Merino Wool

Merino Wool

Hey, I’m Chris and today we’re talking about merino wool. I hope to help you understand why so many people love merino wool. Basically, it’s because it’s a natural performance fabric. Merino wool is widely regarded as one of the softest and finest sheep’s wools in the world, and it’s moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and odor resistant. and some of the more important factors to take into account when choosing a campsite for your next winter outdoor excursion. All in all, it’s really hard to go wrong with merino wool. It’s very comfortable. This is a next-to-skin base layer from SmartWool, and you can wear this, you know, as a base layer all day and you’re not going to feel itchy or clammy or anything like that. So, anyway, I hope you give merino wool a shot, and if you liked this video, and found it helpful, give us a thumbs up or head on over to our YouTube channel to subscribe.

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  1. Merino wool is good stuff. A little pricier compared to polyester apparel, but I think the odor resistance is a big plus. Also, it's a natural, biodegradableĀ fiber that isn't made from petroleum. Worth trying out, if you can afford to spend a little extra. I love my SmartWool socks.

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