Knitting Help – Weaving in Ends in Garter Stitch

Knitting Help – Weaving in Ends in Garter Stitch

I’m going to demonstrate how to weave in
ends in garter stitch. Garter stitch being knit every row, so you
have a bumpy, textured fabric. Let’s go ahead and take a look. Here is a garter stitch sample. And the end that I’ve already woven in is
right here, and you cannot tell. It is invisible, which is what we want! We
want it secure, and invisible. So, I have this end to weave in yet, but for
the sake of demonstration, I’m going to use a different color of yarn. I’ll just weave it in right in the middle
of the work. Why not. Um, in my regular Weaving in Ends video, I
show you how to weave in ends on reverse stockinette. Meaning that the knit side is the right side,
and we weave in the end on the wrong side of the work. Garter stitch doesn’t look all that different
from reverse stockinette. But it does have the purl bumps, and the knit
stitches between the purl bumps. But we’re going to ignore the knit stitches
between the purl bumps. That actually makes this pretty easy. So the technique is the same. And I’ll give
you a link here to my weaving in ends video – weaving in ends in reverse stockinette video. We still work with what I call umbrellas and
smiles, umbrellas and smiles. Okay? And I’m going to start here in the corner,
and go up through a smile, and up through an umbrella. Which is just a little bit over to the right
from the smile. Okay, now we’re ready to go. Right next to where I came out is an umbrella.
I’m going to follow that umbrella around, and go down into the smile right next to it. I’m going to angle my needle to the left,
and go down into the umbrella just to the left and below the smile I went through. Okay. Now I came out the bottom here, and just to
the right of where I came out, there is a smile. Take the tip of my needle, and just for guidance,
follow that smile around, and go up into the umbrella next to it. Then I angle my needle to the left, and go
up into the smile, up and to the left of that. You’ll start to see a pattern here, I swear!
[laughs] I’m going to follow the umbrella around,
go down into the smile, angle my needle to the left, go down into the umbrella. Follow the smile around, go up into the umbrella,
angle my needle to the left, go up into the smile. Follow it around, down, down. Follow it around, up, up. And you see what we’re getting here. Kind
of this figure 8, Christmas candy shape to it, and it is obvious to see out of this other
color of yarn, but again, it is nearly invisible when you’re weaving in the end of the same
color. And that’s it! Weaving in ends in garter
stitch. [music]

54 thoughts on “Knitting Help – Weaving in Ends in Garter Stitch

  1. Awesome video as always! I have a question though, when i weave the ends with this technic and cut the yarn, i always stretch the knitted piece a bit, as it would be once worn, and i always have the tip of yarn i just cut sticking out a little bit… which bothers me as it doesn't feel "professionnal" and completely secure! Any tip for that? Thanks in advance!

  2. Thank you for the note! You're doing the technique just as I would recommend – weave in the end, then give the work a tug. If you find a little pokey end that you're not happy with, just trim it a bit more. If you're using wool, that little end will eventually "stick". If you're using a non-animal fiber, I recommend tying a knot, and trimming it very short. (You can watch my Weaving in Cotton Ends video for more info on that.) Good luck!

  3. Really awesome! I love garter stitch because it lays flat and needs no border or edge for most projects and this technique is really invisible. Very good video! Thanks!

  4. Very helpful video. I'm knitting a Doctor Who scarf, which is 13 feet long and entirely in garter stitch. I'll end up having over 100 ends, and I've been concerned about how I was going to weave them all in without altering the appearance. Thank you! Definitely favoriting this video!

  5. Hi Staci , out of curiosity- what do you end up doing with all your little swatches and samples, unravel them or make a big blanket? 🙂

  6. Ha – that's a good question. Some of the little samples (I call them "piece outs") are unraveled after shooting, because they are too specific to use for anything else. But I save many of them in a plastic bin, and I'm often able to use them in other videos, or in local classes. The swatch I use in this video was initially used in my Learn to Knit a Log Cabin tutorial, for example. 🙂

  7. Wow that is so neat.
    I bookemarked it so I will not forget.
    Just amazing tutorial.
    I often have trouble weaving in ends because I do not know hwhat to do.
    Thanks so much and happy knitting.

