Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot tutorial – Professor Shoelace

Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot tutorial – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s video is about my Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot. Now, turns out that I’d actually re-invented a knot known as a “Double Slip Knot”, or, as it appears in a German book as the “Seemännische Schuhbandschleife”, which translates as the “Seaman’s Shoelace Knot”. Well, I’m gonna stick with my title because “Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot” really describes what this knot does – hold secure when a normal shoelace knot just simply won’t cut it. Now I’ll give you an example. Here’s some laces from Immortal Laces, and they’re meant for skaters. They’re a very round, slippery lace that’s designed so that the grip tape on skateboards won’t shred the laces as much. Unfortunately those slippery laces means, well, they’re not gonna hold with a normal shoelace knot. These ones, which come from Ironlace, are again a very tough, wiry bootlace that’s designed for extreme conditions for, you know, mountaineers and firefighters and so forth. It’s that tough lace that means it doesn’t form a knot very well, and means it will fall apart. Again, these square profile leather shoelaces that appear on things like boat shoes and deck shoes and moccasins. It’s that leather that’s … again won’t form a knot very securely. So a regular knot will just fall apart. That’s where Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot comes into its own. So let’s have a look at it. I’ve got us set up here on just a regular sneaker. Which, if I zoom in a little bit. Okay, we’ll begin with a left-over-right starting knot. So that’s the left end going over the right end and pulling through. Now if you tie your starting knot right-over-left, you’ll have to reverse all of my instructions to make sure that the knot ends up secure. Now we create two loops, and I use my ring fingers here to hold the starting knot secure while I’m doing this. Now I take the right loop and cross it over the left loop, and take this end that’s on the right now, continue it around the front of the knot, through the hole in the middle and out the back. I take the left loop, continue it around the back, through the hole in the middle and out the front. Now we can actually let go of everything else now and just pull those loops tight, and you notice everything will rearrange itself so that we’ve got a nice double-loop around the middle here that holds everything nice and tight. In fact, at the end of the day when you untie it as usual, you can even hear how much harder that’s having to pull in order to come undone. Again, a right-over-left [sic] starting knot. Sorry, a left-over-right starting knot, let’s get that right here. Create two loops. Pull there to hold it nice and tight. Okay, two loops, cross the loops over. Feed the right one round the front, through the hole in the middle. Left one round the back, through the hole in the middle. Pull tight, and there’s your finished knot. Now that will hold no matter how much … happens to the knot during the day, I mean, I can literally … really do some vigorous activity and that will hold tight. Now let’s compare that with the … these Immortal Laces, which are very slippery. If I tie a regular shoelace knot with these laces using the old “Bunny Round the Tree” type knot. The moment I release it, it was already starting to come undone and in fact any sort of activity and … look, they’re just falling to pieces, that knot literally won’t last long at all. If instead I do it with my Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot: one through the front, one through the back, pull tight, and look, that is so much more secure, any amount of activity during the day and that’s just gonna stay secure, until at the end of the day it unties with a regular movement. Now I’ll show it to you on my Ian’s Shoelace Site, which, if I animate: Loops, crossed over, fed through, and pulled tight. Again, two loops, cross over, one round the front, one round the back, both through the middle, and both pulled tight. So, that’s it! If you want to have more details and instructions, animated diagrams, you name it, you can go to Ian’s Shoelace Site and search for the Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot. www.fieggen.com/shoelace

91 thoughts on “Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot tutorial – Professor Shoelace

  1. Would there ever be a reason to use the Mega Ian Shoelace Knot? As in, would there ever be a time when even this knot wouldn't hold together?

  2. On the 18th of August 2006 I found Ian's website and decided to go with Ian's Secure Knot. I'm a long time sports instructor and was in the army for about 6 years. I've done triathlons and was a long distance runner for about 15 years. In the 10 years that have past since I've used Ian's Secure Knot I haven't had a SINGLE untied shoe lace! Not during any of my runs and not during any time in the woods when I was in the military.
    It has gone so far that I bet my students that I can show them how to never have an untied shoe lace ever again.
    My daughter is 1 and I have a son on the way. I can't wait until they are old enough for me to teach them how to properly knot their shoe laces!
    Ian, you have changed my life!

  3. Thank you Professor, now in my running shoe I  use Double Helix Lacing with lock lacing on the top and finish with the Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot it Works great.

  4. So basically which ever method right over left or left over right you do in the first step you do the opposite in the second step. Correct?

  5. how crazy with one exception this is how ive always tied my shoes. ive only ever put the right loop through the center i guess i never thought to do both loops through the center. thank you for completing me haha

  6. Wauw….. Sure… Lets "reinvent" it… AND call it Ians knot…?

    YOU are a knot MATE…! Dont let the youtube go to your head now…?

