midsize HOLIDAY outfits (you can ACTUALLY wear)!

– Since the holidays are
right around the corner, I’m always trying to put
together outfit inspiration that not only reflects my style but also fits my body type which can be difficult
sometimes, I’m not gonna lie. So I’ve teamed back up with
American Eagle for this video. Ah, I know, still dying. And I’ve essentially put together five mid-size holiday inspired outfits that I feel like really reflect my style. I feel like they are
flattering, comfy, casual which is always my vibe. I’m not too much of a
super, super dressy person but there are a couple of
more dressed up options. I wanted to put together things that really reflect me as a person, and hopefully give you
guys some inspiration because questions that I get all the time are like what are some
mid-sized fall outfits or winter outfits that
you recommend, like, how do you put together your outfits? So I thought it might be fun to go through and kind of build outfits from the beginning from
one of my favorite stores of all time and then
hopefully give you guys some inspiration, so
everything that I’m going to be mentioning in this video
will be linked down below if you guys wanna shop any of it. Literally can’t wait one
more second, let’s go. The first outfit is
kind of a comfy, casual, like I envision this being something like a holiday shopping day with friends, something a little bit more casual but not super, super casual, we’ll call it mid tier casual if you will, casual with a twist. I have to start with my
favorite, favorite, favorite item from this entire thing first. I am obsessed with it
and it is this sweater. This is the sweater of my dreams. This is actually my perfect sweater. We have this Sienna color,
it’s got a mock neck so it’s not too high, it’s
not gonna be suffocating me. I did order this in a size large and I just love this pattern that’s all over the front of it and I just am obsessed with it. I think it’s going to be so cute for the remainder of the winter season, but because of the print, I just felt like it was super holiday-ish, but a little bit more toned
down version, if you will, and what I chose to pair it with, it was actually the photo that I saw on the website and I audibly gasped. I was like I need this outfit
in my life immediately, so I picked out to go with it this navy blue velvet overall dress, like can we just take a moment? For those wondering, I did
order an XL in the overalls and a large in the top. So, we’re gonna put these two together and see what they look
like, I’m so excited. I know you guys sometimes drag me for getting so excited in videos, but I literally can’t contain myself. I will never be ashamed of feeling amazing and confident and bomb in an outfit. So okay, let’s put this on
and see what it looks like. So here we have the first look. Oh (laughs) my gosh. I just feel so confident
and so comfortable. My self esteem is through
the roof right now which is just so important
in what you wear. I love how long the sleeves
are on this sweater. I love the length of the mock neck or the height I guess you could say. You could wear this in the
daytime or the nighttime. There are so many different things that I could wear this to. This is definitely an everyday look, but just like holiday-appropriate. So, I love this. I would give this a 10 out of 10. I honestly would not
change a thing about it. If you were in a colder climate, you could wear tights underneath
or leggings or something with some tall boots. You could wear a cute
little pom pom hot on top. Oh, I think I found my
holiday season uniform, so I will be in this until further notice. Next I have a really,
really cozy holiday outfit, if you will, and it is
just going to be the days that you’re lounging around or cuddled up watching Christmas movies or wrapping presents. I had to include it because these are a dream, look at these. So these are a high-waisted
legging jogger, they’re called the super
high rise plush legging and I wish you could feel how
soft this fleece material is. It’s a dream. Buffalo plaid is very, very in right now and these are just
going to be so, so cozy. You can wear them all
through the winter as well. It’s not just for the holidays. I ordered these in a size XL and then to go with it, I thought I would pick
out a cute cropped hoodie, so this is just a
cream-ish colored hoodie. I ordered this in a size large. I like the cropped nature of it ’cause I feel like paired with
the high-waisted leggings, it’s gonna look really,
really cute together and I just love this combo. It just feels like Christmas morning. Like, this is definitely my Christmas Eve/Christmas
morning pajama look. Hold up, I did not expect to fall as in love with this as I am, but this is so good, this is so comfy. I’m genuinely going to
be sad to take this off. These leggins are super,
super high-waisted. As you can see, they go
well over my belly button, so they live up to their name. I love the buffalo plaid, they’re super stretchy and comfortable. I love this crop sweater with it. I feel like it’s the
perfect length of crop. We’re gonna be staying in, I think, and watching Christmas movies tonight and this is exactly what
I’m gonna be wearing. Next, since we had a
couple more casual looks, I figured I would throw
in a little bit more of a dressy look. Now, I am not someone who
is super boujee dressed up from head to toe, but
this is kind of my idea of if I was going to some
kind of Christmas event or a fun holiday dinner. This would be my choice
of what I would/will wear. So, to start off on top, we have another mock neck sweater, but this one is a cable knit that’s a little bit more cropped and this is a muted olive
green color which I love. I talked about this in my last American Eagle video with Drew but I feel like the
red sweater is amazing. It’s like a holiday staple, but green doesn’t get enough love and I ordered this in a size large, by the way, and then as a fun little
way to dress it up, I decided to add a slip dress. Now you guys know I love my slip dresses. This one I ordered in a size extra large. It has double straps and
they’re all adjustable which I greatly appreciate. I like to have a bit of a longer fit when I’m wearing something
