Match Outfit to Person | Lineup | Cut

– [Instructor] Alright, you
can take the blindfold off. – Alright – [Instructor] Will you
take a look behind you? – Oh – (nervous laughter) – Everybody’s naked. – Okay, I like where this is going. (boppy music) – [Instructor] You’re gonna
match outfit to person, today. – Huh, sounds fun. – [Instructor] You’re gonna
match outfit to person. – Great. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t like people who are naked, or even close to naked. – [Instructor] What’s your personal style? – Clark Kent if he’d
looked a little less white. – [Instructor] What’s your style? – Kind of a beach bum? – Lately, I’ve been
working on militant faggot. – [Instructor] Alright.
Bring out the first outfit. – It’s a whomper. – This looks like a fun, fashion-forward, carefree look. – [Instructor] And what kind
of person is wearing that? – Someone who’s looking
to relax. Like a dad. Can I get you? – You. – So. I look like a dad? (Bystanders laugh) – Richard, I picked this outfit for you because you have a bright smile which I think carries through
this pattern really well. – Oh (clothes rip) (Upbeat music) – Here we go. What do you think? – No. (Bystanders laugh) (Upbeat techno music) – Men love this kind of stuff. Boring. – Oh… you. – I’m gonna go with you – Okay – This cut would fit
your shoulders very nice – Yeah? (nervous laughter) Doubtful? – You said it was boring. – But you’re not boring.
You know what it is? – You’re so much that you need
to downplay your coolness. – Gotcha. – So you want me to put this on? – Yeah. (Upbeat techno music) – Want it tucked? – No. (Upbeat techno music) – You look so good. I should be a stylist – Oh I don’t wanna be so mean. This looks just looks like your typical, almost teenage white girl? (laughter) – I just feel like you
see this kind of outfit in like the streets of Asia a lot. This also feels like
kinda like a mom thing. – This is probably like a gay theater kid. Let’s try you. – I think it’s yours – Okay – [Instructor] Okay. Tell me why. – ‘Cuz I’m the teenage white girl. (Everyone laughs) – It’s high functioning (bag drops) – Minimalistic (laughs)
Not functioning very well. – Cool. Do I complete you? – You complete me. – I’m reminded of a mermaid. This is a color I personally
recoil from unless its like yellow spandex
for Wolverine or Daredevil. – This is bold. This is beautiful. I’m gonna go with you. – I could see myself in this outfit (laughs) You’re most like me. What’s that twin emoji? – You’re not afraid to take risks. That’s what it is. ‘Cuz this
is like colored leather. (Smacks butt) – Well, Timmy, I’m gonna
wear it another way (laughter) (Upbeat techno music) – I’d do it all. That’s
what this person is. (chuckling) Richard might do it all. – This looks like some nice business caszh one could wear to the office. – Like the ace reporter.
Let’s go with you. – What do you do for a living? – I work in tech. – I think this is yours. – I’m choosing this for you because you wanna look professional
and put together. – (Laughs) Why are you in slippers? – Have you not worn slippers before? – I wear slippers inside my house. – Exactly. – This ain’t your house. (Upbeat techno music) – This looks like an outfit that falls under my favorite
term: ‘studied negligence.’ You look like you haven’t been trying, but you definitely put a lot of thought into what you’re wearing. – I just feel like you
would rock the crop-top. If this is a crop-top. – It’s complex. It’s got layers. You’re not afraid to
like layer up a little. (Upbeat techno music) – If the shirt was purple, this is straight out of
Lex Luthor’s wardrobe. This is a two-piece suit from H&M. So their budget conscious. (Everyone giggles) – You think I look cheap?
