Marr Haven: Family farm and producer of organic Merino wools

bjbj Marr Haven Yarn Shop Hi, Barb Hi, Pam
And now I’ll go in and get the organic wool. We come here about once, wow! I think five
or six times a year, we come and get the wool now. Barb, “I think so.” Yes, it’s great and
Barb has wonderful Merino sheep. maybe we’ll get to meet them, maybe not. So this is the
meadow where the sheep spend their time. Right now they’re sleeping in the barn because its
been raining all morning. I tried to get a picture of them in the barn but it is dark
in there and they’re sleeping and I really hate to bother them. But this is their meadow.
And there is their neighbor’s horse who I guess doesn’t get to come on this side. I
guess he’s not as polite as the sheep. But here you get a look at where they spend their
day. Where they spend their life. Very pleasant. This is the Marr Haven Yarn Shop. You can
see some of the beautiful felted scarves and some felted hats that Barb and her fiber artist
friends make. And then there’s these beautiful yarns which I always lust after when we come
here and I almost always buy something. Will I have time to make them into hats which is
me preferred mode of knitting. Maybe not right away, but certainly soon. And, oh, and here’s
the kitty that lives in the Marr Haven Yarn Shop! I remember when she first came to live
here. She would barely even let me near her and now she’s obviously much more comfortable.
And so I’m going to pay for our organic wool and I will begin the long journey home. We’ll
give one more glance through. This is Barb’s wonderful organic yarn. We do use this organic
yarn in our Dust Bunnies. Although, I believe we use the thicker worsted weight. But her
wool is available online. I will put the URL for that. And I highly recommend her wools.
I especially recommend these hand dyed, “These are gorgeous Barb!” “Are these new?” These
are gorgeous! Uh-oh I’m in trouble now! Talk later! W-?eum /?eum=?eum )-tE W~pU -nB] ?eum
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