Layering Winter Clothing Hacks YOU Must Know!

Layering Winter Clothing Hacks YOU Must Know!

During the winter time we just want to
resist the urge of bundling up and looking like a puffy snowman, I mean
there’s nothing wrong with it but it’s a struggle to look cute during the winter
time. This is episode #3 where I talk through how I like to put together
outfits. Today I wanted to share with you three outfit ideas and my formula on how
to layer so if you guys enjoyed today’s video be sure to subscribe and don’t
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so without further ado let’s get started at the end of the month I’m heading to
Toronto Canada and I heard that the weather is very very cold and it’s my
first time experiencing extreme winter so for my face layer I’m wearing these
skinny jeans from cap they’re super stretchy and I’m wearing this white mock
neck top from forever 21 so the first layer is a flannel shirt this one’s
quite oversized so it’s perfect for layering the next layer is this fleece
top I’m just going to lay it on top I’m going to hold the sleeves so that it
doesn’t get bunched up you know so it actually reaches the end here I would
recommend buttoning up this final top because you don’t want any of the air to
blow through especially with the crop top underneath I really wish I had a
longer top and then let’s tuck this in we want to keep all the layers nice and
insulated finally for my top layer and ones with this Alexis jacket with this
faux fur lining on the inside from Zara it’s so heavy and thick but it’s perfect
for extreme cold winter seasons and I love this hoodie I’m like a giant Eskimo
first socks I have two types I have the wool type and then this is like a fuzzy
sock I definitely prefer the wool socks because it keeps my feet nice and dry
and warm whereas the fuzzy socks sometimes can be kind of slippery and
they stretch over time but these ones are tall over the new one so you could
tuck it in underneath your pants for an extra layer of warmth all right don’t
judge me I have like the cutest socks ever so I like to tuck it underneath the
jeans so that’s easier to put on my waterproof snow bears and then these
duck boots kept me so warm when I was in Iceland they’re waterproof I know that
kinda chunky and not the most fashionable boots but I still love them
last but not least we have to add on top some accessories so I love this beanie
I’ve had it for two years now and then it keeps my head nice and warm plus I
love the pom-pom detail and then for my scarf I just have this nice luscious
white one which makes me think of snow for the winter time now you might be
thinking what are you going to do if I your hands your fingers are going to
freeze off you’re going to lose them don’t forget to bring your gloves I’m so
cold so here is my base layer for outfit number two on top I’m wearing this let
us have mock neck sweater and then for bottoms I have my airy leggings on I
love them because of the pockets so for my first layer I’m going to add on top
this on top this layer for layer three I’m going to add on top my fleece zip up
jacket so as always hold on to all the layers while you put on your sleeves it
definitely helps with keeping everything nice flat and streamlined for my outer
layer I’m going to add this oversized wool coat from Korea it’s nice and
oversized so when it comes to coats sometimes I like to size up just so I
can layer underneath so the coat is a size medium whereas my tops are a size
extra small or small so you have an option of hiding this middle layer
underneath the coat so you can’t really see it so it’s pretty much hidden
put on the Hat so I wanted to match my hat with my shoes so I have these cute
burgundy ankle booties with a bow on the side I’ll have these link down below
because I love them and they’re super comfortable when it comes to layering
socks I like Tasha tuck it in underneath my
leggings just because I don’t want them to show alright so here is the sock
that’s tucked underneath the leggings and this one has the soft peeking out
definitely prefer this look looks a lot cleaner whereas this one’s a little bit
that is nice because my socks are kind of blue at the bottom and it doesn’t
match now let’s top it all off with a scarf the scarf is great because it kind
of hides all of the layers in case you don’t blur them off but if you do you’re
welcome to ditch the scarf and just show off all of your cute under layers you
guys challenge me to style sweats into an outfit and I thought why not keep
sweats in the casual loungewear family and not trying to make it into something
that it’s not I feel like my you see a lot of people
styling sweats with high heels which doesn’t really make sense for me I think
swatch should be kept as a loungewear item that super casual comfy so I like
wearing sweatpants after the gym or when I’m running errands so on top I’m
wearing my favorite sports bra this one’s from Lululemon and then my
sweatpants today are from Uniqlo now I’m going to show you my favorite
layered outfit for a post gym just for a casual running errands so I went to
layer top this hemily for the wintertime I love a packable down jacket this one
actually packs down to about this little itty bitty size over this I like to put
on a denim jacket and I promise I wear socks in real life it’s just for the
purpose of my youtube video is that sometimes I don’t put on socks because
it’s pretty annoying to change I know honestly I have the ugliest socks
they’re always these thick sport socks but I love them so this is one of my
quintessential outfit ideas for a post gym next we’re going to layer with a leather
skirt so I’m determined to make a leather skirt and a dress work in this
layering video this look is perfect for an office holiday party or just like a
dressier more formal occasion on top I’m wearing the mock neck top with the lenez
hem and then for bottoms I’m wearing this leather skirt that I’ve had for
over five years from Zara to spice things up I added some polka dot sheer
tights and then my velvet booties I realized I don’t get the opportunity to
wear a blazer very often but what I do makes me want to do a power pose and
then over top I’m going to throw in top this ever Lane coat this one is a very
structure nice and thick as you can see this coat is very large and kind of
oversized and overwhelming for this outfit a great clothing hack for coats
is to look for one with a soft tie so just bring it to the back pull it
together and then tie it into a bow and tada here is the final look I love that
this coat definitely covers a blazer so you can’t actually see it when it’s
layered on top so when you’re out and about no one can tell that you’re super
layered and very warm and cozy so if you’d enjoyed today’s video be sure to
share it with a friend it definitely helps me out and hopefully can help out
your friend as well so be sure to follow me on instagram at fashion by Ali it
would seriously make my day if you did thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you next time bye

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    My outfits usually started with a heattech top and heattech (ultra warm) leggings. Then, i'd add a sweater (wool, if it was really cold), a skirt, and a water/wind-resistant coat that covers my butt. Lastly, i'd wear a wool scarf, thick gloves, wool socks, and slip resistant boots ^^

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