  8. I just want to clarify– when you first start weaving in the end, you say to put the yarn through a smile and then an umbrella (up and to the right), but you actually put it through two smiles instead. Does it matter which way?

  9. Oh – you're right, but no – it doesn't really matter. As long as you get yourself into position for the next step (to follow the umbrella around), you're good.

  10. This is totally what I am doing, too! This video saved my rear end with the multitude of ends in my Doctor Who scarf!!

  11. Mysteryglo – my videos are viewable on mobile devices, including iPad. If you're having trouble viewing YouTube videos on your iPad, you may need to update your YouTube app. Hope that helps!

  12. On your weaving in ends video, I thought it was making the ends disappear by weaving them. So I made a mistake on that video.

  13. Katie – it depends. I you're using a "sticky" yarn like 100% wool or wool blend, you can just weave in the end for an inch or two, then cut it short. The yarn will stick to itself, securing the end. If you're using something smoother with no stick to it, then you want to secure it further, especially if you're making something to be machine washed/dried. I have a video called "Knitting Help – Weaving in Cotton Ends" that explains how to secure the ends further.

  14. awesome, now I can get weave in all the tails left on my scarfs, and I have also found the use for that needle. It always come with my needle set, but I never know what it's used for.

  15. Thank you for posting this video!! I'm a newbie knitter and was having a difficult time weaving the ends in and having them blend in… Now that I'm doing it correctly, my knitting has improved!!

  16. I am so grateful for your videos! Your help is invaluable and I look for you every time I need to know something about knitting.

    As a very new knitter, I have made only dishcloths. Garter discloths. Would you kindly tell me if this works for dish cloths? A dear knitter friend who has helped me immensely tells me that weaving will come out after repeated washings.

    I look forward to you advice. Many thanks!

  17. This was so helpful to me, I wanted to write a thank you message. I have been working on a shawl for my cousin to wear for outdoor photos for her winter wedding in just 15 days, and I just finished knitting and now to the dreaded weaving in… I learned to knit over 10 years ago, but never really learned to weave in ends properly. This was perfect, and so simple, I don't know why I was stressed about it. Thank you so much for this clear, concise video!

  18. Great video showing how to weave in tails…but it would be nice to see the process all the way through. Showing when and where you cut the yarn. How far do you weave in before you cut? Do you use any glue or fray check. Why or why not? Thanks! Love your videos!!!

  19. I was so excited to find this video because I've always had a problem weaving in the ends of my work. I followed the instructions to a tee and they were truly invisible. I loved the way it looked. However, when I washed the blanket all the ends stuck out and I had to clip them. Am I not doing enough stitches, I think I did about 10, or am I doing something wrong? Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

  20. so wonderful how you explain this, I could not get this for years now and just been winging it; i have a tunic sweater of a zillion stripes so this is what I have been hoping to find, I don't want to blow the sweater. It is st st but of course I am weaving it on back so I would follow this format, is that correct? thanx for all your wondrous video teachings.

  21. Thank you for this really good video. You did such a good job that I was able to follow what you actually did in the beginning instead of what you said…you started with a smile and went through a smile directly above rather than an umbrella to the right…and that made it all work! Thank you again.

  22. So how do I end the weaving? I get to a point where my yarn needle doesn’t have enough yarn to go through. Do I just cut it off? I don’t get it.

  23. Is there a way to get rid of loopy ends from casting off too loosely? I did not notice the issue from the beginning of my cast off until I had come full circle on an infinity scarf 🙁

  24. Thank you very much. The “umbrellas and smiles” are more helpful than any other explanation I’ve heard or seen. Thank you!

  25. Oh my god, thank you for being you. I'm mostly self taught for knitting and a lot of videos are super confusing. Yours are super clear and helpful! Thank you for making it easy and fun for me to continue to learn to knit!

  26. So, this was very helpful, however, I have color changes in the shawl. How do I hide a color that has to be woven with another color of yarn?

  27. The strange thing is, she goes through two smiles at the start while saying smile and then an umbrella. Obviously a mistake but I now don’t know what to do ☹️

  28. Thank you so much – definitely has helped make my work neater. Do you have a tutorial to weave in ends when knitting stripes? IE: a temperature blanket. Thanks!

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