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  1. Hi Kimberly, In your cross-stitch video you mentioned that you're having trouble with your hand. If it's your cutting hand, I wonder if sequeezing the handle to keep the blade exposed may be the problem. I've never used one of those before but I'm assuming you have to continue squeezing it as you cut. I use the simpler model that is on the left in your video.

  2. Can't wait for the next video! Quilting is something I've wanted to learn for sometime now. Thank you for making the process so easy to follow! 😊

  3. So excited for this series! Thank you for the video Kimberly and thank you to Kevin for encouraging this idea!

  4. My fabric is all prepped and ready to go so excited to get started today thx Kimberly for providing this opportunity:-))

  5. You are a great teacher, Kimberly. I’ve been quilting for a long time but still find all of your videos helpful. Nice work!

  6. Have been quilting for a few years but have learning some new things today, especially about the starching. Do you starch precuts also?

  7. I don't understand the "setting the seam" on ironing. I learned to quilt many years ago and this must be something new. What is the purpose of doing this prior to ironing the seam open or to the side?

  8. Nicely done! This is going to be fun. Thank you putting together this sew along. I think I can keep up!

  9. Kimberly, you did a beautiful job teaching each section. So impressed. You made it very easy , stress free , gave all the helpful hints and tricks plus the explanations of why you did each. I honestly wish I would of had you or a video of you when I was learning. You are teaching and creating excellent habits!!!!! 😍😘👍

  10. I am right handed. I have some left shoulder problems. Because of this my left arm is a little weak. I put a weight toward the top of my ruler. This does a great job in keeping the ruler from slipping while cutting. I picked up that tip from another you tube quilt series.

  11. Want to double check on thuus.. When measuring to cut shul d the line be on the edge of the fabric or just a tiny fraction to the left of the fabric.

  12. I hate cutting. I'm so bad at it and stuff moves etc etc. Tries going nice and slow like you are doing and seeing if that helps.

  13. Love your video's I did not see anywhere in your comments as to where to find your drying rack. I have not seen that design before. Keep up the good work! Even though I have made quilts before I always feel even a beginner class you can get new techniques and ideas!

  14. If you don't have a hanging rack, I use regular plastic hangers and hang them from any surface that's free (usually doorways or on the edge of my ironing board). The starching tip is something I learned from Kimberly YEARS ago, and although it takes some additional prep time, has saved me hours and hours of misery trying to get pieces to "work." Still one of my favorite tips!

  15. How often should I change my rotary blade? Too be honest I know I am long overdue and my rotary cutter needs a new blade. 😉

  16. Thank you Kimberly for all you do!! Also a big thank you to the entire Fat Quarter Shop team!!! You are all so amazing.

  17. Great video. When you trim the finished block, do you measure to make sure the finished size is correct? I see references to squaring up blocks. If you cut and sew your pieces accurately, don’t you stand a chance of making the block smaller than desired finished block size? Thanks

  18. Do you use the lines on your mat when you make the first cut to straighten the edge? If not what do you use to know your ruler is straight before you cut?

  19. I have sewn many quilt tops but all self taught…I am saving this series to use when teaching my granddaughter, Thanks Kimberly!

  20. Thanks for showing how you starch. You've mentioned it before and I was picturing you soaking fabric in some type of starch bath, SO glad I was wrong!!! 😂 PS. Starching outside won't work here in MN in the winter. 😉

  21. That was one of the best videos Kimberly has ever done . And would like to say ,the quality of your videos are the best.

  22. I can't believe you love cutting! It's one of the most stressful parts of sewing. You give great instructions. This is such a simple block, but I still learned some things!

  23. I am so excited that I found you! I’ve been wanting to learn how to quilt as one of my 2019 goals and we’re already in August. I bought the kit and was wondering if there is a right and wrong side to the fabric? Sorry if I missed the answer to this somewhere. Thank you for the series!! 💕

  24. Thank you Kimberly, I began making quilts in January 2019. I’ve made 9 quilts of all sizes except king. I also learned how to free motion quilt, my favorite part. I find myself dreaming about the next quilt..
    I could not have come this far without your help via these videos! I have learned so much in a short time and I am pleased with the results I have achieved. I know by watching your videos and following instructions I will hone my skills and keep improving. Thanks again. 👍🥰💗💕💜❤️💖 Take care and God Bless, Chris-Raleigh NC

  25. Thank you so much! Looking forward to this series for a refresher and to learn more. Made several quilts years ago and have two tops to sandwich…MY least favorite so years have gone by!

  26. First, thank you for the video. It was a good reminder of how I should be ironing. There were two things I was hoping you would mention in this video. #1 – I wish someone had told me that after sewing that first seam I should check the size of the unit I created. In this case, sewing two 3 1/2" strips together should result in a piece that is 6 1/2" wide after pressing (3 1/2" + 3 1/2" – 1/2" used in the seam). I didn't like the shock of finding out all of the blocks I created were the wrong size when I was done sewing them all! #2 – You mentioned that you make an effort not to pick up and move the fabric you just straightened. It really helps me to pick up and move (rotate) my mat.

  27. Hello all, new to this group. If I want all my fabric in this quilt to match, where do I find how much of each of the colors so I can have it all on hand?

  28. It would have been great to have had these videos when I first started. I have learned several things by watching your videos. Thank you for taking the time to explain each step so clear and not rushing. 😀

  29. Great information! I LOVE that pressure foot on your machine! Any idea it's actually name? I'd like to find it. Thanks!

  30. There is a 3.5" x ~8" piece left over after cutting for this block. Is that scrap? Or do I need to save it for later in the quilt?

  31. I don't understand why you discourage pre washing for a beginner but then you encourage using a tremendous amount of starch (in my opinion) and if they decide to press it dry it has the potential to distort the fabric.

  32. Do you/she starch it wet or dry? I'm new and it was unclear to me if she soaked it and let it dry and then put the starch on it (so it was dried twice) or if she starched it wet and then dried it. Thank you!

  33. I hate cutting your welcome to come to my house anytime! I'll make cocktails! Love your tutorials I always learn something new.

  34. I didn't catch if it was mentioned what side Kimberly does the starching on. Have you tried making your own starch? I use the recipe from Chatterboxquilts.com ; I make 3 batches at a time.

  35. Great tutorial. Seemed easy but I followed it but in the end when I measured my square I was out 1/2 and inch one side and 1/4 inch the other side. No idea why. Going to try again though and see if I can figure out what ive done wrong.

  36. You remind me of my mom, when you said cutting is your favorite. She liked the process of picking a pattern and materials. Then cutting it out. She had little dresses cut up for my oldest sister, that she sewed for her first grandchild. Lol

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