Mini Fabric Flowers || Tiny Fabric Flowers

Mini Fabric Flowers || Tiny Fabric Flowers

Hello, welcome to my channel! In this video, I’m going to show you how to make this flower Up until now, this is probably
the smallest fabric flower I can make and here you can see how I use this
flower on my handmade headband and they are really tiny! I use lining fabric for this flower and to cut such small piece of fabric, I use
soldering iron These are my flower templates. To make bigger flower, we
use bigger template and now I’m going to show you how I cut my fabric with this
smallest template So we heat up the soldering iron and start cutting If you haven’t watched my tutorial about cutting fabric with soldering iron, please see the description below I even show how to make our own template We cut it not too slow and not too fast Lining fabric is quite easy to cut
compared to satin and crepe fabric With soldering iron, we can cut any shape and
any size out of fabric from smallest to biggest and what I love about this
soldering iron is we cut and seal the fabric at the same time. Because we are going to make a tiny flower, 4 pieces of this is enough, but if you want
to make bigger flower you may need more than 4 Now we are done with the cutting We need to burn this fabric and because
this is too small we may need tweezers Let me show you how it turns out You can
see the shape here Do this to the remaining fabric A little advice on how to burn the fabric,
I like to put the fabric about half an inch on tip of the flame, so I’m not
using the side of the flame Now take the needle and thread First, we lay all 3 pieces together Stitch to secure Now take the last piece and embellish our
flower with a bead or rhinestone To work with beads or rhinestones, I prefer
to stitch than to use hot glue After finished with the bead, we secure
the thread and trim it And our tiny flower is done! If you liked this tutorial
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75 thoughts on “Mini Fabric Flowers || Tiny Fabric Flowers

  1. Haii mba, mau tanya, jarak antara lilin sama kain biasa nya seberapa jauh?? Soal nya kalo aku bikin suka hitam fabric nya?? Makasih.

  2. Sangat bermanfaat sekali tutorial² nya… Dari yg tidak bs sama skali bs menjadi ahli krn di ajarkan dgn gaya & teknik nya jg… Mantappp.. Trimakasi anjurisa

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