underneath ’cause I’m very tall and I just think this combination is going to be so, so
pretty and so Christmas-y, so I really can’t wait to
see what these look like. This next look is exactly what I wanted. I’m picturing this, especially paired with
a wide brim felt hat. This is my perfect holiday outfit. Like, who’s having a holiday
party that I’m invited to? ‘Cause I’m coming in this outfit. The sweater is great, it’s nice
and cropped underneath too, so it’ll sit at a really nice length for when I wanna wear it with jeans and different pants as well. The slip dress is super comfortable, it fits me really, really well. It’s definitely my size dead on. I love, like I mentioned, that
the dress has double straps. I think that’s just a nice, cute little touch and I love this. They just keep getting
better, to be honest. Next we have another mid tier
casual look, if you will. Something that you could
wear just out to dinner. You could wear it during
the daytime as well. It’s not super dressed up, but it’s just a step above a super casual outfit if that makes sense. And the star of the show for
this look is this plaid skirt. Now, the holidays just equals plaid, like that’s just what I
think of plaid and flannel. This is just so, so, so Christmas-y to me and this is a high rise mini skirt in this really, really
pretty red plaid color and I actually ordered this in a size long which is amazing. I did not know that you
could order this in your size and then order it short or long. So, for me, someone who
is in a taller body, I often tend to find that most mini skirts are too short for me
and so this is amazing. I’m just really, really
excited about this one. So, this is the star of the show and then to go with it, I felt like I needed to go
more neutral on the top, so this is another mock neck sweater that is this oatmeal, kind of ivory color. I ordered this one in a size large, and, yeah, I just thought this combo would be so adorable together. I have no words. This skirt is my perfect size. In case you guys were wondering, I ordered this in a size 16 long just to make sure that it was nice and loose. I prefer my mini skirts to
be a little bit more loose so that I can pull them
down in case they hike up and the long is the perfect length for me. I really love this sweater
paired with it too. If you lived in a colder climate, you could throw some leggings or some tights on underneath this. I would totally pair this
with a pair of combat boots. You could dress it up
with heels or booties or whatever it is that’s your
style, but I love this look. It’s so hard to pick my favorite. I would probably be
wearing this a ton around the holiday season and
it’s also just something that you can wear year-round
as well like I’ve mentioned for all these other ones. It doesn’t have to be just holiday, but it’s perfect for the holiday season, so I love it. And for the last outfit I kind of wanted to throw a little bit of a curve ball. I was like, okay, I’ve
covered all my bases already, I’ve got the plaid, I’ve
got the holiday colors, I’ve got the slip dress,
I’ve got the cozy look. So, what can I do for just a basic sweater and jeans type of everyday look that you would wear during the holidays? Meet up with your friends to go see lights or drink hot chocolate or something like that and so
I decided to start with a pair of these super stretch high
rise artist flare jeans and you guys know I love my
American Eagle flare jeans and so I had to add another pair and I got these in a size long again. I love that American
Eagle now offers your size and then either short, regular or long and in some cases it’s
extra short and extra long which is incredible. And these jeans are so bomb. I love the rips on the
knees and just super flare. And here’s sort of the wild card because I’ve been seeing a lot of when I’m looking at
holiday outfit inspiration, I’m seeing a lot of really fluorescent berry-toned sweaters and so I felt like this pink
number, which she is bright. This is just so soft and cozy and I thought this would be a perfect way to kind of dress up just
a normal, casual look. It’s something that is
out of the ordinary. It’s not your typical red
sweater or green sweater, but you could totally
wear a sparkly necklace or accessorize it in a way that made it feel more holiday-ish to you if you want and I ordered
this one in a size large. I just felt like this combo would be fun and something different for the holidays instead of the typical red and green and white. So, we’re gonna see what this last outfit looks like together. We’ll see if my vision for
this actually comes to life. Okay, so it’s like, I just wanna know who gave
these jeans permission to be this fire? I love the flare at the bottom,
it’s the perfect amount. I love the length because
I like to wear flare jeans with more of a platform shoe, so these will be perfect for that. I just love how flattering
they are on my body. They just make me feel super
confident and I love that. And the sweater is great, it’s such a fun twist to your
typical Christmas sweater and it’s still, because of how
fuzzy it is and everything, feels very holiday-ish to me. I really love it, to finish it off with just a
nice, casual, everyday look that I can wear obviously
well beyond the holidays. Very, very cozy. I would love to pair this with a bright, white poofy pom pom beanie. I just think this would
be so cute with that. Now I have to find enough things to do during the holiday season to where I can wear all of
these outfits multiple times. So, wish me luck. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, be sure to
give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Thank you again so, so
much to American Eagle for sponsoring this video. You guys know that I have put in the work. I really give this brand
my stamp of approval. I just love that they’re size-inclusive. I love that they don’t
retouch their models on their website and it
just means the world to me to be working with a brand like this. So, hopefully you guys
are equally as excited. I love you guys so, so much and I will see you in my next video, bye. Happy holidays. (upbeat music) ♪ You’re my ♪ ♪ You’re my feeling ♪

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