Marmot Men’s Fairfax Flannel

Whether you are home or away, on the trail
or in the city, the Marmot Men’s Fairfax Flannel is a comfortable and stylish shirt
that you will probably want to bring along. A good mix of materials and a comfortable
brushed interior make this a super comfy flannel shirt for whatever activity you may be up
to. Let’s take a closer look. The materials on this shirt are a cotton polyester
blend. It is kind of a twill fabric. So it is a nice and comfortable, lightweight performance
woven fabric with that twill finish. So you do have really soft and light materials. And
they do dry pretty quickly for being that cotton poly blend, so nice blended materials,
very comfortable against the skin. Some of the features on the shirt include
a single chest pocket so you can stow some items there whether it is Chapstick, some
energy bars if you are on the trail or anything you may want to keep close, got a nice little
pocket there for that. You do have some ad-justment on the cuffs, so there are two buttons here.
You can make the cuff tight or loose if you want to and you can just open it up if you
choose to and roll the sleeves up if you get a little warmer. So you have got nice features,
nice adjustment features on the cuffs of the shirt. The fit is pretty regular. You know, nothing
too crazy. It is pretty loose fit. It is a stand-ard flannel shirt. We do have a relatively
tailored style down low, though, so we do have kind of a dropped hem and a shirt tale
on the back. So it gives this shirt some stylish ap-peal, so you definitely could take it out,
you know, if you are going downtown for the evening. It is a good option for that. So there you have it. It is the Marmot Men’s
Fairfax Flannel. It is a stylish, yet functional piece that is good for any adventure.

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