Knitting Help – Knitted Cast-On

The knitted cast-on is a really common cast-on.
You know everyone, if they’ve been knitting for a while, they have their favorite ways
of doing things. Knitted cast-on is probably one of those favorite
things that people use for every project they start. It’s good, I like it. I personally don’t
use it because it’s too slow for me. I prefer the long-tail cast-on, which is another
sturdy cast-on, which works up much more quickly. But let me show you how to do the knitted
cast-on. It does come in handy if your pattern calls for it. We’re starting off with our yarn, we don’t
need to leave a long tail. We just make a slip knot, leaving about a six inch tail. Put our needle in there and tighten it up. Then we put that stitch over – we put that
needle in our left hand, and grab an empty needle in our right. Go into that stitch to knit it…it’s hard
to catch it. Pull that through. And that loop that you
pull through, pull it long and put it on the left needle. I’ll do that again because there is a little
twist involved. Knit that stitch, pull it long, and then give
it a little twist this way when you put it on the left needle. And then tighten it up. You keep knitting into the last stitch. Pull it long, put it on the left needle, and
tighten it up. One more time. And you’ll see you have a good sturdy base
here for knitting. It’s just kind of pokey. That’s the knitted cast-on. [music]

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