Is a hot water tank insulation blanket worth it.

Is a hot water tank insulation blanket worth it.

Well Hello You tubers, Today’s quest is to
figure out these blankets that people purchase and put on their hot water tanks. Is it really worth the money. The question I had is. Is when I put my hand on it. It feels cold but actually when I put the
blanket on and this is years later. I wanted to see what happened and of course
the blanket kinda fell off a little bit but is it really saving me money right now? Actually it is and Ill show you why. So with the FLIR thermal imaging camera you
can see the heat loss is and obviously you can see the red and the yellow and of course
the yellow is the hotter spots and the blue is a slower heat transfer and sometimes you
can get around it. Like right here this is the gas valve and
the gas valve is putting heat into the unit so of course your not going to seal it up
and you need to give this thing air. For the most part you can see where the leakage
is and this is a safety valve and yep i made the, I dont have the pipe to relieve it and
eventually im going to put that in. But as I strip away the insulation on this. You can see that the air that the insulation
is actually holding in there and this is a hot water tank that’s, this is how you buy
it without the insulation. This is what is going out into your basement
or wherever and its just getting sucked up by the walls. Its just a total waste of money. Hey you be the judge. I would say that this a blanket that you put
on your hot water tank does save you a lot of money and I hope this helps you on making
your decision if your going to purchase one and put it on your own in your house. Thank you, Bye

5 thoughts on “Is a hot water tank insulation blanket worth it.

  1. The thermal image is meaningless since there's no scale. For all I know, your tank's surface is only a fraction of a degree warmer than the insulation and the rest of the room.

  2. the newer tanks have thicker foam insulation. you are still losing heat from the top though: hot & cold pipes, relief valve, anode rod & electrical connection box. so it still makes sense to insulate those.

  3. Simple solution to avoiding the predators heat sensing technology. thing they have it as a suit in the new releases? lol

  4. Just install them and a friend said I just wasted my time and money. Forwarding him this video asap. Thanks tons for posting.

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