Male Models Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Clothing

Male Models Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Clothing

– What’s up? My name is Edem Atsu-Swanzy. – My name is Evan Benham. – My name is Josell Mariano. – [All] And I’m a male model. (light, upbeat music) – So I love style and fashion. I just don’t like paying a lot for it. These guys are in style and fashion and they get paid for it. It’s their job, they’re experts. I want to know, can they
really tell the difference between cheap and expensive clothing? Let’s find out. (energetic music) – [Interviewer] How confident
do you feel that you would be able to spot, you know, cheap versus expensive men’s clothing? – That’s a no brainer. I could spot that from like, a mile away. – I try on clothes for a living. I wear expensive clothes everyday. My boxers probably cost
more than your outfit. – Now I like to wear nicer
things that fit really well. Made out of really great material, and I think I can tell the difference between the cheap stuff and
the more expensive stuff, so I’m pretty confident. (energetic music) – First test, you’ve got
these cards right here. Boom. One, two, and three, from cheapest to most expensive. You guys together,
collectively, need to figure out which one is which. I want to see if you guys are right. See if you actually know
what you’re talking about. Let’s bring in the guys. Come on in, fellas. Okay. So here we go. – [Interviewer] The rules are no touching. Let’s see what you guys have got. – Right off the bat I’m thinking that one is the most expensive. – [Evan] That leather,
that leather just looks – Like genuine leather to me. – Yeah. – It’s really gleaming. – Yeah and all the gleaming. – I like him, you know what I’m saying? – Yeah.
– Exactly. I see that. – The details there,
zippers and all that stuff. – The brown one. It doesn’t even look like real brown. – That’s what I’m saying. – (laughing) What is that made from? You know what I mean?
– That’s what I’m saying. – Yeah. If you look at these
zippers, these zippers look like they’re painted.
– What is that? – (laughing) – We agree on most expensive? – Yeah. – Alright, most expensive. – Yeah. – So what do y’all think about these? I think the brown was
trying to throw us out, like, oh, this is an expensive jacket. I think it’s the cheapest jacket. – I think so, too. – You think so? – I think so. – My bad, bro, you’ve
got the cheap jacket. – Yo! – Yeah. – I’m gone with it right here. – Yep.
– Yeah. – Perfect. – I’m 100% confident with that one. – Yeah, me too. – 100%. (energetic music) – So, you guys have made your choice. This is your final answer. – Yeah. – That’s got it. – Okay. Guys, can you reveal your
actual numbers, please? – [Interviewer] Oh. – [All] Oh! – Damn! – No way! – Okay. – Okay. – No! – What? – Nah! – No real confidence. – Nah. – That’s that bargain deal- – See, it’s different. – Is it wholesale? – What are you talking about? – Real fast, real fast, real fast. What made you think that this one was the most expensive? – It’s so detailed. – Yeah. – The leather looks good to me. – And it’s really gleaming in that light. – I mean, you guys didn’t do that well. – That was a fluke. You guys were just tricking us. – Yeah. That wasn’t real. That wasn’t real. – Okay. (energetic music) – Here we go. – Okay, okay. – Dude’s looking sharp. I mean, you guys might be
taking your job, real quick. These guys look good, don’t they? – I know. – Come on, now. Make your decisions, do your choice. I’m gonna hop out. – Okay. – I’m seeing this, see
these sleeves, over here? The stitching and stuff
doesn’t look good on the end. Look, see how it’s kind of like- – The one on the far end? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Kind of like, fraying. – I’m leaning towards this
being the most expensive. Right here. ‘Cause if you look at the stitching on the sleeve right here? Like how clean that is? – That’s clean.
– Oh, yeah. – That is really clean. – This one falls a little bit boxier than that one. That one is falling real nice, like it’s on a hanger. – Right. I was leaning this being the cheapest and that being the medium. – That’s what I’m thinking. That’s the medium right there. – Yeah, let’s do that. So just to clarify,
we’ve got most expensive – I’m okay with that.
– Most expensive right here. We got number two right here. Least expensive, my man. – (laughing)
– (laughing) (energetic music) – So this is what you guys have chosen. – That’s it. – That’s it.
– Yeah. – Okay. Everybody please reveal what your actual prices are. – Oh! What? – There was something about that, man! Ah! – You were right, brother, you were right. – I heard you talking about it. I heard you say. – I’m like, yo, there’s
something about it. – Something was messing you up, right? – Yeah! (energetic music) – Go guys. Here we go. Yeah.
– (laughing) – Yeah, son. – Alright. – Okay. – Out the gate. – I’ll just step out, here we go. You guys do it. – [Evan] I swear I’ve seen
them at H & M over there. – These middle ones? – The middle ones?
– Yeah. – I don’t know. – I feel like… – The quality looks nice, though. – Okay, you guys are smart,
you didn’t get any one with stitching on it. – Look at that right there? – That’s enough. Turn around, turn around. – (laughing) – I’m thinking middle is expensive. – Yeah, I’m thinking
that’s the most expensive. I think these are the least
expensive, right here. – ‘Cause of that fraying. – That’s middle ground right there? – I don’t know what’s going on here, but I wouldn’t wear ’em. – Alright. Here you go, we got you. – Yeah, boy. There you go. – Yeah, yeah. – I like this one. – Me too. – I’m feeling good. – I felt really good about this. – Yeah. (energetic music) – Alright, so, final answers, this is it. – That’s it. – You guys are confident. Okay. Can you guys reveal your
real prices, please. – Wooh! – Yeah! – Ho! Ho! – Okay, real quick,
real quick, real quick. Y’all are like, celebrating and you still only got one right. – We got one! – Well we hooked him up that time. – Okay. Yeah. – We’re just cheering for him. – That’s fair, that’s fair, that’s fair. – Look (laughing) – (laughing)
– (laughing) – Get it boy! – Hey! – Has anybody learned, like
a nice lesson here today? I mean, I feel like personally, it doesn’t take a lot
of money to look good. – No, I don’t think so. – Nah, not necessarily. – [Edem] Yeah. – Thank you fellas so much
for participating today. You guys were awesome. Very, you know, good sports
about the whole thing. Not really good at, you
know, predicting prices and your job, but. So obviously you guys only
get paid for being pretty. That’s about it. – Yeah, pretty much. – That’s cool, that’s cool.
– I’ll take that. – Good job. – Alright, brother, ‘appreciate you. – Hey what’s your name, man? – Hey, we’re coming in. – Yeah, coming in with it. (techno music)

