Making of Luna RECAP – Patreon Exclusive Series

Making of Luna RECAP – Patreon Exclusive Series

hello everybody how are you in this video I will give you a quick recap of my exclusive patreon series that is called making of Luna which finished just this week this is to give an approximate idea of what a patreon series from me looks like if you are considering becoming a supporter making of Luna shows the full process of customizing a Monster High Draculaura to look like human Luna from Sailor Moon the series comes in six parts Episode one showed removal of face up complete removal of hair making of the wig cap and how I plan to glue the hair episode to show the preparation of the alpaca hair dyeing it purple and making of hair buns episode three shows the full gluing process episode 4 showed the face up process episode 5 showed how I style the wig create a nice fringe and curly hair episode 6 shows the final bow with a retrospective of the project what we’ve learned from it what worked and what didn’t you can find more info about how to get access to this series on my patreon page I will leave the link in the description box I am now already working on a new exclusive series voted directly by my patrons which will show how to make a rainbow wig I will make another recap video of that one when it’s done in about a month and a half thank you very much for watching and all the support take care and I’ll see you again in the next video bye

66 thoughts on “Making of Luna RECAP – Patreon Exclusive Series

  1. This is a perfect way of showing off your patreon stuff to your non-patrons 🙂 this was exactly the kind of thing I was trying to suggest a while back, I'm glad to be able to see the final doll, she's lovely, and the breakdown of the exact stuff you get to see if you subscribe is great. Keep up the good work ^_^

  2. I listen to your voice to sleep
    so yeah, not weird.

  3. I know that for $4 tier, you can get access to just one of the past term videos, but is it possible to get access to all of the past videos? I'm regret that I didn't support you on patreon when the making of Luna series was going on, and I really would like to see all of those videos instead of just one.

  4. Прекрасный ооак на Луну, а также чудесное платье))Я как-то тоже хотела сделать ооак на Луну, но не хватает свободного времени.

  5. no problem you are really good I love your work some day I was thinking of buying one of your dolls and I told everyone I know about how awesome you are

  6. Aw nicolle, I love all your works! I'm a quiet fan that has been in and around but never commenting, haha. This is struck a particular chord in my heart, since I like many girls grew up loving sailormoon! So wonderful to see all your progress throughout the years. <3

  7. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to be one of your Patreons! Unfortunately I have no money at the moment, but one day I wish to support you! I love everything you do, its both beautiful and captivating! Keep doing what your doing!

  8. She looks amazing! I really wish I could afford to join in on the patreon fun as I'm desperate to know how you put your wigs together! One day ♥️

  9. I tried doing the story's on my clowdeen doll and. I used gel pens.. but it's for a test and I did really well!! not as good as you are but it was fun and calming, I'm going to do a wig soon so i can make her look more like her face now!

  10. Do you do customs like if someone was to send a doll to you and customize it you would do it and then send it back (including money wise of course)

  11. Massive thanks to everyone who is sending subtitles! If you want to contribute but don't know how to check this video

    Subtitles available:

    I do not get informed who sends the subtitles so let me know that way I can credit you <3

  12. Did you use your 17inch Draculaura for this project? She seems to be bigger but perhaps it's just how i'm seeing the camera angles.

  13. Hi, your OOAKs is sooo much beautiful! Can you make OOAK like Asuramaru from anime "Owari no Seraph" or in english "Seraph of the end" some day? It'll be wery awesome!)) Thank you wery much, only for reading this comment. I ♥ your videos ^~^

  14. Hi Nicole and I had a question I want to make Luna Artemis and serenity but I don't know how to make the wig for Luna serenity and Artemis and I also need help with making a week in general I know how to repaint but I need help making wigs in general and then I want to move on to more hard things like making serenity Luna and Artemis please help me

  15. fighting evil by moonlight winning love by daylight Never running from a real fight she is the one named sailor moon she will never turn her back on a friend she is always there to defend she is the one named saiiilorrr Venus sailor Mercury sailor mars sailor Jupiter see her powers are so new to her she is the one named sailor moon she is the one Sailor moon~

  16. oh human luna that's so cool "my dear space man" or woman I felt like adding that quote from human luna ha I'm werid

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