Knitting Help – Pass Slipped Stitch Over (PSSO)

I’m going to show you how to work a PSSO
– “pass slipped stitch over”, tongue twister for you…there are a couple of different
ways to work this. Sometimes a pattern will just say “PSSO”,
and expect you to understand exactly what they mean. So look back into the stitch definition and
see exactly what they mean, because there are kind of two different ways this appears
in patterns. I’m going to show you the first way now. The first thing you do is you slip one stitch,
as if to purl, from the left to the right. There is your slipped stitch. Then you knit two together, like that. And you take the tip of your left needle,
and put it into that stitch that you slipped first, and pass it over like you’re binding
off. And what you’ve just done there is a double-decrease.
You decreased once with the knit two together, and again when you passed it over like that. So that is a double-decrease PSSO. The other way that you’ll see this show
up in patterns, is to slip one, and then knit one, and then pass slipped stitch over, which
is just kind of a different looking one stitch decrease. And that’s it. That’s the two ways that
you’ll see PSSO worked. [music]

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