  7. This Seemännische Schuhbandschleife is fantastic. I've been using it for years and never once has a shoelace come undone. Thanks for introducing me to it!

  8. Thanks alot! Now I dont have the trouble of stopping in the middle of a basketball game just to tie my shoes😁

  9. There's a way to improve this knot which, even though is pretty good, still comes undone. In this leather lace knot, called by various names, the bunny ear loops generally hold fast. rarely a problem. It's the shoelace ends that get pulled through usage, unraveling the knot without one even aware. The fix is to secure the loose ends with a square knot, such that when either loose end is tugged on doesn't budge and the loops don't. either. One can test this: tie the seaman's shoelace and then pull on either bitter end. The knot will unravel. Tie the seaman's shoelace knot and now the square knot. Pull on either bitter end or loop and none will unravel. I call it the Fed-up-with-constantly–retying-the-Moccasin knot-Knot.

  10. Thank you, professor! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I've had these Salomon backpacking shoes for a bit over a month now and I've walked dozens of kilometers in them.

    Well, something happened about two weeks ago and the laces would come undone every 100m or so! You can imagine my frustration!

    After consistently forgetting to google for a secure knot for days, I did it today and found your website. I'd been there before, but mostly for the novelty.

    Well, after a 12km walk during which my laces not only did not come undone but also remained as tight as if I'd just tied them, I have to sing your praises!

  11. dont understand why you wound't you just tie the shoe as if you're looking at it while wearing, why do you record it when facing the shoes -.-?

  12. Having had very little parental help growing up, I taught myself to tie my shoes 40 years ago. Four years ago, I finally admitted I taught myself incorrectly (as they endlessly kept coming undone). My search quickly led me to your site and this knot, in particular. Since tone is absent via this medium, I'll say it clearly: thank you, Ian, for your website and your efforts. Thanks to you, I've learned to tie my shoes the best way possible and to re-lace my sneakers/trainers, boots and shoes to better suit their respective purposes. Sincerest best to you and yours.

  13. Excellent instructions Prof.  One thing, why did you place the shoe toe forward? We do the laces up with the heel nearest to us. I have to watch this vid upside down…..thank you.

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  16. HI Ian! Switching to this secure knot from your "fastest" knot that I use now. This is taking only a little longer. I live in Mumbai and travel on crowded trains everyday – security of shoelace knot is of importance paramount!

  17. Ian, how should you lace your shoes so that you stop feeling as if your heel is slipping out of the shoe? It really bugs you, this sensation of the shoe sort of slipping out at the heel.

  18. This is kind of like a simpler take on the Berluti knot. I actually prefer your technique as it is still quite secure, but you don't have to fuss with sticking the tails in simultaneously with each loop. More about the knot: https://www.berluti.com/en-us/editorial/learn-to-tie-your-shoes/

  19. Thank you so much before I found this video I had no idea of how to tie my shoelaces so you have really helped me

  20. I have found an even faster way to tie this same knot (actually 4 ways, due to symmetry of the knot, 2 ways for each of the 2 mirrored variants). The method is based on the Ian Knot. I'll record a video and upload it to my channel when I have the means. The reason I invented a new method is that the tail ends kept getting tangled within the knot when using this method or the Surgeon's Shoelace Knot or the Turquoise Turtle Shoelace Knot.
    Also, both the starting knot and this knot have 180° rotational symmetry, so it doesn't matter if the shoe is pointing away or towards the viewer.

  21. If you don't mind, I'll post my alternative methods here 🙂
    Method 1 (best method, fastest, no twists): https://youtu.be/-YiUpxMONMc
    Method 2 (original method, fast, based on Ian Knot): https://youtu.be/1ua3p1eHOqs
    Method 3 (1½ loops method, symmetrical, very twisted, but having the same basis as the Ian Knot, can be modified to tie Ian, Berluti, or Mega Ian Shoelace Knots and beyond!): https://youtu.be/WJMhKfGxUws
    As well as a bonus shoe lacing method I came up with!: https://youtu.be/EgsluvMrSq8

  22. You really should reconsider redoing your video and having the shoe facing outwards like one would tie it. I appreciate the knot but was immediatley confused. Don’t just say “Hope you get it anyway”. Just redo it.

  23. I learnt this knot a couple months ago, since then this is my go to knot is so secure and awesome thank the one who invented this knot

  24. LOL couldn't sleep and found this site. I can now tie my leather rawhide laces so they won't undo on my walks with the dog. Amazing! Thank you, Ian!

  25. at 2:43 when he says you can let the other parts go, he actually doesn't. You will see his pinkies are still holding the ends of the laces.

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