KNITTING RUFFLED BLANKET BORDERS (Week 6 of 6) 💖 Bernat Stitch Along

KNITTING RUFFLED BLANKET BORDERS (Week 6 of 6) 💖 Bernat Stitch Along

Hello and welcome to the BERNAT STITCH ALONG. It’s our final week, guys. Week six of six.
I am your knitting host Kristen I have had so much fun getting to know
everybody seeing your projects sharing these great
knitting patterns with you from JOANN enjoying these BERNAT BLANKET yarns so
many beautiful colors to choose from it’s been really cool to see the color
choices that you guys have been making as well and I just had the best time so
before we get started I just want to extend a big thank you to all of you as
well as to for selecting me as the Knitting Host of this BERNAT STITCH ALONG for the very first time it’s just been such an honor and so much
fun so we have the MYSTERY CLUE! I just want to remind you though we have that
basket going on so it’s the last day of the basket make sure to check that out
as well as that pillow that we did in weeks one two and three those patterns
are totally available to you at any time they are great to complete your entire
home decor ensemble with these beautiful shades and different textures for your
home it’s just the greatest the mystery clue today is that we are doing the
outer borders okay so last week in week 5 it looked like the blanket was
pretty much done oh but no we’re getting fancy and we are going to be finishing
it up with three of our circular needles so if you remember we used one circular
needle throughout these entire five weeks but this last week we are actually
using three circular needles simultaneously because we’re going to be
knitting it in the round huge huge huge in this beautiful big blanket that we’ve
all been knitting up together so let’s just go on into it and knit it up using
your main color for me I am using COUNTRY BLUE of course in BERNAT BLANKET and we begin by picking up stitches so we take one of our circular needles and we pick up a hundred and two stitches on
one edge and then that same circular needle picks up a hundred and two
stitches on the second edge and then you’re going to take a second circular
needle and you’re going to pick up the stitches on the third and fourth edges
and add a stitch marker to each corner I’m using an orange one to denote the
beginning of the round for me and then here everything is on my lap I have my
three corners in blue and then the beginning of my round with my little
orange stitch marker because of the grasp-y nature of this yarn my needles
were fine just letting them wait for me as I knit in the round but if you are
concerned about your needle slipping off your stitches you can get point
protectors a friend of mine also uses wine corks and we are going to begin
just by knitting all the way around and we’re taking our third circular needle
to do this and just start knitting this first round all the way around and as
unit around another needle will become empty and that is what you’ll use to
continue knitting we’re going to be doing make one increases on our even
rows so here on row two we begin with just a knit one and then
the increase is a make one so we take our left needle and we pick up the yarn
right there and we’re going to take our right needle and we’re going to knit
into the back so we go ahead and we pick that yarn up in the back and we knit it
through right there and that is making one stitch
and knit all the way down the row until you have one stitch remaining right
before your stitch marker at this point we make one again so with our left
needle we’re going to pick up the yarn right there in between the two stitches
with our right needle we’re going to knit through the back and so we’re
making one right here your next stitch is going to be to just knit that stitch
right there before the stitch marker flip it right on there and then we’re
going to continue on by knitting one we’re going to slip our stitch marker so
I’m just going to take it off right here and you’ll repeat these two rows five
more times so that’s a total of 13 rows and we finish up with these really
pretty rounded corners from the make one increases we just did in our main color
and now we’re casting off beginning by casting off six stitches and I am just
going to use the classic cast off method after we’ve cast off these six stitches
it is time to do the knit five below this is a fun one it feels a little bit
like falling off a cliff so we take this stitch off of our needle blue and then
right there those little yarn letters we’re going to go ahead and drop those
stitches intentionally so one two three four and five stitches dropped so you
have those five yarn ladders and then go ahead and pick up that stitch right
there with your right needle and underneath all of those yarn ladders put
the point of your needle into the back and then you’ll take your working yarn
and put it around your knee to go ahead and knit that stitch that
fifth stitch down there all the way through and all those yarn ladders are
right behind it and then we go ahead and cast off and we’re casting off six total
so here’s casting off one we can stop six all the way across and let me go
ahead and show you this knit five below one more time you know with this yarn
it’s really easy don’t have to worry you take that stitch off and then you just
drop five stitches intentionally so one two three four five right here after I
have five little yarn ladders that I’ve released I go ahead I put my needle
through that stitch and I’m going to take the point of my needle to the back
right under all of those letters and with my working yarn go ahead and knit
through right through that stitch right there and that is k5b knitting five
below and continue this pattern all the way around until it is time to weave in
your yarn ends at the top of your k5b if you also have a little loop like this
then just take one of your knitting needles and pull the stitches from the
wrong side of your work just slightly on either side to sort of help spread those
out and here is how our little ruffle e scalloped edge turns out it is just such
a sweet finishing touch and now it’s time for me to show off my finished
BERNAT STITCH ALONG BLANKET. It looks so great with our TEXTURED AND TASSELED PILLOW as well as our GARTER STITCH BASKET Congratulations everyone! So thank
you so much for joining me here at the BERNAT STITCH ALONG. I’ve had
much fun getting to know everybody I am Kristen of STUDIO KNIT. So we can
continue knitting together if you follow me on my channels I also have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL with lots of great knitting videos for you over there and keep on
posting those photos helping each other out by answering questions and I just
hope you guys are enjoying your beautiful blanket your pillow your
basket it’s been so much fun I’ll miss you but I’ll see you over at STUDIO KNIT,
right? Okay, you guys. BYE!

6 thoughts on “KNITTING RUFFLED BLANKET BORDERS (Week 6 of 6) 💖 Bernat Stitch Along

  1. When doing the K5B how many ladders should we drop? You say 5 and knit into the 6th stitch on the video, but the pattern says to drop 4 and knit into the 5th.

  2. I love your channel and the way you explain things so you are the only one I can ask to help me 🙂
    I would like to send you a picture of a knitted ruffle pattern and I would be very happy if you were to make a video knitting that (cause I am a new knitter and I cant seem to figute it out)
    I want to use this on the sweater I am going to make
    where/how can I send the picture to you?
    thank you in advance

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