Loom Knitting For Beginners – How to Loom Knit Easy Snow Games Hat – with Naztazia

Loom Knitting For Beginners – How to Loom Knit Easy Snow Games Hat – with Naztazia

Hi I’m Sarah from reviewsbysarah.com Hi
I’m her mom Donna from Naztazia. My daughter and I have been watching the
winter games on TV. And we saw some really cute hats that we wanted to make.
In this video I’m going to show you how to do the loom knit hat, and on my
channel you can find the crochet version. I’m using two skeins of Lion Brand’s
hometown yarn and a nine-inch bulky weight round loom that has 36 pegs. You
can use different sized looms for a smaller or larger hat. Look for the
anchor peg. We need to mark every other peg because we’ll be doing a different
stitch on them. Mark the peg next to the anchor peg, then skip one, mark the next
peg, skip one, mark the next peg. If you have any small rubber bands left over
from your bracelet looms, you can use those. Tie a small knot on the anchor peg
to hold the yarn in place. We’re going to first wrap the starting peg like this. Then move over to the next peg, and the
next peg, in the next peg. Keep going around the entire loom. Once you’ve
reached the starting peg again wrap it like this. With your hook grab the bottom
loop and lift it over the top loop like this. That’s the kind of stitch we’ll be doing
on the plain pegs. On all marked pegs we’ll be doing a different stitch. Place
your yarn in the front like this, insert your hook into the loop like this.
Place your yarn across the bottom and scoop it upwards like this. Grab the loop,
take it off the peg, and then put the top loop back on the peg like this. Now wrap
the plain peg like this. Again scoop that bottom loop over the top loop. On this
marked peg bring the yarn forward. Insert your hook, move the yarn, and scoop it up. Take it off and place the new loop on
the peg. Continue doing this pattern around the loom. When you get to the
first peg again follow the same process as before. Marked pegs – do the other stitch. Continue going around the loom for a
total of 32 times. After a few rounds be sure to remove your yarn from that
anchor peg otherwise it will prevent your work from moving downwards. If you
need to connect a new yarn just tie a knot like this. You’ll weave this into
the inside of the hat later where no one will see it. Once you complete your 32
rounds cut your yarn about 24 inches from where you left off. You’ll use this
long tail end to gather the top of the hat. Thread this yarn through a yarn
needle . Crefully insert your needle through each one of the loops. Pull the
loop off and pull all the yarn through. Do the same thing to the next peg. Insert
your needle, pull the loop off, and pull all the yarn through. Repeat for the next
peg as well. And the next one too. Keep going around the loom until all the
loops are off of the peg. And here’s my last loop. Now take your yarn end and
pull it tightly together and close the hole on top. Use the extra yarn and make
some stitches to really close up that hole. Then push your needle through the
hat towards the inside. You can weave in a few more stitches if you want. And then
cut the yarn to make a pompom. Cut about 15 inches of yarn and put it
to the side. Take a book or something about nine or ten inches wide and wrap
the yarn around it about thirty times. Take the yarn off and use your first
strand to tie a good knot in the middle of it. Cut your loops like this. Use your
yarn needle and thread one of the strings you used around the center of
the pom-pom. Push it through the top and into the inside of the hat. Repeat for
the other strand. Tie a knot inside the hat to secure the pom-pom. You can purchase labels or patches that you can sew onto your hat. Please
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83 thoughts on “Loom Knitting For Beginners – How to Loom Knit Easy Snow Games Hat – with Naztazia

  1. Donna, when doing the peg loom i found that using a pen, like a bick is good for putting the yarn through, its alot faster and easier. I just empty everything and use a needle to put the string in. Its like a wand.

  2. Thanks Sarah.. I can't wait to make both hats. Looks like I'm heading back to Michael's for some more #BulkyYarn Good thing it's on sale and I have some #coupons Making yours in #LoopsAndTreads #CascadeBlue Mom's will be #Red or #Yellow

  3. Very beautiful hat, Sarah! You are a wonderful teacher like your momπŸ’•πŸ’
    Looking forward to more tutorialsπŸ’•πŸ’•

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  6. Hat has been made and I have received TONS of compliments on it! Thanks you for such an easy-to-follow video and an amazing pattern! I’ve subscribed!

  7. I think it would help people knowing what that cast on is called (double e wrap) then next stitches for brim called e wrap knit stitch and purl. Then that pattern for brim is called rib stitch

  8. Otherwise fantastic. Just helping you so you have younger followers or beginners. As they don't know how to read patterns.

  9. I haven't even watched the video yet, you look just like a younger version of your mom. So you know when you get older you will be just as gorgeous

  10. Beautiful .You are looking like your Mom and a very good teacher also like your Mom.Thank you for the video .Keep it up .πŸ’—πŸ’—

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    Donna – is this like a knit one, purl one in knitting?

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  18. Such a beautiful hat! You’re an excellent teacher you explained everything perfectly, thank you! I will make a couple right now to give as Christmas gifts! Thank you, Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

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