Want me to put this on? – Yeah. Please put it on. – It’s very eccentric because it’s lively and green and then your favorite Kenyan uncle over here… – I think that it could work. Like power suit for the women of today. – Whoever wears this actually
uses their hankerchief: it’s not just for show, like it’s actually… They use it. – [Instructor] That’s a dirty hankerchief? – For sure. – Oh! That actually makes
your booty look really good. – [Instructor] He looks good? – Yeah. – Yeah uncle good? Or like, “Damn I gotta go talk to that guy,” good? – Uh… (Everyone laughs) (Upbeat techno music) – Oh boy. – I don’t know what the fuck this is. – (Laughs) This is very Obi-Wan Kenobi. – I wanna say handmade – It’s just… What is this? What is this thing? Why is it so heavy? There’s one opening. This is a skirt. – [Instructor] You really
only got one choice now. – Come, come, my darling. – I kinda feel like you should break out a Michael Bolton song for me. (sings a few bars) – Oh yeah. That’s real monk vibes right there like (claps hands). – I like it. – I feel like we should put your hair in a manbun. Could we? – I just happened to have… – All right! That works.
(laughs) I like it. (Upbeat techno music) – [Instructor] If Ellen
guessed you correctly, (laughs) raise your hand. And turn around. Thank you for answer… – Oh heyyyy! – Oh – Yep. This is above what I expected – [Instructor] So, who did
Timmy get right? Raise ’em up! – Are you fucking kidding me? (All laugh) – [Instructor] Everybody get dressed in their proper outfit now. How was that? – It really, I think,
just kinda emphasizes how little I actually know about clothing. – Make sense now? – Yeah – [Instructor] Okay. You can take a look. – Oh my god. That makes sense. Come. Come, come. Did you make this? – I did. – Good guess. I like fashions
from around the world. – That explains the monk influence. – How does this represent you? – Well, my style is
comfortable clothing that doesn’t conform with anything. I like to develop things
that are free of constraint. – I love your skirt! Oh my god. Well tell me about your look. – I like to push the envelope. I like to mix high and low. For instance, the sewing bag is high-end. The Cashmere is also a high-end sweater. And then this is from
Anthropology for one-fifty. So it’s like high and
low. That’s how I shop. – Yeah. One-fifty is really low. – Hello. It’s me. A
less melinated teenager. (all laugh) – Whoopsies. (laughs) Describe your style. – This is like a little out there for me, like I’m trying to get looks. My style is ever-changing,
but I like to mix elements. Masculine, feminine,
utilitarian, twirly… – What do you think about my outfit? – You know. It works. How did
you come about this style? – I feel like I’m received very feminine because the way I’m shaped, though, I like to wear more masculine clothing. – I was expecting a little more femininity in your attire, but this is like my favorite thing in the
world when you again, juxtapose those things. – (Chuckles) Hi. So I
went from a dad to a goth. Would you say it’s more fitting? – Yeah. – What’s your style? – Um. I definitely like to stay
in the world of androgengy. Different silhouettes, texture… – This is so cool. I wanna be your friend. – We can be friends. (all laugh) – (Foreign language) how old are you? – Twenty. (all laugh) – I am older. Go. – Hector. So you got me right. – My style is casual prints, florals, color, but I also like
to amp it up a little. – Am I allowed to say ‘fuck’ or no? This is like the schoolgirl that like grew up and fukin’ rocked the world. That’s what I feel like. – I did not think that’s where you were going to go with fuck, but that’s great. (all laugh) – Tell me about your style. – My style is fun, it’s
funky, and a bit unexpected. These are my husband’s tie and shirt. And I just put it with the
skirt to make it more fun. – Your favorite Nigerian uncle. It is okay to be cheap on something. – I mean, I’m cheap all the time. – I’m so disappointed in you. There’s like a wrinkle
right here and right here. The crease was already
there, but it’s not crisp. You let me down. – That’s fair. My style is classic modern. So thus I play with lots
of colors simple patterns. – [Instructor] A round
of applause, everybody! – [Instructor] How was that experience? – Uh… That was so fun. – [Instructor] Do you
wanna…Give us a runway walk? – I will do runway walk?
Are you kidding me? You ready? – Me? How does a runway walk work? I just go forward and I just… – [Instructor] You got
your superman shirt on? – That’s right. What else do I wear?

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