New Knit Stitch Pattern Book 💖 Get Free Sample

New Knit Stitch Pattern Book 💖 Get Free Sample

I’m excited to announce my very first
printed knit stitch pattern book hi I’m Kristen and welcome to Studio Knit. Let me give you a peek directly into the 50 vintage knit and purl patterns
that are perfect for beginning knitters first we have the printed version this
ships directly to those who are living in the United States it is 6 by 9
inches it’s a perfect paperback lightweight you can just pop it right
into your knitting bag while you’re on the go so a quick look at the printed
version there I am right there and here’s a table of contents you can see
lots of great patterns and it is organized so that the simpler row
repeats are in the beginning and as you go along they get a little bit more
detailed a little bit more intricate but everything it’s simply knit and purl
Ks and Ps so beginning knitters can tackle all of the patterns all 50 of the
patterns and as you’ll see they do get more complex so even more advanced
knitters will have a fun challenge with these patterns I also have a digital
ebook version that is available to everybody and I’m offering a free sample
so five of the 50 patterns are available to everybody who has joined my email
list and if you haven’t done that I do have a link down below you can join now
and download your copy today here is what the five pattern free sampler is
it’s an digital ebook for you and in the first page here I have links it’s a PDF
so you are able to order directly and right now if in my Etsy shop and you can
see the first pattern of the five free patterns in
beaded rib and this is just a two row repeat right here this means that it is
not reversible so the design is only visible on the front the right side of
your work and you can see that the text is very clear easy to read on this floor
and you cast on multiples of five plus two every single pattern also includes a
visual knitting chart and the written instructions are both flat that’s on
straight needles or if you’re knitting in the round on circular needles the
written instructions are laid out for you as well the second pattern is the
double Moss stitch and again we have the chart the how to cast on the written
instructions and right here you’ll see that both of those arrows are filled in
that means it is a reversible pattern so this design shows up on both the front
and the back the right and wrong sides of your work the third one here are tile
squares so we are increasing our row repeats and we have the written
instructions you see it’s getting a little bit longer
the fourth pattern you’ll get is the diagonal zigzag this is one of my
favorites and why I put it on the cover of the printed book and since the row
repeats are increasing there are sixteen rows until you repeat now it’s requiring
two pages of the book but you can see that it is a reversible pattern and you
have a nice big visual chart and lastly we have the lattice with seed stitch
pattern and now this is also not a reversible pattern as you can see the
symbol right there we have a nice big visual chart as well as those written
instructions that clearly are getting a little bit more involved but it’s only
nits and pearls so again this is great for knitters of all levels so to get
your free sampler the digital ebook right now make sure you are on my
mailing list when you are you will have access to my knitting freebies page and
you have a link and a password that will be emailed to you and from there you can
directly download this ebook PDF that has the five featured patterns this is a
self-published book so quantities are limited
I already did announce it to those on my email list and sales are going really
great so go ahead if you are interested in
this book click the links below right now get your free sampler get the
printed version or get the digital version in order to have all 50 knit and
purl patterns thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time. Bye!

38 thoughts on “New Knit Stitch Pattern Book 💖 Get Free Sample

  1. I know this is going to sound like a stupid question, but what can I do with all those patterns? I knit mostly squares and rectangles and triangles (shawls). Can I make shawls with these patters by just multiplying by the repeat to make as wide/long as I want?

  2. Signed up for free patterns by providing my email address. Rec’d message that the site is password protected, but there wasn’t any place to set up a password. Any advice on how to circumvent this process?

  3. Love the fact that it has both charts and written instructions. I'm still working on working with charts, I am much more comfortable with written instructions.

  4. I tried to order the book on your Etsy shop but I couldn't. Every time I entered my zip code which is 07044, it was changed and kept moving the last 4 to the front becoming 40704 and telling me it was an invalid zip code. The town and state were in the form but I couldn't get the zip code to work.

  5. I just ordered your book!!!! I’m SO excited. Congratulations on a wonderful book. I can’t wait to get it. 🧶💓🧶💓

  6. Thank you Kristen! You taught me a lot of stitches when I was a beginner so I am happy to buy this book. I can't knit as much as I used to (well at all really) so I'm going to use this book to practice every now and then to help me stay fresh. When I have time for big projects again (in about 18 yrs Lord willing) I'll still know what I'm doing. Lol 😊💞

  7. Hi Kristen! I was curious why knitting on straights and circulars have a slight different instruction. I was thinking about the needles and the right/wrong side and it seems like they would be the same. Could you explain the differences? Also, I'm excited to buy the book. Just bought the heart shaped hand bars.

  8. Curious idea came to mind some months back and now I'm wondering if this idea is "doable" and is actually practical considering the amount of time that might be needed to accomplish this insane idea. Here's the idea: knit an icord and then use said icord to knit a queen size or a king size blanket. Am I able to actually do something like this or is this just my insane mind messing with me? I have a knitting loom to create an icord and now that I've finally figured out how to use it, I am seriously considering this "insane idea" and wonder if this is something worth investing my time in.

  9. Lord, I just begin knitting and I fall in love with it, looking forward to receive your book in the mail so I can begin all the beginner pattern!!!!

  10. I downloaded this ebook and it’s lovely!! Perfect for a beginner like me who is trying to learn textures and patterns and techniques. Thank you for the time you took to make this!

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