admit that my heart rate is increased after walking the blanket over to my desk I felt ridiculous in the first place like carrying the blanket over the threshold of my home hey are you ready to try a weighted blanket yeah let’s do this very intimate ritual to be sure it immediately felt like there was a body on top of me feels like a very gentle elephant sitting on my legs I don’t know why I’m whispering I dread other people’s experiences and a lot of them are like the first night was the deepest sleep I’ve had in my whole entire life I woke up and I was freaked out by how rested I was that had not happened to me that was not a good experience I did wake up a few times throughout the night the first night it’s 3:00 in the morning and I swear to God I thought that a person jumped out of my ceiling onto the floor next to me it was the frickin blanket fell off my bed and it hit the floor so hard it sounded like a person I was frustrated about it that was not the magical anxiety reducing slumber that I was promised the guys I’m nervous to go back to sleep with the blanket tonight I just want to get a good night’s sleep because if I have seven nights like I did last night I’m not gonna be doing well and I’m worried that there’s just something wrong with me that the blanket isn’t working on me so I’m gonna give it another try the second night was a lot better I slept through the night with the way to blanket I didn’t wake up once I didn’t have nightmares I just slept and I actually got up when my alarm went off that was a success I’m becoming slowly but surely a little bit more of a believer I was started to get really excited that sleep was becoming a positive thing in my life okay so since last night was such a success I’m going to up the ante a little bit tonight I’m not going to take any melatonin I’ve heard that maybe the blanket can kind of help your body produce more melatonin naturally and I mean that’s the ideal situation is that I don’t need take something to fall asleep so sweet dreams everybody dies I very exciting news we had a breakthrough morning I went to sleep on my side last night just like this and I woke up in the same position that has never happened to me ever before ever I feel like last night I fell asleep I was in a deep deep slumber I didn’t even know that was the thing you know if I was retired I could do a crossword puzzle right now today I have just felt kind of more mellow and relaxed I was late for a meeting and instead of getting flustered and letting it kind of work me up I just was able to look at from the outside and be like this is one meeting this is one hour too bad our it’s not a bad day I continued to marvel at the benefits of adequate sleep why wasn’t i trying to fix this a long time ago it could have been way more productive probably Rachel and I are going to see a scary movie tonight so I’m bringing my way to blanket this is probably really stupid idea oh my god is she is she serious right now are you ready I do not door okay I do some light thrillers my work I’ve been able to fall asleep within like 20 minutes which for me is huge and I’m finding that I wake up much more refreshed which makes getting up a lot easier okay so it’s day five and I’m actually looking forward to going to sleep where that was never never really a thing for me I’m learning that the way the blanket means it’s time for sleep this morning I woke up at 6 a.m. I didn’t hit my snooze once and I did some writing who even am I Reese doesn’t even recognize me anymore right I’m killing life right now I’m just like at the top of my game this is the last morning of my seven days sleeping with the weighted blanket I am honestly just so amazed at how wrong I was about this thing I’ve been sleeping insanely well I’ve been sleeping consistently it hasn’t been taking me as long to go to sleep I feel good the weighted blanket helped me sleep better and since I was more well rested I was more likely to do other healthy things so I had more energy so I was more likely to work out I wasn’t as tired so I was more likely to cook for myself instead of getting fast food since I got up early I made breakfast at home now I’m off to work I feel like a spring chicken so it’s really a snowball effect I’m sure you’re wondering am I still gonna use this blanket and heck yes I’m gonna use blanket I hope they’re putting on let me keep this blanket because I want it can we give all of the credit to the way to blanket no but it is one step in kind of the building blocks of trying to live healthier throughout the day blanket has another use do you lay with it like this it kind of feels like a person it didn’t feel sad when I was thinking it but now hearing it come out of my mouth I realize [Music]

48 thoughts on “I Try A Weighted Blanket For 7 Days To Improve My Sleep

  1. You are very pretty….do you really wake up looking perfect….all I have to say is
    my poor husband really received the short straw!

  2. Why are you gonna try something but not have an open mind…🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ then dont try it. If you're gonna be "mehh idk I dont buy it, it's too suspicious, I hated it!"

  3. I'm so happy you darling girl!! I'm experiencing symptoms of menopause and it's a vicious curse …loss of sleep is worse than waterboarding ..lol

  4. I got my machine-washable weighted blanket (15 lbs coz I’m petite) from Amazon for $45 because it was on the Deals of the Day. So happy I finally pulled the trigger on it. I had the same experience as her. It took one or two nights to get used to it.

    Also, to people who are saying it’s unhygienic to not use duvet cover or top sheet, calm down. Mine has this fleece type feel to it’s really nice and soft so I’d rather feel that than a normal sheet. And I wash it once every 7-10 days. I don’t get why people are so critical about sleeping habits of other people.

  5. I sleep really well when I’m under the top sheet, my comforter and then two more blankets with my fan on full blast. I should consider getting a weighted blanket. I love the feeling of all those blankets on me, I’m sure the weighted blanket will do the same thing but I probably won’t wake up sweating!

  6. what’s that morning song tune called at 2:10?? i learned how to play it in middle school band but can’t remember the name and it’s driving me crazy!

  7. i don’t usually go to sleep until 5 am bc i just lay there looking at the ceiling, then i don’t wake up until 1pm (5pm when my daughter isn’t there sometimes). and i cannot have a sleep schedule like that with a toddler. i’ve been trying to fix it but cannot fall asleep. & i can’t take sleeping pills bc then it’s harder to wake me up. Definitely gonna try a weighted blanket !!! i’ve been looking at them too

  8. This has nothing to do with the weighted blanket… buuuut,

    I am a female and I usually sleep on my stomach. Is it supposed to be uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach? Because a ton of my friends say it is.

  9. I sleep with a body pillow bc it feels like im sleeping with sombody else so dont feel bad about what you said at the end lol

  10. I have a weighted blanket and it works really good. And my friend who has anxiety uses a weighted lap pad. Works really good for me at least

  11. You're not actually supposed to sleep under weighted blankets because they can suffocate you like that. They're supposed to be used with people who are touch starved or have anxiety/ panic disorders to help calm them down. This isnt safe and you shouldn't do it

  12. Getting less than 7 houses of sleep leads to an earlier death, and a worse life. So make sure you all try to get 8 hours of sleep in order to improve your life quality!

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