KNITTING TENSION TIPS πŸ’– Step by Step Slowly with Studio Knit

Knitting Tension. How to knit with ease. Hello I’m Kristen and welcome back to my channel STUDIO KNIT so knitting tension
is how evenly the yarn feeds into your knitted work from the yarn ball our goal
is to have a moderate even tension throughout our knitting both while
casting on and while knitting there are a few good reasons we do not want our
knitting tension to be too tight or too loose for starters your knitted piece
will look its best when you’re knitting with an even tension otherwise your work
may have stitches that are a mix of tall short tight loose resulting in looking
pretty wonky it’s really common for beginning knitters to start casting on
and knitting too tightly you’ll know that you’re knitting your stitches too
tightly when it’s really hard to insert your needle into your stitches remember
your stitches cannot be any smaller than your knitting needle size right so
there’s no need for your yarn to squeeze those needles just lightly wrap your
yarn around your needles so it’s touching all the way around but not
holding on for dear life test out your stitches to see if they can move along
your needle like this without too much effort your hands will thank you
knitting really tightly it often results in stressed-out hands if you feel your
hands are starting to hurt from knitting just try to knit a little bit looser and
you also might want to take breaks and do some hand exercises and a bit of
massage before knitting you also might want to check your mood if you are
stressed out or angry you may tend to knit on the tighter side so when you’re
ready to knit take this opportunity to check in with yourself take a breath and
just relax into your knitting knitting lessly it’s not quite as common for
beginning knitters but it can happen so just make sure your yarn is holding onto
your knitting needle and it’s not looping around really loosely with a lot
of space between test out your stitches to make sure the yarn is holding onto
your needle but not in huge open loops oh and if
this video has been helpful to you please do me a favor like it up it
really helps me out the perfect knitting tension again and even steady moderate
tension it’s your goal so while knitting make sure your yarn is wrapped around
the needle hugging it with a nice even tension getting into a rhythm with your
knitting it’s helpful too if you find yourself getting interrupted putting
down your knitting needles a lot between your stitches your tension might become
uneven personally I like to keep a really nice steady rhythm with my
knitting and of course a slow rhythm is perfectly fine I also try to complete my
knitting stitches along the row not putting it down until I have completed
that entire row once you’ve gotten into your rhythm and been knitting for a
little while you’ll find yourself naturally knitting evenly you found your
groove and you’re no longer thinking about it checking tension with a gauge
swatch I just wanted to quickly mention that as you start to check out knitting
patterns you’ll start to see a mention of checking your gauge with a knitted
swatch this is a way to determine if your knitting with the correct tension
needle yarn size to make a project a specific size I feel this is not
something you need to concern yourself with right now I just wanted you to be
aware that there are knitting projects that require correct sizing so in the
future you will be creating a little swatch that is checking your tension but
for now just have fun knitting as evenly as possible check out my entire absolute
beginner knitting series to get started knitting now available on teachable
thanks so much for watching and I will see you next time guys. BYE!

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