LOG CABIN KNIT BLANKET SQUARE (Week 2 of 6) 💖 Bernat Stitch Along

LOG CABIN KNIT BLANKET SQUARE (Week 2 of 6) 💖 Bernat Stitch Along

We are knitting up a Log Cabin Block. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit. I am so excited to share this really cool
Log Cabin pattern with you. Now, this is part of the Bernat Stitch Along
that I’m hosting right now. There is a Facebook page where you can join
in, you can jump in at any time. We’re in Week 2 right now and we’re using
Bernat Blanket yarn. This is a really cool Geometric pattern, where
we’re starting in the middle and the construction’s really cool because then we just add block
after block around and around until we complete our entire 21 by 21 inch block of the Log
Cabin Pattern. Again, for you quilt lovers, this might be
a familiar design to you, but we are going to be knitting it up. And we are going to use all 5 colors of our
Bernat Blanket yarn that we’ve selected. The pattern is available when you click the
link here in the video, that’s where you get the written pattern that JOANN is providing
us, it’s totally for free, of course, and the materials, if you haven’t gotten your
yarn yet then everything you need to know is available on that page. So, let’s just jump into it and knit it up. We’re using all 5 of our yarn shades and the
bottom three are brand new shades available exclusively at JOANN, I have Aubergine, Dark
Teal, and Smokey Green. For your materials, you’ll have that same
circular needle we’ve been using, scissors, and a tapestry needle and stitch markers come
in really handy on this project. So, you might want to make sure that you have
those on hand. When you click the link to download your knitting
pattern, you’ll see here on page one is a great photo of exactly how this Log Cabin
block knits up. And then over on page two is a chart. We start with this really simple square in
the garter stitch and then we’re going to change our yarn color in number 2 right there. And for number 3, we will add this piece by
picking up our stitches and we continue around. You’ll see number 4 and 5 and then 6. These are all achieved by picking up stitches
and knitting up that little swatch. Continuing around to 7, 8, and then finishing
up with that last long piece there on number 9. Beginning with our beloved Slip Knot, we’re
going to start out by casting on 13 stitches. And then we’re just knitting in the garter
stitch until we have a perfect square for square 1 right there in the middle of our
block. Ending on the wrong side, you’re going to
be adding the next yarn color on the right side of our work. So, just go ahead, change your yarn color
right here and then we will be knitting up this 2nd block until it’s 3 and a half inches
in height. Your last row will be on the right side, and
then once you’re on the wrong side you’ll cast off. I’m choosing to do a Stretchy Bind off which
is where you knit one, you wrap your yarn around clockwise, you knit again and then
you take those first 2 stitches and pass them over your last stitch, continuing all the
way down the row and this just really helps your blanket have a little bit of stretchability
when you are adding all of the blocks together. And we’re finishing up number 2 by actually
cutting our yarn and weaving in our yarn tails. For our 3rd block, we’re going to be picking
up our stitches along the edge right here. So, I’m going to turn my piece, I fold my
piece in half and I add a little stitch marker. And this helps me figure out how much space
I have to pick up the number of stitches required in the pattern. So, taking my needle, I’m, from the front,
I’m going to insert it right in there and then taking that new yarn color for block
3, we’re just going to add it like we would if we’re changing yarn color, knit it on through
right there, and then we just continue all the way along the edge. So, I’m inserting my needle from the front,
taking my working yarn, not the yarn tail, the working yarn and knitting it through. And I like to do it a little bit loosely,
too, so I sort of pull my yarn up a little bit. And you know this yarn is just so forgiving. So, exactly where you insert your needle,
it doesn’t really seem to matter too much. Again, I like to sort of bring my yarn out
just a little bit so that it’s not too tight and continue all the way down for the desired
number of stitches on each edge. And once I’ve gotten to the middle, then I
can remove that little stitch marker and then continue adding my stitches until I get all
the way to the end. And for this first block, we attach 19 stitches
and from here you just go ahead and knit until your piece is the desired height. And for a longer piece like the very last
block that we’re doing number 9 the stitch markers come in really handy. I like to, again, fold my piece in half and
add my stitch marker and that really helps me keep track of how many stitches I need
to pick up in each section. This last block, number 9, it’s a long one. We’re picking up an entire 37 stitches right
here, knitting it all the way up and binding off. Again, I’m doing that stretchy bind off. Go ahead, weave in your ends and you are done. And now it’s time for me to show off my Log
Cabin block. So, I hope you are inspired to create this
really cool Log Cabin block. I just love the construction of it and it
something that you can use in the Stitch Along right now, you also go ahead and use this
pattern for your own design, right? You can go ahead and just create your entirely
own creation of a blanket of any size using this exact same block over and over if you’d
like. It’s just a beautiful design. So, let me know how it goes for you guys and I will see you here at Studio Knit next time, guys. Bye!

15 thoughts on “LOG CABIN KNIT BLANKET SQUARE (Week 2 of 6) 💖 Bernat Stitch Along

  1. Kristen, this is THE best demo on picking up stitches I've ever seen. Most helpful for me: the tip on using stitch markers to keep tabs on the noteworthy points along an edge. I'm thinking of how cool colorful squares look on an 18" doll–the square front and back of a quickee sweater, dontcha know.

  2. Hi Kristen, just wanted to tell you I loved knitting my log cabin block. This is my first experience with a stitch along and hopefully not my last. Besides having fun with the pattens I am learning lots. Can’t wait for Clue #3, 4, 5 and 6. Thank you thank you

  3. Hi, Kristen, I’m starting Section 3 of the terrific log cabin square and I have a question. I’ve bound off Section 2 on the WS and–this is the important part–I’m doing it all in purl, Portuguese style. So how do I prevent purl dash lines? I’ve watched your very helpful video at www.studioknitsf.com/remove-purl-dash-lines/
    and I’m still hesitant to knit the first row. But you know I will if you say to! Thank you!

  4. Please do more videos like this! I found your channel because I was working through a pattern and I was like "what are they asking me to do" "how do I do that" "what are they talking about" (after googling all the abbreviations). I subscribed because your videos are super helpful and easy to follow. I love this video of doing a pattern together. Even without the pattern you could get the yarn and craft this with the video but being able to read those patterns man…its an art form.

  5. Hey, Studio Knitters! I just revealed what the entire finished Blanket Pattern looks like! 💖Check it out now: https://youtu.be/VEBRZQ1abO4

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