Knitting Help – FlexiFlips Q&A

Knitting Help – FlexiFlips Q&A

In this video, I’m going to answer some of
the questions that I’ve gotten about FlexiFlips needles. I put out a video not too long ago, an overview
of FlexiFlips after it took me forever to get my hands on a set, because they were brand
new in the U.S. Click the little i in the upper right-hand corner. That’ll take you to the other video, like,
the big overview I had. Two big questions I have had since I released
that video: One, can I use FlexiFlips in this project? And two, how do you cast on and get started? And I didn’t answer those two questions, I
don’t think, very well in the first one, so I’m going to address them here. First question, can you use FlexiFlips in
the project? If the pattern you’re following is small circumference
knitting where you would normally use double-pointed needles or magic loop or nine-inch circulars,
yes, that’s what FlexiFlips are for. That’s the best time to use them is small
circumference knitting. Really, any time double-pointed needles are
called for, if you’re knitting mittens, gloves, socks, any small tube, they’re perfect. You can also use them for flat knitting, but
really they’re designed for small tube knitting. That question out of the way, now, I want
to demonstrate casting on and getting started. It’s really nothing special but I think because
of the little bendy part in these needles, the bendy part in the middle, people are confused
about casting on, so I’m just going to clear it up here. Let’s take a look. So, these kind of work like double-pointed
needles in that you have your stitches, you have one empty needle that you work onto and
then, well, double-pointed needles you have at least three going. We’re just going to have two going for FlexiFlips. And I’m going to use a long tail cast on here,
and this is how I like to work the long tail cast on, with my thumb. If this is new to you and you want an instruction
video just on this cast on, I’ll give you a link here. So, I’m just doing a normal cast on, nothing
special yet. And I’m not counting because I’m talking and
I can’t do both. I’ll cast on a few more. Okay. Now, I have the choice here. Say the pattern says to cast on 40. I can cast on all 40 onto this one needle
and then slide half of them onto the other needle like this. You put your needle in as it to purl, and
then just slip one stitch over, from the left to the right. So, I have the option of doing that or I can
just cast onto the second needle. And if you’re familiar with using double-pointed
needles, this isn’t new to you. So, I got my thumb in there, I’ve got my empty
needle, and I’m just going to do the exact same cast on, but sticking an empty needle
where the full one was. Normally when you’re working on FlexiFlips,
you want your stitches to be half and half. That is not a rule, not at all. If it works out that the pattern you’re knitting,
let’s say that there are cable twists or lace pattern or whatever, if it works out to have
two-thirds of the stitches on one needle and one-third on the other, that’s fine. You can actually have them in any combination. It doesn’t matter. Okay. That should do it. So, I’ve cast on all my stitches on my pretend
pattern and just like with double-pointed needles, just like with circular needles,
I want to make sure that things aren’t twisted. And on this needle where my working yarn is
not, I want to get things really close to the tip. Okay. So, what I’m going to do is pick up an empty
needle and knit this stitch with this yarn, and it’s going to join everything in the round. You see that? And one of the nice things with FlexiFlips
is that it’s not magic loop. I could give you all kinds of reasons why
that’s good for me. I mean, magic loop isn’t my favorite. I don’t mind it, but it isn’t my favorite. But, this last stitch in magic loop would
be on the cord, but I actually have it on the needle here so it’s not going to get smashed
into oblivion. It actually is holding its size right there
because it’s on the needle. So, I’m going to use this working yarn to
knit this stitch using this needle, and I’ve got most of my stitches on the cord so that
I can bend this around to get these two, this working yarn and this stitch close. You see that? So, I’m going to get my needle in there, last
stitch is on the needle, but I have stitches on the cord so that it will bend, wrap that
stitch with the working yarn and pull it through, and we’re all joined in the round and I’m
just going to work across these stitches. And it’s because it’s a cast on row, it’s
a little slow going. That sound of the needle on the blocking board. I don’t normally work over a table like this,
so that sounds pretty funny. Okay. So, now I’ve worked across those. Just like magic loop, I’m going to turn my
work so the working yarn’s coming from the back, and on the front needle, I’m going to
scooch those stitches down to the tip of the needle and I’m going to move most of the stitches
on the back needle to the cord, and then I’m already joined in the round. My working yarn is here, my next stitch is
here and work across. And that’s it. You’re going to start, every time you turn
your work, you’re going to start with an empty FlexiFlips in your right hand, and your working
yarn will be coming from the back needle, start with the front, put a bend in the cord
on your back needle to make everything in the round, to make everything a nice loop
where things are fitting together, and you just keep going, turning the work each time. I hope that helps with the people who had
the two big questions on using the FlexiFlips needles. If you have more questions or a video suggestion,
feel free to leave a comment and let me know. That’s where I get a lot of the ideas for…most
of the ideas for the videos that I make. Hope this helps. Good luck. [00:07:25]

44 thoughts on “Knitting Help – FlexiFlips Q&A

  1. I would love to see a video on the Turkish, figure-8, Judy’s magic, and or provisional cast ons, the ones I like to use with toe-up socks! Turkish is my favorite, but I like the others, too! Thanks!

  2. I bought them because I thought I could use them in the plane. But when I tried at home, I got disappointed because the stitches didn’t slide as well as I wanted 🙁 maybe I was tooooo used to chiaogoo slickness haha

  3. I just bought flexi flips, and what’s so cool, is that they put two different tips (lace tips which are sharper, and reg tip) so you can use with any project.

  4. Interesting, but I don't see the advantages of working with those needles over working with two short circular needles… 😉

  5. I’ve recently switched to flexi flips or crasy Trio as they’re known on this side of the pond (with a s). I think a video breaking down sock construction would be handy and also discussing the different options using the flexi flips. It took me a while to figure out the whole heal flap turn and gusset procedure when I was used to one short circular.