100 thoughts on “Male Models Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Clothing

  1. Lmao these "models" are so clueless…. The more expensive pieces usually dont scream for attention so it usually looks simple and plain compared to broght cheap clothes

  2. Hi models, usually cheap stuffs got more "details" to pretend they are expensive… don't you learn this in the industry ? expensive stuffs don't usually have that kind of obvious "details"… tsk tsk tsk

  3. Just buy what you want and can afford, who cares how much it really cost.

    Whats considered cheap to us is expensive to a poor person. And those expensive clothes are cheap to a wealthy person. It's all relative.

  4. if you're comparing basics like a plain leather jacket or plain t-shirt, it really depends on the person who wears it. A very good-looking guy can wear a cheap t-shirt and make it look expensive, and vice versa

  5. when they said cheap vs. expensive I thought it would be like designer, then chain stores like zara or h&m and then stores like target, not just differently priced stuff from the same store

  6. You guys should do a full video on Leather Jacket.

    Like 100 dollars vegan leather jacket vs 500dollars leather jacket vs 2000 dollar leather jacket

  7. To them: expensive > cheap
    Reality: expensive = cheap
    The amount of money DOES NOT determine how good the clothes are.

  8. I didn't like any of these guy especially the little guy he's soooo rude. Like who cares how much your boxers cost why you sending so much on boxers. Plus none of their clothes even look good

  9. if these guys are only getting paid to look pretty, then what's the tall white dude doing there? He's got a horse face.

  10. this video is so badly executed… the volume is all over the place! and why didn't they guess the clothes separately? plus it's really useless to judge the price of clothes based only on looking from a distance – feeling the fabric and closely checking all the stitching is crucial! not to mention these guys are not real models, only a bunch of douchebags who post selfies on instagram.

    seriously buzzfeed, you can do better.

  11. I feel like they would have been able to tell better if they were able to feel and manipulate the fabric. Just having them eye it doesn't let them analyze the seams and feel what the leather and all of the fabrics felt like :/

  12. Wait the no touching rule was no fair. While I would never buy a ridiculously expensive piece of clothing – they did said that the price is partially about fit and feel. It's no fair that they weren't allowed to wear the clothes to decide.

  13. I got all 3 guesses right out of 3, from a video and I am not even a model (well not at the moment 😅).
    But there were just guesses 🤷🏿‍♂️

  14. Loool, to be honest I think it’s always easiest to pick-out the cheapest item, since there is very little difference in quality between mid-range and high-range clothing. The markup is usually marketing+the name [obviously there are some exceptions, like late Azzadine Alaïa’s stuff].

  15. So what this really says is after around the $60-70 price point there stops being a noticeable difference in quality

  16. Ayyyy it’s the black Uber guy! Love him! Can anyone plse tell me his name so that I don’t have to call him black Uber guy? Kthxbai

  17. the shortest model is apperantly 5"10 idk if i believe that or not… but if it's true damn… if not, then i can only ask how he's a model…. like the white guy next to him is 6"2 … 5:37 it doesnt look like a 4 inch height different but like 8 lmao

  18. I got everything right except for the summer shirts i thought it was the target shirt then the nordstom then the zara shirt 😂

  19. To be fair the difference is just really small. You need to go 10 times to get a solid difference in clothes. 20 to 50, that't not much difference.

  20. They put basically 3 cheap short sleeve shirts…. and make them guess… it would be great to see actual cheap/medium/expensive options like: 50$ or less, 200$ or less, 500$+.

    There is a lot of fabric, cuts, etc. details of higher end brands and signatures, etc. Often the cheaper brand just try to copy the expensive ones and because you only have cheap options, they basically end up voting for the closest to actual luxury clothing for these 3 cheap examples?

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