Mega Ian Shoelace Knot tutorial – Professor Shoelace

Mega Ian Shoelace Knot tutorial – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s video is about my “Mega Ian Knot”. Now, unlike my regular “Ian Knot”, which is the world’s FASTEST shoelace knot, this one’s quite a bit slower but much more secure. Let’s look at that now. Start by showing it to you on my Ian’s Shoelace Site, which, if I animate, you’ll see it’s two double-loops, the ends of which are pushed through each other to form a triple-wrap in the middle that makes this knot very secure. Now let’s look at that on a regular shoe. Begin by tying a left-over-right starting knot. That’s the LEFT end going over the RIGHT end, tuck one end and pull tight. Now we create two loops, and it helps to learn the regular “Ian Knot” first because this technique of forming a loose end on the front and a loose end behind and pushing through each other for the regular “Ian Knot” is very similar to the technique for the “Mega Ian Knot”. Again – we pinch them there, swing the left end forwards, the right end away from ourselves, swing them up to meet in the middle, and that results in a loose end at the front and a loose end behind. Now – I’ll pull up so that I’ve got quite a bit of additional lace because we’re now going to swing this left end away from ourselves, under, and back towards ourselves to form the double-loop on the left. The right end we’ll swing towards ourselves, under, and away from ourselves, to form the double-loop on the right. Now with all of these loops lined up together we’ve got like a “tube” of – of loops. And the object is that we want to push this loose end through the “tube” from the left and the same time push this loose end through the “tube” from the right. And when the bits of the loose ends meet in the middle we swap them over and pull them through. And the result is this triple-wrapped knot that forms the “Mega Ian Knot”. And that triple-wrap is what makes this knot really super-secure. In fact, if I sort of separate this a bit, you’ll see that we’ve got like a single wrap on either side with two half-wraps meeting in the middle there. Now this knot just – you know – under normal use will not come undone, but, at the end of the day, pulling the loose ends slightly firmer than the normal knot will untie it. Anyway, so that’s the “Mega Ian Knot”, I’ll show it to you at my normal speed. Push the ends through, pull tight, and … neaten it up if you want to, but either way you’ve got a very secure knot. And finally, if you want to go for a little bit of fun here, let’s create most of this the same way but instead of feeding just the loose end, let’s feed both of these loops and both of those loops past each other. Tricky to do, but – – if you get it all right, what you end up with is TWO loops being fed through. And … this is sort of like what I call a – – a “Quad Loop Ian Knot”. And … great for consuming excess shoelace but the end result is no more secure than the regular “Ian Knot”. Anyway, that’s the “Mega Ian Knot”. If you want more detailed instructions and diagrams on how to tie this knot – – as well as about twenty other shoelace knots – – you can go to “Ian’s Shoelace Site”:

17 thoughts on “Mega Ian Shoelace Knot tutorial – Professor Shoelace

  1. The regular Ian Knot feels secure enough, this one is crazy tight.

    I do a small variation when tying all those knots – right loose end in front, left loose end behind, laces around thumb and pointing finger with some space between them for grabbing, works well.

    Also found out it's easier to do the Mega Knot by changing the loops placement – make the second loop cross the first one, so the second one ends up being the outside loop – that way it's easier to grab the loose end loops as they end up being the inside loops.

  2. Do you think you could do a video on the best way to lace doc martens? I've tried so many of your videos but I can't get them to tighten, most likely on the fact they still need to break in a bit but maybe you could help some? Thanks

  3. I've spread the word about the Ian Knot for the past few years. Now this? you've blown my mind professor!

  4. Thanks for this video, the Quad Loop Ian knot was great for using up my extra laces that flopped all over the place.

  5. This is probably the worst tutorial I've ever seen pretty much all you're doing it's just do this you're not even showing us how to do it STEP BY STEP

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