My First Clothing Haul! Try on Haul!

My First Clothing Haul! Try on Haul!

Hey guys and welcome to my very first haul
video! I was in London earlier this week on a Facebook/
Instagram event and then I stayed a couple of days longer to do some sightseeing but
also a little bit of shopping. So now I’m going to show you what I got! So first I went into Forever 21. It was actually the first time I was in this
store. I knew that they have a lot of affordable
clothes and a lot of choice so I was very excited to check it out and the first thing
that I got was this yellow shirt, It looks like this. I like the color, the fit and I think I’m
going to wear it with jeans or some overalls. The material is quite thin, so it’ll be great
for spring and summer as well. Then I fell in love with this hoodie as soon
as I saw it! If you follow my Instagram then you know that
I love wearing red. And especially for filming I like to wear
primary colors like blue, red, yellow and green as I think these colors pop really nicely
on the camera. And this hoodie literally has all these colors
and I also love that it is long enough so I can wear it with tights and be as comfy
as I can get. Next up I got this adorable pink mini skirt. I don’t think I would normally go for it but
I am planning to film something with this one that’s why I bought it. I mean it’s really cute with these little
buttons and it fits nicely, but I’m just not used to wearing things like that in real life. But hey maybe it’s time to give it a go! Let me know what you think about it. Then I got this cute cropped T-shirt with
candy stripes and I love it. You can wear it with overalls, shorts, skirts,
I feel like it goes with literally everything and you’ll definitely see me wearing it in
my videos a lot. Alright this next piece is very out there! I mean… And although I love it, I probably wouldn’t
have bought it if it wasn’t for the videos. But yeah here’s my new epic jacket. What do you guys think about it? I actually love it but at the same time not
sure if I’m brave enough to wear it in public. It has this cool duo chrome / unicorn skin
material and I’m very excited to see how I can style it! I also got these adorable ankle socks. I love the print and the designs. They had a deal buy 2, get one free so I took
three pairs. And my favorite pair is this minty blue with
flamingos, pineapples and lemons. How cute! I also got some random items like these rainbow
beauty blenders! I figured that they will be great for videos
but I also use them every day so they’ll come handy for sure. And check out this gorgeous brush that I can
use to apply highlighter, blush or just have it as a décor! While in London I also visited Primark for
the first time ever and I was so excited because I wanted to go there for years and I finally
did it. But actually I was pretty disappointed. There was so many clothes everywhere, also
so many people. Maybe I was just too tired because it was
already evening at that point but I only got one thing, which I actually love very
much. And this is this beautiful sweater with pastel
stripes. So cute for spring, Easter but also all year
around. This thing is so soft and I know I’m going
to wear it all the time! I also got another sweater from Monki. This one is blue and white. It’s pretty thick and to be honest a little
bit itchy but I will survive. My hands down most favorite item from this
haul are these sneakers! I saw them in Guess on the airport and fell
in love instantly! They give me that wonder woman vibe with read
and blue. They also have that Gucci inspired stripe
here, and the gold star details – these are definitely my favorite pair of shoes I’ve
ever owned! In a store called Salsa I got this sweatshirt. I found it on the sales section and the quality
seems really nice. I’m the type of person that always wears jeans
and sneakers so this kind of shirts are the easiest to throw on. I bought this backpack about a month ago but
wanted to show it to you anyway. I was looking for a nice backpack for over
2 years now, but I just couldn’t find one that I really liked. Finally I saw this one by Love Moschino and
I was sold! I bought it in an outlet store because it
is last year’s collection, but I don’t mind that at all. On top of that it was reduced for January
sales so I literally got it for a fraction of a price which is awesome! Exclusively for filming purposes I got this
super sparkly coat by Bershka! I think it’s really cool and I’ll definitely
wear it in my videos, especially for sketches and things like that. I could see myself playing a crazy magician
or something similar. But yeah I think this one is really cool,
I’m just not brave enough to wear it in public! Lastly I picked up some makeup products because
I haven’t bought any makeup for about three years now and I also don’t receive any PR
packages like other Youtubers and Instagramers. I don’t get any of that, so I was literally
wearing the same makeup, the same everyday makeup routine for the past 3 years and I
thought, girl you need an upgrade. I picked three items from number 7 stand because
they had an offer buy 2 get one free, so I’m here for a good deal. And I got a blush, liquid lipstick and a lipstick. For the lipstick I got this rosy shade. It looks very natural – your lips but better
kinda shade. Next I got this pinkish liquid lipstick. I never wear things like that so I thought
I’ll give it a go. Last of the 3 items is this peachy blush – it’s
matte, blends well, super natural and I desperately needed a new blush so I’m very happy with
it. Just before going back from London I saw these
plain colored notebooks! I love these because they are really inexpensive
but very easy to pimp up and personalize. You’ll definitely see me DIYing with these
three in some main channel videos. But that is it for today’s haul, let me know
if you liked it and if you want to see more videos like this. Thank you so much for watching guys, I love
you and I’ll see you soon! Mwah! Bye bye!

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  1. Hey guys! I had to reupload the video due to a technical issue. Sorry about that! Now the quality is as it should be ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is my first ever clothing haul! Next week I'm uploading a main video that I've been working on for 2 months! I am so excited! Make sure to turn on the post notifications so you don't miss it ๐Ÿ™‚ In the meantime I hope you enjoy watching this bonus upload, which is a try on clothing haul of things I got while traveling to London. Love you and see you next week ๐Ÿ˜€ Making desserts with balloons:

  2. I cant believe you are 32 and wear kid wear..But no big deal.
    Im 16 and am still obsessed with barbie dolls and movies..BTW Sara..kid wear looks pretty cute and beautiful on you..You kinda told me in this video and the one where you show us your clothes and complain about it..that its okay to be different..I mean who cares if you only wear kid wear and still sleep with teddy bears(Which I do).You are unique in your own way..and normal..Mybe weird to other..but only weird people understand weird people..Am I right??

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