Knitting Help – One Row Scarf

In this video, I’m gonna demonstrate the stitches
used in the one-row scarf, and this isn’t my design. This pattern is by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
also known as the Yarn Harlot. She’s a blogger and an author, and she’s very
funny if you haven’t checked her out. If you visit the video description field below
or go to my website by clicking a little I, you’ll find lots of information there. But I’ll also have some links to Stephanie
Pearl-McPhee. And the reason that I wanna demonstrate this
is that I recommend this scarf all the time. So I thought it was about time I had a video
showing the different stitches used. I recommend this…it’s a great scarf for
anybody really to knit, and it’s fun to knit I think. But it’s a great scarf for beginners, especially
beginners who are getting…who just had their hearts broken because they started knitting
a stockinette scarf and it was curling up on them, and they email me, “How do I fix
it?” And I say, “You don’t. You start over with this scarf.” Honestly, that’s what I tell them because
this is a good beginner scarf. You can use… Let me give you some more pointers on this. You can use any yarn, any color, any needle
size. You can make it any width. It’s good for men or women or kids. It’s just simple enough that it really makes
pretty yarn look good, but it’s also got enough going so it’s not totally dull for the knitter. So, it’s called One-Row Scarf because it’s
just the same stitches repeated over and over and over again, and I wanna be sure to say
this. If you’re unsure of what needle size to use
with any given yarn, you can just use the needle size printed on the yarn label. That’ll get you through just fine. Anyway, let’s go ahead and take a close up
look at the pattern. Now, this is totally unblocked. This is just how it looks. It’s beautiful, and it’s flat. It has this row of knit through the back stitches,
with some garter stitch between, and I actually…I started knitting this first. But I wasn’t sure if the pattern was really
gonna show up on camera. It’s hard for me to tell when I look at my
little monitor, but it really shows off a pretty yarn really nicely. And it’s fun to knit. So, I’m just gonna run through. Well, I guess I could also say you can make
the scarf as wide as you like. This is actually the 26 stitches that the
pattern calls for. I believe it’s a multiple of four plus two. And I’ll have that clarified on my website
if you click through to my website. And I cast on a few more for this. So, there’s my yarn. This is the pattern. Knit two, knit one through the back loop,
Normal knit stitch goes in like that. I’m gonna put my needle into the back loop
of this stitch, wrap it and pull it through, and then purl one. I’m gonna yarn forward, purl that stitch and
then go right back to knit two. Knit two, knit into the back loop, purl one,
okay? Knit into the back loop, yarn forward to purl
one. Knit two, knit into the back loop, yarn forward
to purl one. Okay, I wanna talk about a few things here
because let’s say you’re knitting along and the phone rings, or the dog wants out or whatever. So, you put your work down, you pick it up
back up again and you’re like, “Where am I in this work? How do I start?” You can always start from the very beginning
and go, knit two, knit into the back loop, purl one. Knit two, knit into the back loop, purl one. Knit two, knit into the back loop, purl one. And then I know the next stitch is knit two. The other thing that you can do which is a
little bit faster is, these stitches that are kind of popping up the fabric, these knit
stitches that… they’re half knit through the back loop and half knit regularly. If you follow that up, this is your knit into
the back loop stitch. So, follow that column up and it’s this stitch
right here, and so I know it’s going to be knit two, knit into the back loop. It makes it easy if you get distracted and
you want to pick up where you were. I’ll tell you, I was…these samples that
I knitted up, I was watching TV, and I did lose track of where I was a few times, but
all I had to do was look at the work and look at this column of knit stitches to remember,
“Ah, okay I’m on a purl stitch now.” Or whatever it might be. It’s a nice dense fabric too, very warm. I’ll go ahead and give a link to this too. If you go on Ravelry and you look at the different
projects that people have made using this scarf, I think Stephanie Pearl-McPhee actually
calls this the one row hand spun yarn scarf. She has the word hand spun in there somewhere,
and it is a nice pattern to show off beautiful yarns. And if you click through to the finished Ravelry
projects, you can see what people have done. You can actually knit a whole blanket. You can make this any width. You can see how different people have used
the stitch to make different things for men and women, kids whatever. There is no limit to this pattern. Anyway, I’ve suggested this pattern so many
millions of times, I’m glad to have a video out on the techniques. Good luck.

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