Make Towels Soft And Fluffy Again- Laundry Tips Tricks Hacks

Make Towels Soft And Fluffy Again- Laundry Tips Tricks Hacks

hi it’s AlaskaGranny are your towels scratchy and rough not comfortable on your skin anymore well I am going to show you a way you can rehabilitate towels so they will b soft and fluffy again usually what happens people put in too much detergent and the detergent gets all built up hung up in the fibers and so you need to get rid of all that residue the other thing you need to remember is never over dry your towels sometimes people put them in for so long and after they are dry they have been baked so long it can damage the threads so here’s what you want to do to rehabilitate your towels so they are soft and
fluffy you want to put only towels in your washing machine and put all same color if possible you don’t want colors to fade or run and then you want to put in 1 cup of white vinegar that’s it don’t add detergent or anything else just pour vinegar in with them no detergent is probably a lot of residue turn them on high with hot water so the longest wash cycle possible to help brush all that out then when they are done put them in the dryer take them out right when they are dry don’t over dry towels see if that doesn’t make them fresh soft and happy feels better when they are soft on your skin please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

43 thoughts on “Make Towels Soft And Fluffy Again- Laundry Tips Tricks Hacks

  1. I had no idea…I always thought it was because of the water.  A very helpful tip!  Will that work for socks too?  Thank you.

  2. Thanks for facebook and a bunch of stupid buzzfeed like sights for causing me to click 6 links before I got to this video.

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for your video, will this make the towels stink? Also I want to make my clothes supersoft do you have any tips for that?

  4. problem is vinegar dissolve rubber gaskets inside the washing machine. You get a soft towels but you will definitely ruin your washing machine eventually.

  5. It’s hard to find vinegar in big bottles in Singapore so when I buy mine small glass bottle I use as lesss as possible because I won’t have enough for other stuff

  6. Is this the way you always wash towels or is this something you do periodically to fluffin them up?

  7. but how do they SMELL after that?? like vinegar? and what about if they were really soiled like kids, sweat etc…just vinegar?

  8. I tried this and it worked! My towels came out the fluffiest I have seen them since they were new, and they had no odour. Thank you for explaining the science.

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