Late Night Crew Animated: Flannel and Butts (C7 Animatics)

Late Night Crew Animated: Flannel and Butts (C7 Animatics)

Cry: Like, I-I’m all the way back to that image of me fucking a girl made of pizza. Russ: What. Cry: Yeah, that was an image. Cry: Like two months ago. Russ: I’m glad I unfollowed a lot of tags. Cry: I think it’s- I think it’s… endearing Cheyenne: Shut the fuck up. Cry: I might fuck a pizza. Russ: Are you wearing the green hoodie? I’m surprised no one draws you in basketball shorts, really. Cry: Some do, but- Cheyenne: Nobody fucking draws you in flannel, that’s ALL you fucking wear. Cry: Dude, flannel is my SHIT. Cheyenne: I am so- Russ: What is WRONG with you? Cry: What’s wrong with flannel?! Russ: It just… looks weird, and you end up looking like a lumberjack. Cry: That’s the idea! Snake: We need to- we need to talk, you need to have a seat. Russ: *chuckles* Cry: *groans* Cry: Listen. …Flannel is my jam, man. I refuse to take this bullying for flannel. Russ: Flannel is for lumberjacks and “per-jamas.” Cry: Yes. Russ: PER-jamas. Cheyenne: He actually wore jeans today. Cry: I did. Russ: Really? Does your butt look good? Cry: Hell yeah, dude, I have like, the nicest looking butt in jeans! Russ: *giggles* Cry: Like seriously. Russ: Looks like two pancakes, it’s beautiful! *Everyone laughs* *static* Music Used: Venice Beach – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

99 thoughts on “Late Night Crew Animated: Flannel and Butts (C7 Animatics)

  1. How about for the outro music mabye try Glass Joe Theme Punch out.Its got a nice ring too it and mabye I though you might like it.

  2. I remember seeing this stream. I had extra coffee that day and I actually made a fan fic about this on Wattpad. It's short and stupid.

  3. The fact that Cry wears flannels all the time makes me so happy because cute guys in flannels is my dream. Great animation, by the way!

  4. awesome work, snake looking fabulous, russ just being russ, cry showing off his pancake butt, and chey trying to embarrass cry, standard night

  5. OoO
    flannel is awesomeย 
    i dont like how awesome is spelled
    i think it should be spelled awsomeย 
    cry rocks flannel

  6. This is so fucking good. XD I really have to hold myself back from shedding tears of joy. You, mister, earned yourself a now happy subscriber. Keep up these awesome animations.

  7. i belive cry has this childhood dream of becomming a lumberjack, but for whatever reason he could't forfill that wish, but he wears flannel and have a beard to still feel like one xD

  8. I found a picture of him in basketball shorts~ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Flannel is my life… I just really love flannel… I must find the others! I must find the other people that love flannel!

  10. I love flannels I wear them every day don't judge I look FABULOUS ( go with it I wear a fadora #don't know how to spell XP and some kaprees WHAT IS WRONG WOTH ME I DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL!T-T

  11. sooooooooo…. anybody know where i could find that picture of Cry fucking a girl made out of pizza?
    i need it for….. research…..

  12. After Chey stopped being nice she made a ton of bullying posts, now she's deleted her Tumblr and Twitter to cover it up. :/ I just hope that she isn't hurting crys friendships anymore like she did with Scott.

  13. not many likes flannel but i do so whenever i doodle the nerd im fucking doing it.

    maybe even basketball shorts as well

  14. Dude I'm the same as Cry,mi love wearing flannel shirts XD my friends tell me I have an addiction and need to stop

  15. I would love to see cry wearing a flannel shirt and for him to use facecam. But, that's up to him, at least his voice and commentary make up for it.

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