100 thoughts on “I Wore Only Designer Clothes For A Week

  1. I don’t like most designer clothes because lots of them are made of leather/ fur…
    I personally don’t see the necessity on that and… 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I know there are lots of designer cruelty-free options but… idk, i’d rather have a wider range of options

  2. A couple things I wish they mentioned in the video:
    – Designer clothing is, for the most part, made with much higher quality than "budget" clothing. These clothes are made with the intention of being legacy pieces that you keep in your family for generations. (Not the hype beast brands lol, but the true luxury fashion houses).
    – A pricey item that you wear for years ends up costing you far less than a cheap, trendy piece that falls apart or becomes dated within a season.
    – Manufacturing new clothing (especially fast fashion) has enormously detrimental environmental and human labor repercussions. Thrifting and consignment help lessen that impact.

  3. But the stylist failed because she didn’t thought on your needs like comfortable clothes for work. Also that first outfit was horrible with exception of the coat

  4. I won’t even lie , those outfits are very cute and it really made you look fancy 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰..

    $5000 Chanel jacket 🧥 🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️

  5. Quality wise, clothing IS better quality only with certain brands (I've seen many high end brands using polyester in everything) and only up to around 100/300 $. Any higher than that you're only paying for the brand; if you really love it and can afford it go for it, but it's not gonna be any better than less expensive option.

  6. Okay, she looked like mother of Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip girl. I cannot help myself and I cannot unsee it

  7. Would have been amazing if they gave her an elevated version of outfits she usually wears. Like designer jeans with a cashmere hoodie.

  8. I honestly subbed to this channel for Chloe's accent alone but I'm so happy with the content I've seen thus far. Always entertaining

  9. I do think you pay more for quality but there’s a point you reach when you stop paying for quality and are paying for a name, and for exclusivity. I’ve always been pretty uninterested at best of trendy and designer clothes. Kind of feels gross to spend that much on clothes that don’t cost nearly that much to make. But I feel the same about a lot of overpriced goods. In LA ppl in $10k outfits walk past homeless ppl who can’t afford rent even with a full time job, feels pretty dystopian, but we’ve just gotten used to it. But it’s a similar sit to many dystopian sci-fi novels.

  10. I hate people being able to wear amazing clothing and complaining the hole time I would give my left rn to wear these pieces

  11. I love Chloe, and I love her everyday style, but I didn't like the way the stylist made her look. I think the stylist didn't take Chloe's personal preferences into account and she made her look older and dated. Chloe is gorgeous and she can dress however she wants, so I would've liked to see the expensive version of her style rather than just make her wear those designer pieces.

  12. With all the amazing designer pieces there are out there… specially the ones that where hanging in that store, her outfits are all dissapointments! The styiling at least to me was all wrong.

  13. I’m just saying, you can get items a lot cheaper that look great too. Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford this, I guess a lot of the business is more for art purposes. Still I think some good things are that they are usually cruelty free as they are really expensive and Chloe looks great in the outfits.

  14. I love some pieces but i hated the styling, as a styler you need to be aware of the person's needs, the everyday life and Chloe looked uncomfortable wearing them, the mission was to make her love the luxury clothes and i don't think she does that much🤷🏽‍♀️ i prefer your usual style Chloe💗

  15. I bought almost the same leopard coat at kohl’s for 40 bucks. I don’t understand how anyone can pay almost 15,000 for one clothing item

  16. Idk what people are talking about in the comments saying the outfits are too old… it’s more like people at Buzzfeed dress too young for their age. These outfits are professional and fun, loved all of them

  17. I love all the pieces but for me the styling is a bit off. Some of the outfits didn't go well together. I think the only outfit i liked was that green one😂

  18. Didnt like the shoes in the first look. Have red or black pumps. Or some cute booty boots. Black jumpsuit no no no. Did not work on her. Liked the stellar jump suite Wish she would of worn a darker pair of jeans with the jacket. The dress was cute would of wore the first pair of shoes with it. This was a first draft then a final look.

  19. I'd be more curious how they wear over time. Like are they well-made? Do they hold up over time? Can you let them out/take them in easily? How about changing a zipper?

  20. All of these outfits except the Alaia coat from #1 and the Herve Jumpsuit from #2 were very dated looking – wearing old designer still looks like old designer if not restyled in a more fashionable way.

  21. I don't think the stylist chose the correct outfits based on her lifestyle/work. Looked like she chose designer for the sake of being designer

  22. Bought a used kate spade from the real real. Was 60 dollars. Then I went to the store and got a new one for 49. Also got a yall for 200 was dirty and cheap. Dont reccomend

  23. Maybe it was you getting into it, or the comfort of the looks, but you were rocking days three and four! Also, day five, DAMN GIRL your body! 😍

  24. One outfit is equivalent to an average yearly salary…would love to be on the receiving end of those hand me downs though.

  25. I think the stylist made a mistake giving you pieces were not your style. They should have considered that you prefer more casual than formal clothing.

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