    Super helpful video for those new to the flips!

  6. Probably the first negative comment. I'm not a fan of these needles. Maybe it's because I've been using DPNs and Magic Loop for years. I found them harder on my hands than either DPNs or Magic Loop. I stiffened right up. I couldn't wait to finish the sock I started. Went back to DPNs for the second sock. I've contemplated getting a 2nd set and using 3 needles instead of 2 for my project, because I do like the idea of the cord in the middle.

  7. Thanks so much for that demonstration, I was going to buy a pair and was not sure what I was I would be getting in the package. I will consider buying a set.

  8. I like to work my socks toe up TAAT. TAAT socks construction is VERY important to me. Are the needles long enough to accomplish that?

  9. I bought the Flexi-flips in US6 for mitts and the Hiya-Hiya Flyers in US2 for socks. My "Man Hands" are too big for both. I didn't like the floppy ends much and the HH flyers were way too sharp (for me). Staci got me using DPNs more often and that's where I'll stay for small circumferences. But it's nice to have options for all knitters, right?

  10. I had the Addi Flexi Flips and liked them for socks. My new LYS the Knitting Loft had the Hiya Hiya Flyers which are their version of this style. I like them more I think. They are much sharper. Security looked at them in the airport, but my sock was well on the go, so had no trouble.

  11. Good information, I've had a couple of sets since last summer and I Love them! I have a small size for socks and such but I also purchased a larger size to close up my hats that are knit with worsted weight yarn! Thanks for Sharing!
    XX Marie-Wisconsin

  12. I liked mine a lot. Used them about 8 times to make baby hats. The plastic cable SNAPPED in the middle of the 9th hat. Too expensive to replace.

  13. Two at a time toe up girl here🤓 Very nice I will need to think about how much I would use them and what sizes I would be best to buy to try. Thanks for your content.

  14. I don’t like that they catch constantly in the middle “bendy part” though. They are a great idea but not sure they’re worth the cost.

  15. I love them. I like DPNS, have tried magic loop (didn't enjoy apart from managing to do complete both socks at the same time) but am now on my second pair of socks using Flexiflips & find them easy & comfortable to use (& I speak as someone who suffers from arthritis especially in the thumb joints). Have also bought a larger pair to use on hats once there are too few stitches on the 16" circulars.

  16. I was just about ready to throw mine in the trash. I could not get the joining in the round right. Stacy you have not let me down yet with your technique videos. Thank God you made this video…THANK YOU! I think I am ready to try them again.

  17. I own a pair…Trying diff needles to see which ones are better ref my RA…left wrist, thumb and index finger. Would like to make socks with these needles…Pls consider doing a sock class on Flexi…Thanks so much.

  18. I LOVE them for socks. I’m not great with magic loop (and have little interest in practicing) so I splurged and got 2 sets so I could have both socks going at the same time. I split stitches for the top and bottom of the foot and just go to town… I don’t lose stitches off the edge… I will never go back to dpns. To me they are well worth the investment. I’m on my 3rd pair of socks them.

  19. This came at the perfect time. I have tried casting on a sock multiple times with my flexi flips and keep struggling. Tomorrow I’ll try again.

  20. A suggestion for a future videos would be Russian purling. I've tried the stitch and loved it as it's very ergonomic. However, I think it puts a twist in the stitch as they then ktbl on the next row. A video on that would be amazing (looking for the most ergonomic ways to knit). I'm learning to crochet so slow motion basic crochet stitches would be great also. Like so many others, I learned to knit watching your videos and always check your library first whenever I'm unsure of a new technique etc X

  21. I will be buying some of these for making socks no more fiddly dpn amazing I have heard nothing but negative on Knitting Paradise about these and now I want them if I can ever find them in stock rofl!

  22. Thank you so much for both of the videos about the flexi-flip needles. I bought a pair for socks about a year ago but I still haven’t tried them because I was a bit nervous! Your tutorial is so helpful. Now maybe I’ll get started.

  23. Hi Staci, I had an idea for a video to help your viewers. Could you do a Slow-Mo Technique video on how to "tink" and "lrup" (knit back and purl back) to do this correctly. I've got the right idea but still find it's not quite right. Thank you! Really enjoy your videos 👍

  24. I have found them extremely helpful for a Christmas ball ornament pattern that starts with a four stitch cast on. Makes everything so much easier.

  25. Thanks for the demo. Perhaps in the future you could show how to do Judy's magic co for toe up socks on the flexi flips?!

  26. I'm finding it so tight to get the stitches over the cable join when I'm ready to do the next row. I can't seem to find a set of these kinds of needles with less difference in diameter of the end of the needle near the cable. any suggestions, Staci? Lu

  27. I wanted to love magic loop and have used it for both socks and sleeves for years. Problem is that I really (really) dislike it and knitting time is too precious not to love what you are doing. I like 9" circulars for stockinette stitch but not for ribbing. DPNs are fine- but stitches slide off when I am not paying close attention. I bought these Flexi flips a while ago hoping they would be the perfect solution but then I got lazy and never invested the time to learn how to use them. This video (like all of your videos) was very helpful after watching this – I started knitting a sock and I love them! Took about an inch to get used to- but smooth sailing now. Thanks so much for all you do to make us better knitters and encouraging us to try new products and techniques!

  28. Your videos are always clear and concise. Had already started a pair of socks on the FlexiFlips and will now slightly fine-tune my technique. Thank you for this.

  29. This video was very informative. I would like to see a video showing flexiflips with a cast on beginning with only 2-4 stitches and then increasing as you go. Many protects start that way. I can’t quite figure out how to use the needles on so few stitches. Thanks

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