Meet the Team: Blanca and the Cotton fabrics

Hello, my name is Blanca. Here I am at Rex Fabrics. Today I’m going to talk about our embroidered cotton. How we all know, cotton is a natural fiber and organic and is extracted from the plant. it has been used for ages, since the Egyptian…Roman… and so on. Before, the cotton would be hand made and sewn in different colors. Now, we use automated machines to make, what is now called, eyelets. All these types of cotton types have been used by big name designers. It comes in a huge variety of colors. Used for blouses, skirts, pants, house clothing, kids clothing. I recommend you to pass by the store and come check out our enormous collection We’ll be more than glad to help you, or if you’d like to contact us, you have my email and the phone number on the screen. Thank you.

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