MOO Presents | Cotton Business Cards

MOO Presents | Cotton Business Cards

What we’re really excited about is the idea of using offcuts of cotton T-shirts and making paper out of it Like, if you’re going to give someone a part of you, your business card, how cool is it to have it be such a familiar material as Cotton? We’ve found a new way to make something that’s really fresh, really new and has an amazing story I’m so excited about this project Because what it does is it takes a common material like T-shirt scraps, something we all know – Children know what this material is – and repurposing that fibre and making paper it’s like obvious and super crazy at the same time. Working alongside Mohawk, we’ve taken this really old paper-making technique and brought it bang up to date. We’ve really drawn from the heritage of paper-making, which is always a great place to look because it gives us a kind of lesson
in how to use the materials that are available to you We’ve taken the opportunity to to take the bits of the white t-shirt
that never made their way into the market, never made their way onto the shelves or onto people, and we’ve turned that into a super-high quality paper There’s really nothing like paper
that’s made with cotton fibre. There’s nothing that feels like it,
there’s nothing that takes printing like it, and it sort of telegraphs something that’s almost hard to put into words. What’s interesting about this paper and how it differs from a lot of other papers is that it’s obviously made from cotton. And it feels like cotton. It has a completely different textural experience. It’s a beautifully tactile, naturally white paper, which is great You don’t have to change anything about your own identity. You don’t have to change anything about the design of your brand. The function of the product is exactly the same but the story of the material is another talking point. We can’t wait to see what our customers put on these cards, how they use them, and what they do with them. (Did we mention they’re made from T-SHIRTS?!) (~‾▿‾)~

5 thoughts on “MOO Presents | Cotton Business Cards

  1. Looks awesome but have one concern.. will these be recyclable? I imagine people toss these after they copy contact info and slightly concerned that it'll end up in the recycling bin and not be recyclable.

  2. Isn't cotton harder to bleach than wood pulp? Is the whitening process (to make the white cotton paper) safe for the environment?

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