Nigeria Fashion: Designer Clothes from the Second-Hand market

(Nigeria Fashion – only on BattaBox)
We have London clothes, Korea, Chinese,
but the best of all is the London bail. That’s the first grade of all okrika Like children’s trousers, polo, shirts trousers, men and ladies trousers, Second hand bags and shoes, ladies shoes, belts and many other things We do have a lot in second hand,
from Europe, China or Korea We have TM, we have Calvin Klein – everything is there Yes i have different designers, like sean jean, puma, fubu,
nike, adidas, st michael, Tm and lots more There was a day i open men’s shirt, and
i saw $100 in the front pocket Sometimes we do see dollars, sometimes we see chain Sometimes i wear it myself, sometimes i sell it I came here because I learned you can get things cheaper than
every other market,that why i decided to come and try it This is my first time of coming here I need children and baby cloths. I sell baby cloths. Its not funny at all, Sometimes I have to find a
place to sit down because the market is so crowded I was asking someone if its always like this he said today is
better, if you come here on monday, you won’t find space The children cloths cost 300 – 400 upward, but for adults, we have
the one of 1,500 – it depends on the quality and grade We buy in bail Yes but not all, If it’s like 200 pieces, its not all that would
be okay, we’ll see some that’s not nice We will sell it as clearance or pieces for companies that
make cloths and they recycle them for something else. The challenges we are facing is that, despite our suffering ,
these agbero people [market touts or Area Boys] are disturbing Atimes, they don’t respect themselves, they just misbehave Fighting us,they don’t exercise patience before we can even give them money
– so that’s one of the many challenges we face I face a lot of challenges, depending on the custom officer
handling our goods when bringing it down from Cotonu A lot of people say Okrika is contraband and is illegal so we face
a lot of challenges bring it down here- we spend a lot At times our goods has been impounded and not returned
to us, so we’ve faced a lot of things That’s December period Because people normally buy goods to travel, to give people Sometimes if you make too much money, you can make like 50,000 But a day that market is bad, you can make like 20,000 or 30,000 A lot of things, that was in the past but not anymore We saw gold, euro, pounds, then, but now okrika is being sorted They sort it now so atimes we can only see 1
euro or 5 euro
(Nigeria Fashion – only on BattaBox)

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